SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS WON TODAY AGAINST THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES and no surprise to me BRANDON BELT hero again.  I just go on and on about this boy because he’s amazing!


Seriously why in the hell would a “SF GIANTS Blog” speak of unheard of oddities such as trading the BRANDONS etal??


Seems the ROSTER really didn’t need any “tweeking”  after all- too bad we had to waste most of the season trying on players that just didn’t fit.

Hey this isn’t the THREE BEARS we are rolling with it’s LAND OF ODD which could have been filled with WALK OFF HOME RUNS AND IMPOSSIBLE COMEBACKS with the regulars BELT, PANIK, CRAWFORD POSEY -BUT NO…!!

oh and that 11-3 romp the night before was deja vu as I watched the “NEVER SAY NEVER” Kids put their buddy BUMGARNER in the winners circle FINALLY!


WELL like the SF Giants did in 2010 2012 2014 it’s that magic that never left the team!  It simply moved from one guy like a spirit.  FOR EXAMPLE from AUBRY HUFF to HUNTER PENCE  from BENJI MOLENA to BUSTER POSEY from ANDRES TORRES to ANGEL PAGAN from TIMMY LINCECUM to JEFF SAMARDZIJA if you see where I’m goin’

I must admit I was skeptical when JEFF SAMARDZIJA sucked so loudly in the beginning and he tried to tell us to “give me time, you’ll see” guess he wasn’t pulling our legs after all because he seems to get better every-time he takes the mound.

Perhaps it’s time for me to learn how to spell his name.  Great job boys!  STILL THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE WATCHING  BASEBALL!!





IN the end of the movie –

the WIZARD OF OZ told a crying DOROTHY

“You always had the power to leave OZ. You only needed to click the heals of your RUBY RED SLIPPERS together to go home” this shut her up and I hope it works again. 


Of course the WIZARD did toy with POOR DOROTHY making her wait until she was very scared and upset before telling her she COULD GO HOME.
I’m doing you’all one better…
I am here to tell you crying complaining babies that


You too can dry your tears for you have the POWER TO get out of this!  Your suffering can end!

You have the REMOTE, Right?
YOU are not TRAPPED here.  Nobody is forcing you to watch any more SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS GAMES.



In my opinion it isn‘t writing when all you are accomplishing day after day is a way to use different words to trash a team and it’s players.  

Poor Crawford

Basically kicking a guy when he’s down.  Not nice.

Poor Brandon

If you call yourself a “fan” and know enough to be hatin’ then

You all should be thanking the SF GIANTS for the THREE WORLD SERIES RINGS they earned you in FIVE YEARS!  

WHAT OTHER FANS can say their baseball team won them THREE WORLD SERIES?!


Watch this Fun video

Me with Timmys 10th K

AS I SEE IT you are spoiled! Of course you want more CHOCOLATE that’s all you’ve ever known is CHOCOLATE! I on the other hand appreciate the CHOCOLATE because it’s not something I am used to having. I enjoy the CHOCOLATE but I certainly don’t EXPECT IT ALL THE TIME!


I don’t get it and I most likely never will-all signs point to the fact that a great deal of the SAN FRANCISCO FANS these days are nothing but fair weather, demanding, heartless, impossible to please, angry, spoiled entitled people.

What is the difference between them and fans from yor like me who had no WORLD SERIES under my belt to earn my loyalty?


I know they are losing.  I watch and I know so I don’t need a suckage update from you.

You all act like somebody forced you to be a SFG FAN.  I fully expect to find out that 99% of you pottie mouths are actually bound and gagged in your living rooms being forced to watch these wonderful men stink up the league.

It didn’t used to be that way.

2002 World Series?! 


DAMN WE HAD FUN! EXCITED, pumped up-pulling for a team that had come close, but failed to go all the way YEAR AFTER YEAR.  But we didn’t win and still there was the love!


I remember the FIRST PARADE in 2010! I was overwhelmed at being in the midst of thousands of other SFG FANS because they were (and most are) the MOST WONDERFUL PEOPLE! WHAT A BLAST THAT WAS!  as in 2012 and 2014.

I choose to continue to love and root for my team even though I recognize the struggle.  I think of it as “our” struggle-some of you think of it as “YOUR” STRUGGLE!
I look forward all year long for BASEBALL SEASON-I want to enjoy it and you are bringing me down!





At great danger to myself I went undercover into enemy territory to find the missing MOJO of my SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS baseball team.

After searching in both PADRES AND DODGERS territory I found the stolen MOJO under a pot plant off of SANTA ANA BLVD.

SINCE BOTH THE DODGERS AND THE PADRES WERE ON THE ROAD it wasn’t as dangerous as it could have been

never the less I have returned it to the team just in time to-
















I (baseball) HATE THE DODGERS!


It was really easy when LASORDA was in the picture.

HOWEVER even way back when ridiculing the Brooklyn Dodgers would also have provided some fun.

The DODGERS  found Charles Ebbets, their president and owner behind the booth where he was selling tickets. 26 years later he died on the morning of Opening Day April 18, 1925 so he didn’t make it to the game however in his honer the Dodgers lost to the Giants 7-0.

Another memorable moment that never gets old:

June 4, 1976

During this game Dave Kingman hit three home runs to beat the Dodgers. Kingman had 2 of these 3 HR games against LA, this was the first.
When asked what he thought about Kingman’s performance Tommy Lasorda had this historic response:

Reporter: Can you give us just a few basic comments about your feelings on the game?

Lasorda: Well, naturally I feel bad about losing a ball game like that, there’s no way you should lose that ball game. An’, it, uh, just doesn’t make sense.

R: What’s your opinion of Kingman’s performance?

TL: What’s my opinion of Kingman’s performance!? What the BLEEP do you think is my opinion of it? I think it was BLEEPING BLEEP. Put that in, I don’t BLEEP. Opinion of his performance!!? BLEEP, he beat us with three BLEEPING home runs! What the BLEEP do you mean, “What is my opinion of his performance?” How could you ask me a question like that, “What is my opinion of his performance?” BLEEP, he hit three home runs! BLEEP. I’m BLEEPING pissed off to lose that BLEEPING game. And you ask me my opinion of his performance! BLEEP. That’s a tough question to ask me, isn’t it? “What is my opinion of his performance?”

R: Yes, it is. I asked it, and you gave me an answer…

TL: Well, I didn’t give you a good answer because I’m mad, but I mean…

R: Well, is wasn’t a good question…

TL: That’s a tough question to ask me right now, “What is my opinion of his performance.” I mean, you want me to tell you what my opinion of his performance is…

R: You just did…

TL: That’s right. BLEEP. Guy hits three home runs against us. BLEEP.



Great off-field moments in Dodger history





(2-0) has won five consecutive decisions against the Rockies, his last loss to Colorado coming May 25, 2012.





CINCINNATI, OH – APRIL 18: Trevor Story #27 of the Colorado Rockies reacts after hitting a solo home run against the Cincinnati Reds in the eighth inning of the game at Great American Ball Park on April 18, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Rockies defeated the Reds 5-1. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)












I had the best time watching tonight’s WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC! The game-USA vs Puerto Rico was emotional and confusing for me but wonderful all the same.

PUERTO RICO PLAYED TOUGH but they made a major mistake!  One many have made before and that is to place stock in that old rumor –“Blondes Have More Fun”.  

They could have asked me if being a blonde would bring them luck and I would have told them but instead they gave up some dignity and obviously the huge big gold medal!

puerto rican toe heads

Those “poodle do’s” were to me very comical and the rubbing of the poodle do in what was obviously meant to be a threatening? celebratory? “in your face”? Come on, really?! I heard it started as a joke but do they realize it still is? I noticed there were a couple of “hold outs” but I was not in the position to tell who they were.  In my opinion only one person on the team pulled off blonde and I know it’s not his natural hair color.

See here I am attempting to “slam” the PR team when playing for them tonight was one of my all time favorite SF Giants and people in general -ANGEL PAGAN.  PAGAN who was born in Puerto Rico he looks good as a blonde!  Heck, he would look good bald!  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Tonight he spoiled STROMAN’S no hitter if the broadcaster’s jinx wasn’t already in effect and I believe it was.


Really miss PAGAN AND GREGOR BLANCO also although I didn’t have to see Blanco tonight and seeing Angel just made it so much harder! (drama courtesy of years of practice 🙂

2016 pagan and blanco

I was not at home but in a very public place and every time there was one of my boys on the screen I lit up like…well I lit up okay!  I also stood up and clapped and chanted! Yep. Just me and a casino full of “Snow Birds” and Hispanic folk. Good times.

I was doing just that when Brandon Crawford did what he does and so well driving in a couple of runs which made my standing/chanting thing seem a little bit more normal. Thank you B Craw!  Oh wait…he does have some other inspiration in his devoted loyal “other half” Jalynne. Such a family man that good boy!  I was in Scottsdale in 2014 as usual at the stadium celebrating my birthday and watched Brandon jump at every sound.  He must have been thinking it was the “in labor” call when Jalynne was due to have Jaydyn.  Jaydyn April wasn’t actually born until a couple weeks later. Still-It was adorable!  I can just imagine how proud those babies of must be and will be of their daddy!


And Buster!  It was so great to see him behind the plate!  And catching our new “loose cannon” “Marky” Melancon. Actually that is a compliment and he also is a family man.

melancon and fam

Yes I believe it’s true that there is a great woman behind every man.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.  ??

It’s late.  Can hardly wait until April 2nd when I see my SF Giants play again! For realsies! Remember-Spring Training games don’t count.


I’m excited, how about you? 🙂 



cassila as an A
Santiago Casilla’s 1st day of spring training with the Oakland A’s
Not surprisingly he struggled for most of an inning  throwing a wild pitch and allowing 2 hits, a walk and 2 runs.
OAKLAND A’S MANAGER Bob Melvin doesn’t seem to be worried and even quoted me before the game when he said the game “wouldn’t matter”.

“It was my first outing. It’s just practice for me right now,” said Casilla with the help of a translator.

“I was a little bit out of control. I thought my balance was a little bit off,”

“It was my first outing, so pitches weren’t where I wanted them to be, but it’s not a long process for me. It’s just the first one.”

