Never Say Never

And Never Leave A SF Giants Game Early!

Another game that I assume most people would think was a snooze and apparently most of them did as there was a sparse crowd at Oracle as the SFGIANTS geared up for their final 3 outs against the Atlanta Braves tonight. I definitely shook my head thinking, “not a good idea to leave early these days”.

And I was right! I imagine them listening sadly from their cars or couches while a near empty Stadium was treated to a Giants walk off win courtesy of Joe Panik!

What was up until that point a pretty uneventful baseball game and one that had the looks of a second loss to the Braves in this home stand, fooled all but the die hards!

Giants win and they wait until the absolute last-minute to do so once again showing off another pinch of that old-time Magic!


I think this game also confirms that you don’t want to blink when it comes to the Giants this year.

They’re going to do what they’re going to do against all the odds even if they’re doing it last place! This seems like fun to me and makes me look forward to the rest of the season!


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