Old Guy Leads 1st Place Giants Team

I met Brandon Belt at Scottsdale Stadium in February of 2012.

I will never change my opinion of Brandon I will always have him on a pedestal because he deserves to be there.

Anyone getting the wrong idea I can assure you this has never been a “hot for Brandon” thing! Born the same year as my youngest son even back then he looked like he might need a sandwich nothing more from me.

I’ve always considered him one of my boys, proudly so because that day in Scottsdale I called him over recognizing him in the parking lot, and the poor boy was stuck there for a very long time signing and posing.

After he listened to my Brian Wilson rant the fans were on him! Fan friendly players always have a special place in my heart and back then Belt was.

Never an autograph hound the awesome people I’ve met who gave their signature I just kind of fell into. This being said I held numerous folks cameras that day as they smiled with B however left there without getting my own.

Picture, that is because I certainly got a signature I find a million times more meaningful than that other guy.

It seems right to me that Original Brandon

(only by months, Crawford right behind and also loved by mamma)

would at this time be seen as a Captain of the team. I think it cute!

Great article below will fill you in.

Jokes aside, Belt C’s the day on KB’s return 


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