I don’t remember him bothering to give us any of those fine excuses!

Oh well…the best of luck to you Casilla and to the A’s at least he didn’t loose the game for you!


Bad News and Good News
Bad news first of course so that we smile at the end.
Mike Krukow is suffering from degenerative muscle disease which he announced publicly in 2014.  Now at the age of 64 yrs he’s decided to slow down a bit.

I wish him well and am happy to hear that he won’t be pushing himself too much this season.

Krukow will not travel with the club when they go east for games.  Kruk will miss 45 games which will be the away games east of Denver.

When Mike went to the Giants with the idea of reducing the number of games he would have to work they were accommodating of course. Krukow told the Mercury News that they said “We’ll take what you can give us”.

I can imagine this will be kind of sad for Duane Kuiper as they were the “perfect broadcasting partners” and that 45 games will be different.

But now for the good news!
For all those that were already in  a happy sadness  over Javi’s retirement – you know happy for him because he can retire sad for the end of “Handsome Javi’s” always welcome appearances at the plate.  Javier Lopez along with Jeremy Affeldt will be doing the color covering for Krukow during those 45 away games.
Now that’s something to look forward to!

handsome javi.jpg
Get some rest Kruk!  We love ya!



Some  San Francisco Giants recent happenings:

Signing of NICK HUNDLEY free agent CATCHER 1 year 2 million dollars.

Trevor Brown will start in Triple A but will have a chance to show his stuff during Spring Training. The franchise felt there was a need for another catcher even though Buster Posey started 122 games last season.

EHIRE ADRIANZA will step aside to make room on the 40 man roster for the 33 year old Hundley. Personally I have seen Adrianza get some huge hits when it counted so Hundley has that to live up to.


Hundley, it is said, has hit “more effectively” than most Rockies on the road so let’s hope he can hit well as a Giant. Hundley has been a member of two of our rival teams, the San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies. I’m simply going to have a much harder time loving him because of that. But…Welcome Nick! 🙂

“Every season, the more we can keep Buster behind the plate and healthy, the stronger the team is,” General Manager Bobby Evans said.

Who won’t be playing in the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC?

MARK MELENCON who signed with the Giants in December and most likely wants to go spend some of that $62 million he will be paid over 4 years.

I don’t know…? Did we really need another over paid over rated pitcher?  Yes we did. Do! In my teenie tiny little opinion- relievers were our weakest point last season. Fingers crossed!




GREGOR BLANCO Now with the Arizona Diamondbacks on a Minor League contract! Crazy! Oh but it came with “an invitation to big league camp”.

Gregor Blanco, besides being one of the most pleasant people on and off the field, was a huge part of the “Magic” of 2012 and 2014.  And then there was that supernatural catch June 13 2012 that saved Matt Cain‘s perfect game.

Gregor has always been one of my favorite SFG boys.  I will miss him as a Giant but if the D-Backs have half a brain I should be seeing him at Chase Field soon.

“I would say Gregor will always be remembered as a ‘Forever Giant,'” said left-hander Javier Lopez in a recent text message, citing the label that the franchise frequently attaches to its favorite sons.

“There’s no doubt that he and I will always be connected in our baseball careers because of that amazing catch,” Cain said via text.


Only one will get the job even though ones a left and ones a righty
Leaving themselves open in case someone magical emerges from the Non invitees



Pence and Posey.jpg
HAPPY DAYS WE’VE GOT  THE MOOSE BACK -I missed MICHAEL MORSE and look forward to viewing his…talents in Scottsdale next month.

No formal invitation yet but I think he will be there.  We do have our first baseman BRANDON (peaches) BELT but Morse has been “inked” to our Minor League.
MORSE AND FREE AGENT JUSTIN RUGIANO will try to bring some hitting from a side of the plate that hasn’t seen much action lately.




Giants’ have an agreement with free-agent third baseman Jae-gyun Hwang on a one-year Minor League deal with an invitation to Major League camp.

“We’re very fortunate he chose us,” Evans said of Hwang, who will earn $1.5 million if he makes the big league club. Evans didn’t address Hwang’s anticipated role, though he did say that the Korean has the potential to help the team “at some point this year.”

Courtesy of Chris Haft


Welcome! 🙂

Put That Wabbit Back In The Hat

I can’t believe I am saying this…

I think I will skip watching the Giants game tonight.

I don’t want to see those faces-those faces with the ‘blankityblank’ eating grins on them. It must be the smirkyness of the lips on the faces balanced on those necks draped with all those ridiculous gold chains.

I just don’t think I can stand watching my team lose to the Dodgers again.644021_380486438747778_372060855_n
Wow now that I’ve put it down in front of me it is even more wimpy and makes me sound like some sort of “fake fan”. These are not what are referred to as “band-wagoners” who just decided to become SF Giants fans in 2010. The “fake fan” simply does not have a clue to what being a “fan” means. If you are a true fan it’s your team through thick and thin.
In some cases your entire lifetime sees you rooting and following one specific team until you become a “hard core” fan.
When you call yourself a “fan” that doesn’t reflect an “on again off again” relationship. In that case you wouldn’t call yourself a “fan”.  A “real” fan doesn’t start ripping on their team if they don’t have a good game and certainly would not single out a player for ridicule or bashing. If a player on your team screws up, he screws up and you can be pissed about it however you can’t take your love away.

I never called my kids “bad” never said “bad boy” because if you call a boy bad he may turn out to be bad. Same principle- you don’t tell a player he is in a “slump” because that makes it real it gets in his head and surprise- you have a slump!
I guess I don’t understand the “fans” that demand a win every game from their team.  Not in my house.
One thing I have learned from my fifty plus years as a SF Giants fan is every player has his good days, weeks, seasons and his bad days weeks seasons. Not one single pro is above it at one time or another they have all had dry spells. “Even Buster Posey strikes out sometimes” I’ve said this and “even Barry Bonds strikes out” to my boys at one time to encourage them.

I still feel like an imbecile saying things to my kid that I thought were encouraging such as, “throw strikes Gator,” or the equally ridiculous “get a hit now, Gator”.  Uggghhhh the memory of my son’s face, my switch hitting, shortstop/pitcher who fielded like a dream and pitched with (what the PD hailed as)the “best curve ball in Sonoma County”, as he reminded me not too kindly “Mom! Duh…what do you think I am trying to do?!”

My son’s, the youngest in particular, take their baseball very seriously and game days came complete with new faces-“game faces”.  Intense!

This always confused the heck out of Mamma!     “What did I do to piss you off this time?” faces.  “What do you mean I can’t talk smile or breathe on you during the game?!” 

When my boys were upset because of how they played or how they thought they played-I felt horrible for them.

I just wanted to make them feel better and be OK with themselves knowing that they were still the exceptional player and person they were before that strikeout or error. I love them and hate to see them unhappy same goes for Angel, every Brandon, Buster, the many Matts, Nori, the Hunters, Javi, Jake, Madison, Gregor-all of my SF Giants.

Unless of course that player wears a Dodger blue uniform than I don’t think they feel bad about anything.

I don’t think all guys that play for LA are the walking punch line that Puig is but they are all big blobs of Dodger Blue. I don’t like that shade of blue.
baby brandonI am well aware of the fact that as bad as I may feel nobody feels worse then the player himself.
After all it’s not like he went out there with the intention of performing poorly he wanted to do well, hell he wanted to do great! Being the hero that bangs the walk off HR into the bay or makes the game saving catch has got to be awesome and it doesn’t get old, ever.

I know it’s not the first time I have bragged about being the “oldest SF Giants fan” donning my first Giants cap at the age of 1 yr. Fan since 1958-there are those who have been fans as long but none longer.

San Francisco Giants' Matt Duffy celebrates after scoring in the dugout on a double by Marlon Byrd during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles, Monday, Aug. 31, 2015. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

It was a lot of tough years as a Giants fan leading up to the current situation in which we
have blown the minds and records of every other team in the world to become a “Dynasty”. We didn’t win all the time and even though we came damn close frustration was a Giants fans middle name. I had to wait 54 long years before we won a World Series.

I am extremely grateful that 2010 guaranteed that I won’t have to die without seeing my team with a trophy the other two are just bonus’.

Don’t get me wrong there have been guys that I did not and still do not “feel”. I don’t mean “touchie feelie” feel but in my heart they were just not Giants. This doesn’t happen often but there have been a couple of guys that I just never warmed up to. Obviously they were at fault somewhere along the way because my nature is to love all including all SF Giants. 🙂

Still I never call a player “bad” if he is a member of the club no matter how badly his performance is and I would never say that my team is “bad”! If I were to feel and say that I thought the San Francisco Giants were a “bad team” then I sure as hell wouldn’t call myself a “fan”. Makes no sense if I think a team is bad then I am not a fan.
If I don’t like beans I could say “I am not a fan of beans” I couldn’t say “I hate beans, they are bad but I’m a fan so I better eat them and gag puke and cry about it”.

Nope if you think the Giants are not a good team (yes its ok to think some of their players are not so good) then you sure as hell are not a fan so go find another team!

Which leads me to the essence of this blog and the part in which I sound well…hypocritical . As I said previously: You win some you lose some, you hit some you miss some, you catch some you drop some. No one can be perfect all the time then you would be…well…perfect.

I don’t mind losing but I DO mind losing to the stinking DODGERS! I have been heard to say that ‘I don’t care if we lose every other game all season long as long as we beat the Dodgers every time we face them.’ That isn’t true but very close, I can’t handle losing to LA.
This is already to lengthy so I won’t go into the horrors I have lived through as far as this rivalry goes but suffice it to say I don’t want to lose to those guys!
Last night and the night before were not good for me and last night seems to have left me in quite a bear of a mood today. I have been a bitch all day and I am certain it has to do with baseball.

Ouch won’t do that again at least not tonight.

I would find no pleasure in watching those smirking, smug faces as they falsely allow themselves to believe they can compete with us. I don’t care who you are or how much your family loves you if you wear a LA Dodgers uniform you are filth to me (in baseball). It’s in my blood, I was raised to hate the Dodgers, actually LA in general.   This isn’t personal, it is baseball hate and doesn’t extend to the actual person or their soul.    Still it is strong and never ending.

