When the question arises I always recommend that a girl get herself interested in sports if she likes guys.

And what real girl doesn’t?

If you like guys and want to spend more “quality time” with them it would be wise for you to get into sports.
This may not be easy for some girls so here’s a tip for success:

Find the cute guy and you will find that rooting for him is easy no matter what he is doing.

Perhaps your man is a cheese wearing Green Bay Packers fan.

What a coincidence you are too!

That is if “that guy that pushes the other guy with the sandy blond hair and the awesome butt” is on that team.

And of course you are totally fascinated with the Packers “cause isn’t that the team that Brett guy played for?” You know the one who was sending “pics of his “unmentionables”  to girls he thought were hot?”

Are you starting to get the picture?

Today my guy wanted to watch NASCAR. We decided to each pick a driver and I picked the one I thought was cute, suddenly I had an interest in this 267 lap race.  (see “Nascar” post ) Of course my guy finished in 11th place but at least I was interested enough to know the results.

I have always been a San Francisco Giants fan so it’s a given I watch every single game from beginning to end no matter what. However some other sporting events didn’t interest me at all and some still don’t. That doesn’t mean I won’t be watching them.

I have often been told how “awesome” it is for a girl to be in full length black velvet at a theatrical production Saturday night and in front of a football game with a six-pack of beer on Sunday afternoon.  That’s me!

A real woman is nobody’s BALL AND CHAIN, baby!



  1. Hi just found your article about the SFG fishing rod. Lost my old one in the lake this summer. Am a huge giants fan finally made it to SF this June to see the giants! I am from northern Canada and am looking to replace my old rod with a giants one. Does your friend sell these?


    1. well i keep trying to get him to do something about selling his poles cause they are so awesome. he made this pole custom for me and has since made me another which is even more ‘giant’ worthy. I’ve been sick so i haven’t posted any pics yet but will soon. Just so happens that the gentleman in question is also from Canada so I’m sure you can work something out with him. He can make you something beautiful! I will get you in touch with him somehow. thanks and happy new year!


  2. There nothing sexier than a female Giants fan! Cuz real men loooove the ralley boobs!

    However, if yur man watches nascar and girl friends think only dykes bleed orange an black u might want to get out more. =P

    GoT HeeM !

    Nice blog, keep up the good work =)


    1. well it only took me a year to respond to your comment. First let me say Thank You for taking the time to view it I believe that is rare, so color me flattered. It has been a while since I wrote that opening and of course I thought it was very funny at the time. I often wonder why others don’t have to pay to be around me I’m so funny.

      However even back then I kept my “man” where I could access him when needed but not close enough to smother me. I enjoy watching sports, of course, but I would rather be outside doing anything at all. Live sporting events are my preference. Been a SF Giants fan since I was one yr old-that’s when they came from NY to SF. Oh and of course 49er’s football when it was good, but I have suffered through some sporting events that I just had no interest in so I learned to admire what came naturally and go from there.
      I was just having fun with it because as I mentioned, I’m so funny.
      No reason to be concerned I am all woman but one of the guys & even at this “seasoned” time in my life I manage to maintain a certain sexappeal allowing me the luxury of never having to be anything but myself. I fish, camp, surf, dig, fix things, watch sports, and all without the bother of make up & manicured fingernails. I like younger men but am independant by choice & won’t date a guy just to use his truck. Rather they went home when it’s time & don’t act all “needy” with my time.
      No dykes here and I have found that there are ton’s of awesome gamer babes but fewer are there because they always have been and more because the guys are young & cute. Well after 56 yrs I can tell you that they are always young & cute but many squads later your team is your team! Not a list of potential “prom dates” if ya know what I mean.
      Hey, I think I just wrote my first novel.


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