The thing I love most about being a San Francisco Giants fan is the “strange magic” the ability of the team to do the impossible. The unprecedented comebacks and the sheer magic of doing what every “expert” said you couldn’t. I find that pretty satisfying.

This said why wouldn’t I go into tonight’s game fired up with that ammo feeling like I normally do-that we can do anything! Including beating this sub-par inferior team from Southern California which is the sub-par inferior part of Californiaclowning for the dodgers.

Why? Because I don’t know who the clown will be tonight.

I feel kind of sick about the last two nights loses.  I mean really!  Players coming out of coma’s getting home-run’s while high as a kite saying stuff like

“I just got lost in the moment.” — Pederson, on his home run sprint around the bases.ARE YOU KIDDING ME?grienke

Umpires who were obviously awol from Anger Management Class.  Bochy calmly arguing a call while the ump goes ballistic!  Asinine Dodger players flustering the un-fluster able Madison Bumgarner.


It was nice to see Huddy back but wasted on this game.

 Don’t feel like laughing with or at them when they manage to pull some “wabbit” out of a hat and somehow wind up beating the best team in baseball.

My bones don’t tell me it won’t be more of the same tonight. I will have to consult Andrea astrologer to the Giants to see if the planets are misaligned allowing for this travesty.

I have to say that LA team pisses me off! The umpires pissed me off, even got pissed at Bochy and that almost never happens.

I can honestly say that in 57 years I have never before intentionally missed a game. Saying “I ain’t watching” tonight’s game is unrealistically unusual and unlike me. After all missing a Giants/Dodger game doesn’t even make sense! But I am feeling kind of vulnerable and beat-up after last night and don’t want to put myself through it again tonight.

Naturally I will be upset if I miss a win and I do like watching Kershaw pitch just because…but no not gonna do it. And all in all I think that makes me more of a fan than somebody who is going to watch and then crash bash and trash our coach our players or our team if they don’t win.     Oops- Gotta go, Game Time!

Go Giants Beat LA damn it Beat LA!!

Seeing Different Things in the Same Picture

Stumbled upon this blog post by “the Flav” and decided to re-blog it because with a team such as The World Champion San Francisco Giants these moments never get old! Wish we hadn’t lost Scoots to that injury but still worth looking back on. Miss Andres and Marco wishing you guys the best.

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen (sports or otherwise):


After this great game, I converted it into my screen saver. And after looking it at it over and over for a couple of weeks, I’m starting to see different things in this photo.

For instance, Pagan is no longer celebrating his epic bomb, now he’s screaming, “Ow!!!!! WTF just happened to my hamstring?!?!?!!?”.

The look on Torres face is priceless. It’s a combination of shock and unbridled joy.  But now I’m imagining that being the look he gets whenever he sees one of those strange, white sphere’s come hurtling at him in left field. “WTF is that?!?!?!?!” he screams….

And while we see Scoots emphatically pointing at Pagan and saying something to the effect of “You da man!” we now know that he was practicing the position one of his fingers would soon have to…

View original post 26 more words

SF Giants 2014 “The Year In Quotes” Pavlovic

I enjoyed the quotes in this article so much I thought I would re-blog it for those San Francisco Giants fans that may have missed it when Alex published it. Thanks Alex

The Year in Quotes: Bumgarner’s cheat code, the Dee Gordon shower, rocks and slingshots, Chubbs and much more

bum blogAnother year, another parade, and now … time to take a couple of weeks off. I’ll be on vacation so this blog will go silent, and if the Giants do anything else someone else will cover it on our main sports website. Thanks as always to all of you loyal readers, it was another fun year. Happy holidays, all, and enjoy the annual “Year in Quotes.” It’s always a bit more entertaining after a title run …

“I was in the shower just now and I was thinking about Dee Gordon, to be honest with you. How do we get Dee Gordon? My mind will be all L.A. through the weekend.” — Jake Peavy, a few days before a September series in Los Angeles.

“It was a blob. But it had the Belt lips and the Belt nose.” – Brandon Belt, on the ultrasound of the baby Baby Giraffe.

“Shortstop, another Brandon … Crawford.” – Jason Bateman, guest PA announcer at Dodger Stadium (the Giants had three Brandons in the lineup).


“The thing I always ask myself, and I’ll ask it about this function: If I would have hit two, would there be a bobblehead? No? Well, then this is fantastic!” – Duane Kuiper, on his bobblehead night.

“I was determined coming into the year to prove something to myself and a lot of people who maybe didn’t think I could come back at 38 years old.” – Tim Hudson.

“We were shocked he was going that fast. I don’t think that hamstring has ever seen that speed.” – Bruce Bochy, on Santiago Casilla’s sprint to first that led to a strained hamstring.

“I’m going to go to my house and drink a little bit. Can I say that?” – Tim Lincecum, on his no-hitter celebration.

“I had a dream I saw someone riding it. I tackled him.” – Hunter Pence, on his lost scooter.

“Have you seen him in those things? It’s not a good look. But hey, if it works, keep breakin’ ‘em out.” – Bochy, on Pablo Sandoval’s boots.

“He hit the piss out of it. I probably would have flipped it, too.” – Hudson, after Yasiel Puig flipped his bat on a massive homer.

“It was just one towel. The umpires looked at me like I was an idiot. So I guess I’m an idiot. But that was my alter-ego.” – Lincecum, after impersonating Bochy in Atlanta.

“I hate to tip my cap to a hitter, but I threw a 3-2 curve and he hit the dog-snot out of it. Then you hang a curveball to the eight-hitter and give up a double that scores a run. That chaps my butt a little bit.” – Ryan Vogelsong, after a bad start against the Diamondbacks.

“I was trying not to have a stroke.” – Hudson, after a super-slow jog to first on a muggy day in St. Louis.

“I wonder if he’s human sometimes. I think he is, but I don’t know. I wish I was doing that at 23.” — Belt, on Joe Panik.

“He was pretty excited with where he hit today. He asked me how much I had to drink last night.” – Bochy, when he moved a slumping Sandoval to the cleanup spot.


“How ’bout that? Obviously it means I’m a big speed guy. (Dee) Gordon. (Christian) Yelich is up there. We’re all at the same level speed-wise.” – Brandon Crawford, one of the National League leaders in triples.

“I told him, ‘You know I have like five career stolen bases, right?’” – Crawford to Paul Goldschmidt, when a Diamondbacks pitcher kept throwing over to first.

“I’m one of the few guys in BP who tries to hit homers. I try to hit it as far as I can … Because that’s how I swing all the time.” – Pence, talking about why he would be a good fit in the Home Run Derby.

“My mom gets on the speaker phone and asks, ‘What’s wrong?’ I told her this is the first good call you’re getting at 3 a.m.” – Panik, the day he was called up.

“I didn’t know what he was doing. I just didn’t want him to die.” — Pence, on giving the Phillie Phanatic CPR.

timmy no no“I mean, how can you change me? I don’t know how to do it normal, you know? The way I’m doing it is normal to me.” — Pence, on the way he plays the game.

“He doesn’t know or doesn’t believe there’s another way. He’s beautiful.” — Tim Flannery on Pence.

“I started doing crafts.” — Bearded Lincecum.

“You know I’ll die for that man.” — Peavy, talking about Bochy right after the trade.

“I thought he was going to throw me a cookie. I thought wrong.” — Andrew Susac, explaining how Clayton Kershaw smiled at him as he walked up for his first big league at-bat. Susac grounded out on a 93 mph fastball.

“It’s a really special and emotional time that we had when he first came up and I first saw him. What a great day. I couldn’t be prouder of him.” — Bruce Bochy on Brett Bochy.

“You’ve got to make sure you put a bowl of kale out there for lunch and he’s good to go.” — Bochy, when Pence played in his 360th straight game.

“It was soft. The field was soft. That’s all I really have to say.” – Ron Wotus, after the field conditions ended a long night at Wrigley.

“Available video of the incident, and conversations with representatives of the Cubs, demonstrate that the Cubs’ inability to deploy the tarp appropriately was caused by the failure to properly wrap and spool the tarp after its last use. As a result, the groundskeeping crew was unable to properly deploy the tarp after the rain worsened. In accordance with Rule 4.12(a)(3), the game should be considered a suspended game that must be completed at a future date.” – MLB’s statement giving a team a successful protest for the first time in 28 years.

“Pull! Pull! Pull!” – Fans at Wrigley Field as the grounds crew struggled.

“Consistency was something I was looking so forward to finding and I did. It was heartbreaking to kind of fall out of it.” – Lincecum, after he was pulled from the rotation.

“I have a better chance than Marco.” – Bochy, when asked if the Belt baby (Greyson Ellis Belt) would be named Bruce.

“It’s not the Super 8 in Altoona.” – Jarrett Parker, on his first day in the big leagues.

“What else do you want me to do? The Tiger fist pump?” – Vogelsong, on his quick fist pump after his complete game.

“I got tired of thinking about it and took a nap.” – Matt Duffy, on the trade deadline. He was pulled off a Flying Squirrels road trip and thought he had been dealt.

“We did not receive a rose.” — Bobby Evans, on the Jon Lester sweepstakes.

“I know that I had a great career in San Francisco, but I’m going to have a new one here with new challenges.” — Sandoval, during his introductory press conference in Boston.

“He was lost for a split second, and that’s all I was going for, really. Then he knew it was me.” — Crawford, after hiding Belt’s glove when he ran to the dugout during a pitching change.

“We finish first in the most important area.” — Evans, on the Giants always “finishing second” in bidding.

belt drop“He made fun of me for three straight years. As soon as I heard about it, I ran as fast as I could to the trainer’s room. I’m just glad Cain was good enough to make me feel a lot better by joining my situation.” – Jeremy Affeldt, on Cain’s sandwich incident.

“I don’t think it’s a concussion. I remember my name … Gregor Blanco.” – Hector Sanchez, joking around after a brutal foul tip in Los Angeles (months before he actually got concussed).

“I don’t like the idea of somebody putting me to sleep.” – Belt, as he prepared for his first surgical procedure in 18 years (after getting hit by a pitch).

“We call him Chubbs, from ‘Happy Gilmore.’” Bochy, the day Belt showed up with his cast.

“Made it out alive!” – Belt, tweeting with his good fingers after surgery.

“No. But I did tweet at him.” – Bochy, when asked if he called Belt after his procedure.

“There are three things that are really tough to do when you have no dominant hand, I’m not telling you one of them. The other two are brushing your teeth and putting on your socks and shoes.” – Belt, with a cast on his broken left thumb.

“They’ve always been in there — it’s just that now they’re are mad at me and they’re letting me know about it. They’ve never been a problem before.” – Cain, a few days before he had bone chips removed from his elbow.

“Who knows? I wish I would know. When he hit me, it literally felt that day like he grabbed my leg and pulled it out of my hip like a chicken.” – Marco Scutaro, when asked if he still feels Matt Holliday’s slide is unrelated to his current issues.

“I’m pretty sure I set the record in vestibular testing.” — Belt, after Dr. Micky Collins cleared him to return from the concussion DL.

Pence speech“It’s Giants baseball, you know? It’s an even year.” — Michael Morse.

“I can’t really think of a time where we were as good as we are now. We’re going to ride it out, ride the wave.” – Lincecum in June.

“We cannot get excited. It’s too early for that.” – Angel Pagan, in June.

“You play with blinders on, like you’re a horse. You keep going forward.” – Morse, after a 5-2 trip through St. Louis and Cincinnati.

“I figure it’s more awkward when they don’t talk to you than when they do.” – Lincecum, when asked why he talks to teammates so much during no-hitters.

“Timmy was prepared this time. He didn’t have his back turned.” – Buster Posey, on the Lincecum no-hitter celebration.

“Everything that I’ve been through with this team makes that moment more special – Lincecum after the no-hitter.

“The only people frustrated are you guys. We’re trying to play our best, man. We’ve got 25 guys in here coming in every day to play to win. There’s no stopping that. That’s what we do.” — Morse, when told fans were frustrated by a losing stretch late in the summer.

“We would have loved to come crashing in the front door, instead of the back door. But this works.” — Bochy on being in the wild-card game.

“It doesn’t matter how you get from A to B. Our goal at the beginning of this (bleeping) season is to win a (bleeping) World Series. And guess what boys — we’re going to the (bleeping) dance.” — Pence, giving a speech after the Giants clinched a postseason spot.

“Right now we’re not guaranteed another game here at home. We’ve got to go earn that. It’s a part of the journey. Do you guys want to see another game here at home? Yes! Yes! Yes!” — Pence, to 40,000-plus fans after Game 162.

“It’s crazy. I’m just some small-town guy from Aberdeen, Washington just doing my wrestling thing. You see it being done by 40,000 people and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ It was awesome.” — Daniel Bryan, on Pence’s speech after Game 162.

“You’ve just got to get in.” — Peavy, talking about a team meeting where the Giants discussed finding some way into the postseason.

“He told us we have champions blood.” — Pence, on the message Bochy gave them in an August meeting.

ishi 2“One more.” — Casilla, pointing to Mike Krukow’s ring before the wild-card game.

“Ed-die! Ed-die! Ed-die!” — 40,000 Pirates fans, moments before Crawford hit a grand slam off Edinson Volquez.

“When I hit it, it died down a little bit. Then it went over the fence and it was just silent.” — Crawford.

“Obviously (the Nationals) have a talented group over there, there’s no question. They have some great pitching. But come playoff time, talent can take you a long ways, but what do you have between your legs? That’s going to take you real far. And I think we’ve got a group in here that really has some of that.” — Hudson, before the Nationals series.

“We understand that we might not be man for man, you know, the favorites. We are not given a lot of credit. We take pride in being chained together. Our strength is in who we are as a team.” — Peavy, after the first game of the NLDS.

“They could have brought Sandy Koufax in and we probably would have had smiles on our faces.” — Hudson, on Jordan Zimmermann getting pulled.

“I actually don’t even remember it happening.” — Belt, on his 18th inning bat drop.

“I never do anything cool. So this is weird for me.” — Pence, on his leaping catch at the wall.

“You know what, tonight I saw that he had a new pair of cleats on, he had the Mike Trout cleats. So he decided he was going to play like Mike Trout out there, I guess.” — Madison Bumgarner, after Travis Ishikawa had a huge NLCS game.

“I love this time of year of the year. I guess I just wasn’t ready to let it go.” — Vogelsong explaining why he sat in his uniform all night after being pulled from a postseason start.

“Honestly, we just know how to win. We know how to win in this type of situation. It seems like we do all the little things right and it adds up.” — Belt, during the NLCS.

“Rocks and slingshots, man. We can score runs without hits. We’ve proven that.” — Flannery after Randy Choate’s game-ending error.

“I still can’t believe Morse hit that ball out. I couldn’t pick (Pat) Neshek up. I just could not. I tried everything. That was an incredible at-bat.” — Posey, on Morse’s game-tying homer in Game 5 of the NLCS.

“Man. I swear I felt the earth shake.” — Morse, on his curtain call after the Game 5 homer.

“Move! I hit it out!” — Ishikawa to Peavy.

“It felt amazing. Then you feel like a jackass. Then you go, the heck with it.” — Peavy, the next day.

“I blacked out. I was too elated. I lost my mind. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t think. It was chaos.” — Pence, on Ishikawa’s walk-off.

“I can’t remember anything after the ball going over the fence.” — Ishikawa.

Amy Gutierrez: “You’re going to go celebrate with the baby right?”
Belt: “Yep, pour some champagne on it.”

“We picked out a trolley car,” Wyatt Peavy (Jake’s young son).
“I’ll get into that if and when this thing happens,” Jake Peavy.
“I think we already picked out our trolley car,” Wyatt Peavy, whispering.

“No, it was really loud in my head.” — Pence, when asked if he realized how quiet Kauffman Stadium got after his Game 1 homer.

“It’s part of the game. Probably, he’s jealous that I’ve got two World Series.” — Sandoval, when asked why Yordano Ventura kept glaring at him during Game 6.

“This is the biggest stage, and to have two teams laying it all on the line, that’s the ultimate in sports. We’re in the World Series and we have two teams that are competing as fierce as you’ll ever see. That’s a lot of fun.” — Pence, before Game 7.

“It’s a will to win. A will to win. They compete better than anybody in almost any sport. They just keep playing. I can’t explain it.” — Brian Sabean, after the NLDS.

“They are cockroaches. You can’t kill them. I’m so proud.” — Sabean, after the NLCS.

“It doesn’t make any difference what anybody else thinks. We’re our own dynasty.” — Sabean, after the World Series.

“I never thought that could happen to me. I just about passed out when he asked me.” — Affeldt, after the Hall of Fame asked for his cleats.

“We’re World Series champs. Can you believe it?!” — Hudson, to his three children.

“I’m numb through all of this. This group of warriors continues to amaze me. Nobody wanted it more than them.” — Bochy, after Game 7

“There’s just something about his gut and his instincts. He finds a way to put you in the best possible situation to succeed.” — Ishikawa, on Bochy.

“How about a Bruce Bochy statue? The only thing is, I don’t know if we’ll be able to find enough marble to sculpt the head.” — Larry Baer.

“Hunter, you see those cameras up there? That means live TV. So choose your words wisely, pal.” — Posey, talking to Pence during the city hall celebration.

“Vogey out!” — Vogelsong, at the parade.

“In today’s game, if it’s not, it’s as close as you’re going to get.” — Posey, when asked if the Giants are a dynasty.

“Through all the tough times, we said, don’t forget: We’re the best team in the world. You’ve got to believe it.” — Pence.

bum year inReporter: “What’s unique about Madison Bumgarner?”
Pence: “Everything.”
Reporter: “Could I ask you for one thing.”
Pence: “One thing is that he’s left-handed.”
Reporter: “Can you name another thing?”
Pence: “You’re changing the rules.”
Reporter: “Yes, I am changing the rules.”
Pence: “His name is Madison.”

“I was just congratulating him. It was a really good hit. It was impressive. Again, I don’t know why everybody got so mad. It escalated quickly for no reason. I think he said ‘Thank you.’ I’m not sure if he did. I don’t speak Spanish very well.” — Bumgarner, after an argument with Puig as the Dodgers outfielder approached home.

“He’s going to be hard to deal with in this locker room after hitting two grand slams this year. He’s already kind of hard to deal with anyway.” — Hudson, after Bumgarner’s second slam.

“Maybe we can take a picture together.” – Bumgarner, on winning Pitcher of Month as Yasiel Puig won Player of the Month.

“I just remember him being pretty big and I try to kind of stay away from bigger guys.” — Lincecum, on his first meeting with Bumgarner.

“I put a word in with Tulo. But I haven’t heard back from him yet.” — Bumgarner, when asked if he wanted to be in the home run derby.

“Yeah. He can get some postseason hits.” — Belt, when asked if Bumgarner could get better.

“He’ll know if it’s on purpose. I make sure of that. It wasn’t, obviously.” — Bumgarner, after he hit Puig with a pitch and the two exchanged heated words.

“His situational hitting is, ‘Let me try to hit it 20 rows deep. That’s the situation he thinks about.” — Hudson, on Bumgarner’s swing.

“I think the last pitcher who swung that hard was Babe Ruth.” — Vin Scully.

“I don’t think Abraham Lincoln lived there.” — Bumgarner, when asked about growing up in a log cabin.

“He was one of the few high school pitchers I had ever seen pitch inside. I thought at the time that he wasn’t afraid of much, and I don’t think that’s changed. He’s always been fearless. It’s how he was brought up. It’s in his DNA.” — Dick Tidrow.

“I mean, I don’t really drink much of the beer. I just pour it on me. It’s pretty difficult to drink six at a time or whatever it was.” — Bumgarner, on his signature celebration.

“(Bumgarner) was bugging me last night to pitch. He was driving me nuts. Three or four times, he said: ‘I can get LaRoche … I can get Harper.’ After the Harper homer, I (joked): ‘Alright, get your spikes on.’ Geez, every time I turned around I bumped into him.” — Bochy, after the final game of the NLCS, saying Bumgarner wanted to pitch out of the bullpen. A little foreshadowing …

“Because we don’t have to face Bumgarner no more.” — Kansas City’s Jarrod Dyson, explaining why the Royals felt good after falling behind 3-2 in the World Series. Oops!

“I think I would insult him if I checked with him.” — Bochy, when asked before the World Series if he was worried about Bumgarner’s workload.

“Maybe 200? I don’t know. As long as you get outs. I feel pitch counts are overrated.” — Bumgarner, asked how many pitches he could throw out of the bullpen.

“As soon as I saw him warming up and we had the lead, I knew it was over. I knew the big fella was going to get it done.” — Hudson, on Bumgarner coming on in relief.

“We’re gonna go with that Bumgarner guy.” — Jets coach Rex Ryan, when asked if he was starting Geno Smith or Mike Vick.

“Sometimes you wonder if he’s got a pulse.” — Cain, on Bumgarner.

“He’s got a set of brass balls on him like I’ve never seen.” — Hudson.

“That’s a Hall of Fame performance. I really don’t think you’re going to see that again.” — Affeldt.

“He might be part horse. I don’t know.” — Dave Groeschner.

“There is no bigger stage. But he’s just Madison Bumgarner.” — Pence.

“We just got on his horse and rode it.” — Bochy.

“Bum has the cheat code to life.” — Vogelsong.

“You know what, I can’t lie to you anymore. I’m a little tired now.” — Bumgarner after Game 7.

Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt

Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt.

Gamer Babe Extraordinaire
Gamer Babe Extraordinaire

I “pressed” this post from Brandon Belt from late last month because I enjoyed reading it a second time and thought perhaps others might also.

We all miss our awkward and adorable “Adult Giraffe” as he recovers from a broken thumb so it’s nice that he was able to touch base with us.  Brandon is easy to love and he’s just a very real person which comes through in his post.

Congratulations to the Belt’s and the wonderful little boy who will soon bless their lives.  As a San Francisco Giants fan I too am feeling especially blessed this season.


“Thank you Brandon and all the 25 unique and amazing individuals that make

 SF Giants Baseball better than Regular Baseball!”


Another Day at the Office – Brandon Crawford

bcrw streches 4314



Note to an Original Brandon:

When you are replaying the video of your HR you will not be alone I know I will be watching it over & over along with thousands of other Brandon fans!

It was so perfect that you are the one that got that walk off today! It was meant to be.

The bat flip was very cool and well deserved.I know how exhilarating that game was for me so I can imagine you are going to tingle for a while.

I think what is making me smile right now is the fact that you had an epic day like that and you went home to write this blog. That makes a fan feel special. Like you couldn’t wait to share it with us.

I knew this was going to be a magical season but it is even greater than my expectations and they were high.

Couldn’t feel more love for a team and the individuals that make up the current roster are my favorite in 56 years!
I’m proud to be a BRANDON!


crawford walkoff 41314

Brandon and Brandon

I’m still a little damp from Angel dumping the Gatorade cooler on me. I think he got more water on Amy G. than on me.

I’ve watched the replay twice already, I’m not going to lie. I’ll go home and probably watch it again. I might keep it on a loop. Maybe make a GIF for my phone. These don’t happen to me every day. In fact, I have never hit a walk-off home run in my life. Little League, college, minors, anywhere.

I knew it was out as soon as the barrel of the bat hit the ball. You can just tell how it feels and sounds.

Did you like that bat flip? I learned it from Bum the other day on his grand slam. Seriously, though, everybody’s got a bat flip. We call it pimping the home run. (Is that politically incorrect to say?) You give it a…

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Enough with the Pinch Blogging – Brandon Crawford

Giants defeat the Rockeys in a game that brings up that old slogan “A new hero every night”  Epic.

crawford mad at pitching machineGreat game tonight! When your pitcher starts off hitting a Grand Slam it’s kind of hard to stay humble.  I often stop and think about the fans of other clubs who are limited to “regular old baseball”.  That is until the San Franciso Giants come to town.

Just in case Crawford wasn’t joking in latest Brandon On Brandon Blog-if by some chance the Best Brandon’s are feeling unloved, we better fix it.




belt flan crawford morse 22214




Brandon and Brandon

So Hicks and Hunter fill in for a couple days and suddenly traffic to the blog explodes. What’s that about? Hicks received 38 or so replies to his post, more than twice as many as my last one got! Hunter’s post yesterday got more than 60 replies in the last 24 hours.

            And his post started a Twitter trend — #TogetherWeAreBrandon.

Twitter   hunterpence  Lol the Brandon movement is ...

            I mean, I love the team unity and all that. But it kind of makes Belt and me feel like old shoes. Everybody’s getting their heads turned by the new guys. We weren’t enough?

            Believe, I’m going to count every reply. Not that we’re competitive or anything. The hitting groups Hunter wrote about in his blog are not batting-practice groups. They’re part of Bam-Bam’s new hitting game. Every player gets points for moving a runner over, RBI’s, extra-base hits, etc. The groups compete against each other…

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This just in- “Bumgarner’’ is Arabic for Brandon.

I’m a Brandon, You’re a Brandon, Everybody’s a Brandon!

We like it like that. If Brandon doesn’t hit the ball then Brandon will! Brandon will back him up with the help of Brandon.

Not just another pinch-blogger! This guest blogger  is also top in his field (the baseball field) a renowned motivational speaker with an entire team of followers (a baseball team) he is a part-time Pirate (hook included) and now a comical MLB blogger (made me LOL) and this newest eye-opening discovery-He is also a BRANDON!

hunter sptr feb 14I alway enjoy the best baseball blog ever “Brandon on Brandon” but this will forever be my favorite!

I knew Hunter had a great sense of humor but he is also very serious about his job and the fact that he is giving 110% all the time is obvious from the first day of Spring Training.  In Scottsdale Pence is always making eye contact and smiling for the fans but he is always in motion with the love for the game shooting from those rockets he keeps in his shoes.

I love this guy and now I laugh at this guy. Hey, turns out BamBam is very very funny.

With an entire team of Brandon’s we will confuse the heck out of the other teams!


Posey and Pence Chase 9 1 2013


Brandon and Brandon

Hello, everyone. This is Hunter Pence filling in for Brandon Hicks, or Brandon Crawford, or Brandon Belt, whoever’s turn it is supposed to be.

I’m filling in because — you probably didn’t know this — Hunter is a nickname for Brandon.

My middle name is Andrew, which is Swedish for Brandon. And Pence is English for Brandon. So my actual name is Brandon Brandon Brandon.

You also probably didn’t know that “Tim Lincecum’’ is Dutch for Brandon.

Buster is a nickname for Brandon. Pablo is Spanish for Brandon. Pagan is Puerto Rican for Brandon. Madison is Southern for Brandon. “Bumgarner’’ is — I have no idea what that is. I think it’s Arabic for Brandon.

Pretty much everyone is Brandon. We’re Team Brandon.

Kruk and Kuip have got to get with the program. Brandon’s throwing the pitch to Brandon. When anybody steps into the box, Brandon’s up to bat. The…

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Another Day in Paradise

Today was wonderful! I enjoyed my first day of workouts with the most awesome guys ever! The San Francisco Giants almost entirely intact and looking spectacular! Even though I did better than last year my pictures and videos pale in comparison to this blog. I intend to compose a blog but thought this was worth re-blogging. No fair comparing though, after all I’m just a blonde. sigh 🙂

@Cafe Blog

It was Day 2 of the #SFGiants Full Squad workouts here in Scottsdale, AZ.  Not much to report, but some of the highlights include

The arrival of Brandon Belt

Live pitching from Matt Cain and Javier Lopez

Green Screen fun with Brandon Belt

Sit down interview with Hunter Pence

Some great Live BP sessions

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CARON with BRANDON BELT 2/24/2013

I am SO excited!! Baseball is back in two (count them) TWO days!!

Spring is about to be “sprung” when the only baseball team that matters reports to Scottsdale AZ for spring training workouts.  A preview of what is going to be an epic season for the San Francisco Giants!

Pitchers and catchers arrive on Valentines Day February 14th with the rest of the squad joining them on the 18th.

There is nothing better than kickin’ it with the team in the beautiful Arizona sunshine at Scottsdale Stadium.  It is a relaxed and happy atmosphere with big smiles and goofing by our beloved team members who get playful just being with the each other again.  Hope to see you there.

I always enjoy being with my boys again as well as welcoming the new comers and hopefuls that are lucky enough to get a chance to play with the big boys! And it looks like we have some exciting fresh blood to look forward to reviewing.

Giants get 14 of the top prospects in top-14 list of Giants prospects

ANGEL PAGAN very happy in Scottsdale
The always pleasant HUNTER PENCE
Some of the guys goofin’ in the Scottsdale sun
ZITO 2/2013 Will be missed


Latest Free Agent Rumors

 Around The Foghorn

Nov 16th, 2013 at 2:25 pm by Denise Walos

MLBTR: Mutual Interest Between Yankees And Javier Lopez

We’ve all been holding our breath the last few weeks to hear news about Javier Lopez and Ryan Vogelsong. But as many of you know, rumors are flying around about Tim Hudson and Ricky Nolasco coming to the Giants to help fill out the starting rotation next year. Here are the latest updates on Lopez and Vogelsong as well as other names being thrown around as potential new Giants in 2014. Javier Lopez (LHP, Giants) I’m pretending this is a joke.

Lopez’s primary goal, according to Meister, is to pitch on a contending team. “Of course, the Yankees are perennially that,” he told McCullough. As McCullough notes, the Yankees have a need in the bullpen with Mariano Rivera retiring and Boone Logan hitting free agency.

Of course, Lopez has also expressed interested in staying in San Francisco, and as said he’d give the Giants a last shot at keeping him. Lopez is looking for a multi-year deal. At age 36, I’d imagine he’s looking for a place to finish out his career. I personally hope the Giants go hard after keeping him, even if it means overpaying somewhat. That said, I’m sure he’d love a place where he is used more than for one batter at a time, like Bruce Bochy likes to use him. He’s quite good in that role, but I’d sure love to see more of him pitching in a San Francisco uniform.

And I too am hoping that the below is a joke! Javie to the Yankees!

I will look forward to new faces on the spring field soon but I am especially looking forward to those faces that I won’t have to miss!  Every year there is change and I always get over it but some of these boys are like family! You can’t replace them.  I’m counting the days!!!



Chances are I won’t be attending Fan Appreciation Day Sunday and I am mournful.  But I am thankful for what the San Francisco Giants have given to me for the past 55 years!  As a Giants fan I have developed a “never say never” attitude that for me is imperative to survival.  After all things aren’t always easy and if you choose to believe that taking the good with the bad will pay off then you have won the battle.

The SF Giants have provided me with a team deserving of loyalty and in hindsight the 54 years of torture waiting for that first WS Trophy was worth it!

Thank you for loving me, or at least letting me believe that you do! 🙂 HEART MY SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS FOREVER AND WHEREVER I MAY BE!


Bee Crazy?

An unhappy Wilson is exactly what I expected, and only an unhappy person would behave this way! At least we don’t have to waste any more time on bad thoughts for Bri Bri, he’s already miserable. Sorry Wilson, Once you go Blue, You aren’t welcome Back.

Mr Dodger Potatoe Head

Mr. Wilson Potato Head

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

Here’s a pic from a fan who snapped this during Brian Wilson’s weird confrontation with Larry Baer after the game last night.


Wilson was apparently airing several pent up grievances including wanting his 2012 World Series ring and demanding that the Giants stop using his images in stadium video. What a whiny little be-atch this guy is……

The Giants have reported tried to contact Wilson several times to give him his ring and were ignored every time. And if this d-bag thinks he owns the rights to the freaking videos of him that get used on the stadium screen then he’s got more hubris than I ever thought he had. I had wished Wilson well but after this girlish tantrum I say “good riddence.”

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The San Francisco Giants have so much heart and sincere soul that any little thing can make a difference with this team.

Whether it’s the return of a teammate or sadly but strongly rallying around an injured teammate, last night we had both-these guys will find the magic.
The welcome return of Angel Pagan was shadowed only by the sadness that Andres Torres may have seen his last days as an active SF Giant.
Angel Pagan off the DL leads off the 1st inning with a double and reminds us all just exactly what we were missing these past months.  He proceeded to score the first and only run of the game but I saw little sparks flying as he came across home plate.

Just the little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ that the boys needed to get a much-needed attitude adjustment.
Good news on the success of Andres Torres surgery to remove bone spurts from his foot was soured by the bad news that this may have been a career ending surgery for Torres.
The new healthier happier skinny Panda who has felt the magic back in his game makes the defensive play of the year to save Timmy’s ass in the 6th
as we held on to a 1 run lead.
Timmy who to many was “washed up” didn’t give up a run in 6 innings even though he didn’t have his best stuff.
Javi hangs on to the lead of 1-0 and Cassilla comes in doing no damage.

A magical play by Scutaro and we are going to the ninth. Incredible defense!  Finishing off the game our stellar closer Romo and the Giants plus a bit of magic triumph over the Arizona Diamond Backs 1-0 🙂

return of pagan

Building Future SF Teams–Does the Formula Need to Change?


I like to think my team The San Francisco Giants, and everybody involved can do no wrong, or very little wrong.  Truth is something other then what transpired this season would do.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

With the Giants winning a rare weekend series and the Dodgers losing one, it got me to thinking, what will Sabean have to do going forward to build a team that can compete year in and year out with the LA Art Dealers. After all, if you are competing against a team that cares not about a budget, it presents challenges to the builders of the teams trying to beat them.

Sabean built 2 World Series championship teams by putting together a rock solid pitching staff and making deft deadline (and pre-deadline) pickups along the way. Of course, both teams had to get hot in September and the playoffs and luckily, they did just that.

But does Sabes need a new plan? The payroll is already high, does it need to go higher? If the team gets younger, is Bochy the right man for the job? Or does Sabean just…

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Torture, Re-Visited


Seems nothing has gone right for our San Francisco Giants. Some of the plays made by opposing players have been “other worldly” causing me to shake my head rather than stomp my foot. Things have been supernaturally bad, only thing that makes sense is that Fortuna is not in our corner at this time.
Please Fortuna, hear my plea, spin upwards.

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

Someone mentioned it last night and I agree–there wasn’t any pain felt (by me) after Span made that catch. It was more like a joke that was funny that I didn’t laugh at. Anyway, here are the 3 *hilarious* catches this year that ended with the Giants as the punchline each time:

The first one was Venable’s on 6/17:

Next, we have Matt Kemp’s grab on 6/25:

Finally, last night, Span takes a circuitous route to finish off the humor:

I’m not sure which was the best catch or which one hurt more. Or which one was funnier.


Also, here’s a tweet that I found interesting. I have said the same thing many times:


Additionally, Brandon Crawford has negative defensive ratings in 4 of 5 categories at fangraphs. THAT is a joke.

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Giants Are About To Make It Two In A Row!


Tonight with the return of Ryan Vogelsong and that fun victory last night I am looking forward to a great game!


vogelsong 4172013

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

These men will lead us to victory. I guarantee it!

1. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B

2. Brandon Crawford (L) SS

3. Brandon Belt (L) 1B

4. Buster Posey (R) C

5. Hunter Pence (R) RF

6. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B

7. Roger Kieschnick (L) LF

8. Gregor Blanco (L) CF

9. Ryan Vogelsong (R) P


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White House Visit

SLIDESHOWS of SF GIANTS photos every day?! Life is good!!

SF Giants Photos

Today President Obama welcomed the San Francisco Giants to the White House to honor the team and their 2012 World Series Championship…the visit will continued the tradition begun by President Obama of honoring sports teams for their efforts to give back to communities.

We have also included all the photos in a slideshow:

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June 30th 2013 Sunday 

Having just arrived last night I am back in Northern California where I was born and raised, but just a visit. I can’t stay more than a few weeks so my plan-spend as much time as possible with my son’s the rest at the ocean.  Not rushing off to AT&T to watch my beloved SF Giants even though that was naturally my first impulse.  I catch quite a few games between Phoenix and San Diego now my time is so short and precious I need my ocean fix!  So I was cool putting baseball on the back burner until after the All Star Break.

I planned on being out of range to view many if any Giants games during this trip but when I found my team spiraling down a losing streak of a length that shocked even me-I had to do something and quickly!

face rock

Even in this modern-day there is still no internet where I  was going to be spending my time so I went old school!

First I removed the orange polish from my toes (something I never do during the season) and painted one big toe BLACK.  Put on a Giants shirt I had not worn before, also BLACK.  Then I got in my car drove from ocean cove to ocean cove listening to the game on the radio, quickly realizing how much I missed KNBR Radio “Home of your SF Giants” 

I never listened to another station until I absolutely had to. During my first months away from the bay area I kept trying to get even a static signal refusing to believe it was really gone, even going out in the desert trying to get a broadcast because someone said I could.  I couldn’t and finally gave up listening to the radio in the car all together. Once in range I turned KNBR on ecstatically hanging on every word uttered over the station.

 So I’m driving, chanting, jeering, cheering, and willing my team to victory.  Trying single-handedly to bring back the “Magic” that use to be all “up in here”.  There was no actual “ceremony” no sacrifices were made but it was “Baseball Voodoo” and it worked!  After losing six in a row we beat the Rockies that day and I am taking credit.

Silly me, focusing on just one game,  trying to break the streak, willing the Giants to win just one game-oops.  Just one toe, just one win.  What would have happened if I had painted them all black that day?  Well,  I think we can be pretty certain that with my voodoo powers we would be sitting pretty right about now.  Or not.  

The message here is…I can “will” the Giants to win!… No, that’s not the message here!  The message is… “BELIEVE” that’s the message.  ‘Belief’ is what created the magic and lack there of is what killed it.  

That and, of course, the PRESSURE.

July 26, 2013 Friday

Lynch mobs were contained before they could string up the current scapegoat-our lovable first baseman Brandon Belt.  You would think that he was the first SF Giant to ever screw up and fact is, he is not.  Yes, he is struggling, brain explosion, the WHOLE TEAM is struggling!  Did his error cost us the game?  Maybe, probably but that was last night.  There has been much bigger uglier errors and such that he had no involvement in.  Last night was ugly and my heart goes out to Belt because unlike some, I know he cares, he didn’t want to make that error and he feels really bad about it. It was a loss for Cain and he deserved the win but Matt should be very understanding.  Why?  Oh you haven’t  forgotten already the disasters Cain and other starters have had on the mound this season.  Also ugly but it didn’t change who he is or what he means to this team and last night we saw our reason to support him, always!

Poor Branden
Poor Branden

Bochy finally showing his frustration openly “This was a tough one,” he said. “It’s always hard at home when you lose a game like this.”

I wouldn’t want to be in that locker room! Now that’s pressure, from the start it has been pressure.  Pressure to play like champs, better than any other team.  

Until I have proof that these guys are going out there with the intention of playing poorly I will remain a loyal FAN-that means I will root for my team-for better or for worse.

If I were only capable of loving the Giants when they win then I wouldn’t be a FAN for two reasons;  1) You call that being a “FAN”?! What are you crazy?!  2) Out of 55 years in SF the Giants have only two trophy’s both won after less than perfect seasons.

So much for anger over a winning team reverting to a losing team-I’m still celebrating our first trophy that I waited a lifetime for-now they aren’t good enough?  Sorry, I don’t play that way, and the team shouldn’t have to go from having the best fans in MLB to having the…well, not the best.  They deserve better after all these guys won us two World Championships!  I think they are wonderful, now let’s remind them of that.

So to my team, the World Champion San Francisco Giants, a team that has kept my interest and my loyalty for 55 years I would like to say this and I’m saying it as yo mamma so listen up, k? 🙂

“A fundamental rule of life is that whatever you focus on grows.”  That said LET’S FOCUS guys!  Snap out of it! Focus on the positive.  And you positively better start winning some games!  🙂

But if you can’t I know it isn’t because you aren’t trying.  Do the best you can and that is all anybody should ask of you.  If you try and fail, you won’t be the first.  The unhappy “fans” have forgotten the accomplishments of even our “star” players many questioning the abilities of Buster Posey! This is a guy who must wait for a new award to be created because he has won them all as a SF Giant.   There isn’t one player I can name off the top of my head that hasn’t been the target of these doubting, know it all, fair weather fan comments.  My favorite thing is when the player’s strike back turning those words into food to be eaten by doing something amazing, for instance pitching a no-hitter,  laying down a “fat” double, or making an amazing play out of nowhere.  This didn’t pan out for Belt last night but I was praying that redemption would be had in the 9th when he gave that ball a ride.  And just because it didn’t doesn’t mean it couldn’t or won’t so chin up.

timmy pablo 72613buster posey 72613

“Repetition cultivates belief. This is the basis of all conditioning, also known as brainwashing…When we create a disaster scenario in our heads…with every repetition that scenario becomes the irrefutable outcome of our efforts.”

I feel that there are too many disaster scenario’s being played out and its bad mojo! If you believe in Magic you gotta believe in Mojo-positive reinforcement is what you should be practicing and there are professional’s such as myself here to help you with that.  Real true fans that have experience with this type of situation.

We love you our SF Giants! Really, come on over to our place-we have your pictures, bobble-heads, jersey’s, signed balls, banners, blankets, shoes, jackets, ticket stubs and on and on.  We are proud, we bleed orange, together “we are GIANT”


What are you focusing on today? Concentrate on everything good in your life and every possible fantastic scenario for the future. Pay attention to every thought in your head. What you focus on has the power to turn your days sour (like some fans)— or sweet (like sugar or like a SF Giants player) 

Remember why you are World Champions. Check out that ring! Not every one has a ring like that! You may even have two, in fact I’ll bet you do.  And they were EARNED not just gifted to you for being cute.  Perseverance, Heart, love of the game, love of your teammates, support from loved ones, those are the tools that contributed to amazing performance on the field.  Not one of you did it alone, it was a team effort.  Not one of you alone is responsible for the struggle of today, that too was a team effort.

I am not heartbroken over where we are in the standings. How foolish that would be for a fan who waited 54 long years for that one trophy and now we have two?!  I’m not greedy.

What breaks my heart is the idea of any one of you losing what makes you special-your heart, your grit, your ability to believe in yourself and your team.  We have clawed and scratched our way against all odds over and over again because we “believed” that we could!  Don’t stop believing now.  Hey, someone should write a song like that..! 🙂  I don’t want you to be sad or discouraged because I like you and I care for you with unconditional “mamma love”.  

Come closer…here is your big HUG.   Now, get out there scamps, bring mamma another trophy, I know you will if not this year than the next.

Your greatest comfort right now will probably be blind faith. I know mine is.

Even if things seem entirely hopeless, a willingness to BELIEVE can get you the rough spots. Go along with your life, knowing things will work out the way they’re supposed to, but remember, The DODGERS must be stopped! 

Everything is going to be alright. Baseball is your passion as well as your job so do it with a smile and no matter what the outcome, you will be okay.  We need some new magic to turn things around.  I hope it’s not too late to bring back the joy because I feel very strongly that it is the joy that will create the magic.  

Good times are only noticed becausee we have bad times to compare them to. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  Blah blah blah positive comment blah blah uplifting thought blah blah, get it? 

I am one fan that will be here for the pain as well as the pleasure.  Didn’t anybody learn anything from “Chicken Little?” You can’t eat any of the pie if you don’t help with the baking.  

Now, let’s go get ’em!  Let’s play some Giants Baseball!

And damn it, have fun even if it kills ya! 🙂

Step Up To The Camera

Ally did an excellent job making a not so pretty game look very attractive! Now let’s hope We can go “BIG COUNTRY” all over some Cubbies behinds tonight!! LETS GO GIANTS Always BELIEVE!

SF Giants Photos

Greetings Giants fans from your SF Giants Photo Intern, Ally.  Tonight I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, photographing my first game.  I greatly enjoyed capturing every exciting moment, while doing something I love.  Go Giants!

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Puking During Puig At Bats

Although this may seem in direct conflict to my last post, as I said it’s a “rivalry” an on the field rivalry. I find this blog amusing and I think it mirror’s my thoughts on the past 2 games rather closely. Enjoy!

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

“This guy Puig is gonna be a problem….” –San Dawg

I forget when he said that, probably during Puig’s first game up. It was a simple line, yet foreboding, and it gave us fair warning of what was to come….

*This guy Puig* is grinding on my patience. It’s not just the constant media jack off session that bothers me although that’s part of it. I thought it was complete BS that he was throwing sucker haymakers in the brawl with AZ and managed to get exactly zero days of suspension. Calls for him to be named to the all star game, after 60 at bats, was definitely irksome. And while I’m not doubting his talent for a moment, I was looking forward to Bumgarner knocking him down a few *puigs* in the game last night. So it was quite easy for me to go quickly and loudly into a…

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To sum up what our players, who stood along side Dodger players on the field one day after the horrible incident that resulted in the beating of Brian Stow, “This is a baseball rivalry, on field rivalry, it ends there.  After the game, off the field we are friends.”

We need to remember this.

Yes, BEAT LA! Beat them badly!

But on the field. Those people we call the “STINKING DODGERS” & THE STINKING DODGER FANS” well, darn it, they are people to!

Even when we haven’t been facing the Dodger’s the negativity from Giants “fans” has been overwhelming. It’s so bad on Twitter that I pray for the day these negative fair weather fans will jump or be pushed off the ban wagon and once again the SF Giants can brag about the tremendous fan base they have!  A team that doesn’t have to “freak out” because of fan negativity voice after every less than perfect performance, is going to be a more relaxed, happy, productive team. Lighten up people, this is our team!

In case you think this opinion is all mine, below from a seasoned SF Giants fan & real person, I share her thoughts;

“Hi there! I just had to talk to you via email…I hope that’s ok. Last night twitter was filled with so much negativity! And I’m no prude, but so many vulgar comments were made. I just was disgusted & I felt like it took away the enjoyment of watching the game for me. One of my best friends is a diehard Dodger fan & we’ve had a lot of good chats throughout last year & this… but all done in fun with consideration for each other. Maybe that’s what’s missing on Twitter. Since it’s such a public forum, and very few of us really know each other, that respect and consideration is missing. I don’t know…maybe I’m just too old for this kind of mindless chatter! I do enjoy talking to a lot of people, you of course, but some just seem to cross the line. So I’m thinking tonight I’ll just watch the game & chat with my Dodger friend, who calls her beloved team the “Cellar Dwellers!” Any thoughts? I value your opinion! 🙂

The SF Giants  are about to EXPLODE! Enjoy it every moment of it! After all it’s GIANTS BASEBALL! And there is nothing better! 

matt cains perfect game




Today Daddy and I took on the bass on Metri Lake Yuma Arizona. Eight fish in the boat just about guarantees a win for the Giants tonight!  Fishing  a drop shot rig with pumpkin seed colored Swirly tailed worm I managed to land 3 while Daddy did better bringing 5 into the boat with the same rig different plastic, purple Robo worm.


LAST NIGHTS WIN OVER THE PADRES WAS VERY ENTERTAINING and a great game all around. Madison Bumgarner got the win with the help of Gregor Blanco  despite Guzman’s determination to add validation to the cocky showmanship he so loves to display on the field.  Our victory of 4-2 over the Padres would have been more valuable if the D-Backs had not also managed to ring up a victory, but we are very much “in this thing”.  Good luck bringing me down about our possibilities of another Championship.

big country vs padres 61913

Blanco’s two-run triple in the seventh lifts San Francisco to series win
By Andrew Owens

the great white shark 61913

Madison went “Big Country” all over Guzman in the second inning by throwing the ball behind him just to make him aware his “show boating” after going deep the night before was inappropriate behavior.  Both benches cleared and feathers fluffed but after it all our pitcher showed true Giants values by refusing to comment though the media did all they could to stir things up again.

guzman and madison go at it 61913

Tonight Chad Gaudin will face Tom Koehler who will be looking for his first ML win.

The Giants are still dealing with injuries. Outfielder Angel Pagan, out since May 25 with a strained left
hamstring, is slated to start a rehab assignment on Thursday. Third baseman Pablo Sandoval, with a strained left foot,
is scheduled to start a rehab assignment on Saturday. Shortstop Brandon Crawford is doubtful for Thursday’s contest
due to a sprained right index and middle finger.

The Marlins and Giants have not faced each other yet this season. Last year the Marlins won five of their seven against the Giants but I think the fishing tells the story.

I’m not worried about tonight’s game or the series at all…

Fish in the boat, fish on the field.  I feel a victory for the SF Giants tonight!

Giants keep their cool after contentious series | CSN Bay Area

The San Francisco Giants once again make me proud by setting themselves apart not only with the way they play ball but with the outstanding sportsmanship they possess both on and off the field.

Let the Padres and the Dodger’s beat each other to a pulp if they want to without considering the fact that there are thousands of young people who are learning about sportsmanship, but certainly not from the behavior or those two teams.

Raise your kids to be SF Giants fans and you will be raising them right!

Giants keep their cool after contentious series | CSN Bay Area.

SF Giants Injury Updates

Angel is an angel!
Angel is an angel!

There is no doubt that we miss our San Francisco Giants that are now unavailable due to injuries.

It has been a brutal season so far when it comes to our guys getting hurt and as a mother and fan that is always scary!  Thankfully nobody who has been placed on the DL was critically injured but they can’t play baseball and that makes everybody unhappy, the player’s themselves, management, and of course the fans.

So how is everybody doing? When will we see them strut proudly on to the playing field once again sporting that Giants uniform as opposed to whatever pj’s or sweats that is now their “waiting it out” attire?

Below is the list of player’s placed on the DL so far this season however for news on their status now we must do a little research.This from Sports Illustrated and The San Francisco Giants

Read More:

This from

Casilla right knee discomfort 15-day May 21 June 5 22 10-12
Pagan strained right hamstring 15-day May 28 June 12 16 7-9
Sandoval left foot strain 15-day June 9 June 24 6 3-3
Surkamp left elbow surgery 60-day March 22 April 6 67 35-32
Vogelsong fractured right hand 15-day May 21 June 5 22 10-12
Abreu left knee sprain 60-day March 22 April 6 60 31-29
Affeldt right oblique strain 15-day April 17 (April 15) May 3 15 7-8
Mijares Bereavement — April 29 May 7 7 6-1
Pill right knee surgery 15-day March 22 April 15 14 10-6

Tonight we take on the Padres from home with Barry Zito facing off against Edinson Volquez. Home Sweet Home!

Complete game notes:

PREGAME NOTES: Pagan has another injection in injured hamstring(258)
By Alex Pavlovic

Angel Pagan will run the curve of the infield today, the latest step in a rehab process that he admitted has been reset this week. Pagan had a platelet-rich plasma injection last Sunday in Arizona because his strained left hamstring simply wasn’t healing. At one point, surgery was presented as an option that would put him out for about six to eight weeks.

“I wasn’t going to do that,” Pagan said. “It’s much better now, better than I thought it would be. We’re ahead of schedule. I’m very optimistic I’m going to be in the lineup soon, but when, I don’t know.

Bruce Bochy doesn’t know, either. Pagan still needs to be able to run the bases pain-free, and that’s a step that’s a few beyond just running the curve. Last time Pagan tried to run the bases, after a cortisone injection, “It wasn’t so good,” he said.

Pagan said he’s following a new protocol and “so far, so good. We’re very excited with the progress.” He said the injury, a strain right where the hamstring meets the knee, is not a tear. “But it’s a place where it’s tough to have, because you pick up your knee when you’re running or doing agility drills and that’s where it hurts.”

When he is deemed ready, Pagan will get 10-15 minor league at bats in San Jose or Fresno.
Read the rest of this entry »


The San Francisco Giants have been my baseball team for 55 years and that is never going to change.

The men on this incredible team are not just ball players, they are actual people too!

Here are some things to think about next time you decide it’s your “job” to make public your frustration or unhappiness with a player’s performance by means of  harsh negative comments.

Players are people with families. Players are people so they are not perfect. Players take their jobs seriously and try to do them the best they can. Players feel bad when they make a mistake. Players hear what is being said about them and negative comments are harmful and hurtful to them and to their families.  No team win’s the Championship every year, that would be boring.

If you feel you can do the job better than why aren’t you? 

little hunter pencebelt and momcrawford and momguillermo and momtorres and mom1pagan and mom

vogie and momthe crawfordsguadin and familysergio and boystimmysergio and dad

I think sometimes there are those that forget that. They have feelings, hopes and dreams just as every person does.  They are doing a job and they are doing it to the best of their ability.  They are not going out on the field and trying to give a poor performance, they are trying to do their job as well as possible.  They want to win, they want to hit well, pitch well, field the ball well.  If they don’t manage to do that they are just as upset about it as any fan could possibly be.  So lighten up people, if you call yourself a fan don’t make things worse for a player who is already feeling bad.  Why would you kick somebody when they are down? Especially if that somebody is a member of a ball team you claim to be a fan of.

I waited 54 years for that first trophy and the second was the cherry on top.  Obviously I have known this baseball team long before they were ever World Champions and I think that is now having an effect on my attitude.  Not towards my team but towards my lack of tolerance for negativity from other’s that call themselves fans.

Oh, I can hear the growling now!  I expect it because most of the fan’s I am seeing and hearing think it is perfectly except able to share what they believe to be informed opinions whether they are negative or not.  True everybody is entitled to their opinion but to me being a  fan of any team means that you are going to root for them win or lose.  I believe in loving the players as people not viewing them as someone paid to entertain me.

When our team struggles there are far too many “fans” that throw their hands up in the air and say “well that’s it, the Giants stink”.  If a player has a bit of trouble with his pitching “let’s get rid of him” is their answer.  If a player is struggling at the plate they are obviously “in a slump” and should be benched.  A player commits an error “hang him” it’s all the talk of folks who either think they are smarter or more informed than those who manage the team.  Along with that it is  likely they lack the loyalty it takes to be a fan of a team that can’t guarantee a trophy every year.  No team, player or person is perfect all the time.  That’s just a fact of life.

I do not claim to know it all when it comes to baseball and it makes absolutely no difference in defining me as a fan.  Thank goodness I am not the one who makes the decision when it is time to “give up” on a player and I have seen many of my favorite Giants removed from the team over the years and it has never been pleasant.  I get over it, I move along and new players come and I learn to love them.  There are players on the current active roster that I just can’t imagine losing and if and when that happens I will probably not deal with it very well.  But that’s life and it’s going to happen year after year as it has in the past.

Until the day they are striped of the Giants uniform I will stand by them through their successful outings as well as their unsuccessful ones.  That’s my job as a fan and I do it voluntarily.  I don’t like to lose games and it frustrates me when we play poorly but it does not give me cause to attack them. Nobody is forced to be a SF Giants fan, it’s a choice you make and if you make that choice it is your job to support the players, their coaches, managers and owners.

After all let’s not forget that the San Francisco Giants are known for their incredible fan base and I truly believe the guys when they say they “are grateful” and that it “means a lot to them to have that support”. So let’s live up to that, let’s support them. a

Some games made you feel less than pleased? You felt frustrated? You were disappointed by a player or player’s performance? You were angry?

That’s your right and you are entitled to your feelings but how do you think the player’s themselves feel after such a game? They too have strong feelings about the game and their performances. I consider those feelings to be important- more important than a disgruntled fans right to rant.

“This is the group that’s going to be out there,” Bochy

“I knew out of my hand that it wasn’t right,” said Lincecum, who was caught on a television replay screaming in dismay as Freeman connected.

Said Lincecum, who found his equilibrium after issuing leadoff walks in the first three innings, “Every outing I know I can take some positives from it and not lean on the negatives so much.”

Lincecum  about three leadoff walks in the first three innings. “That’ll hurt you,” he said. “It’s just timing. You go up there and work on it between innings with your warm-up pitches, but it’s frustrating when you can’t repeat it. Then you’re grinding.”

“We always look forward to going home,” Lincecum said. “We’ll hit the reset button.”

“It says a lot about how he gutted it out,” Bochy said of Lincecum. “He kept us in the game.”

“ I feel terrible.We are human and we make mistakes.Things happen for a reason. But in my heart, I feel terrible, bad” Andres Torres  

“I’ve lost a few balls like that,” said Torres, clearly upset with himself.  “I have no clue, to be honest. But it was terrible,” Torres said when asked to explain the misplay.  “What happened out there?” he said, furrowing his brow. “I don’t know.”.

Bochy stuck by Torres, who now leads the Majors with five errors in left field. He made one in all of 2010

“He’s a gifted defender and had a couple of off nights. He came in the dugout and apologized. He was pretty upset with himself. But this is the group that is going to be out there, and we’re going to stand behind him.”  Bochy defending Torres.

SergioRomo “It’s baseball. You can only control certain things,” Romo said. “Went out there and tried my best.”

…to my wonderful wife for all she does for our twins! -Buster

Chad Gaudin ‏@ChadGaudin57 23 Apr
apparently my son wanted to say to y’all this morning “Greet mlsdawwwpspwwwqwpuQojhu”. & i want to say sorry for that tweet & the confusion

Nick Noonan ‏@Noonan_21 15 Apr
So pumped to be part of a great team with amazing fans !! Thanks for the support and warm welcome to SF… Lets gooooo!!!!

George Kontos ‏@G_Kontos 19 May
Time to get home and start over! “But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward;….

POSTGAME NOTES: Bochy stands by his left fielder; A tranquil Dunning debut

SF Giants Injury Updates

The SF Giants over the past two games have proven once again that they will find the strength within themselves and overcome whatever obstacle is put in their way.
We were warned that every other team would be “gunning” for us and that certainly proved to be true as I watched my players being picked off one by one due to injuries inflicted by some of the “dirtier games”.
Oh yes, I believe that I witnessed opposing teams intentionally causing or attempting to cause injuries to the players on my SF Giants team. I believed they would rise above playing with a virtual skeleton team and I was optimistic about rapid recovery of those taken down. I find the information Alex posted to be good news and remain faithful to the end.


PREGAME NOTES: An injured Giant might be back sooner than expected
POSTED BY  ON JUNE 14TH, 2013 AT 3:33 PM 

A bunch of injury updates today, and the news is mostly good. We’ll start with Santiago Casilla, who began the road trip on two crutches, went down to one and now is walking without a limp. Casilla threw off flat ground today and said he feels really good. He said the hardest part now is the mental aspect, because it’s tough to be on the D.L., but that might change soon. Bochy said Casilla could be two weeks away from returning, which would be a vast improvement on the original diagnosis that Casilla would be out until after the All-Star break.

Marco Scutaro took some practice swings in an indoor batting cage this afternoon to test his finger. He also is feeling much better, but still won’t play in this series. Bochy said Scutaro will get fitted for a custom brace when the Giants return to San Francisco and then the team will sit down with him and a decision will be made. Scutaro hopes to avoid the disabled list, but Bochy said “a lot of that will depend on how we do (in Atlanta) and how we’re holding up.”

The Giants waited a long time for Angel Pagan and ultimately ended up putting him on the disabled list. Bochy said a decision with Scutaro will probably be made around the seven- to eight-day mark.

For now, “We’ll stay in a holding pattern until we get back (to San Francisco),” Bochy said.

Angel Pagan ran sprints this afternoon and is taking BP as I type. He also is feeling better, but remains unlikely to be activated this weekend.

One more on the injury front: Hector Sanchez said his shoulder is now 100 percent after holding him back all spring and early in the season. “It’s all good,” he said. “I’m finally healthy.” Sanchez said that last part with a smile. He said that two days after he came off the Triple-A D.L. when his shoulder was hurting, his thumb got nailed by a pitch. But that has also healed.

— Brandon Crawford’s move to No. 5 is a one-day thing, at least for now. Crawford won’t hit fifth tomorrow against a left-hander. As for the guys responsible for turning double plays with Crawford, Tony Abreu will start tomorrow against Mike Minor and Nick Noonan will start Sunday against right-hander Julio Teheran.

The #SFGiants Draft Picks and their Twitter Accounts (that I could find)

This is something a little different than most SFG Blogs and I love different!

Spring Training Feb 2012


Where Everyone's a Giant

A week ago today the Houston Astros kicked off the MLB Draft by taking Mark Appel with the first pick. The Giants, twenty-four picks later chose Christian Arroyo and then the continued rebuilding for the future officially was back on its way. In case you are hoping for news from the Giants draft picks and wondering where you might be able to hear them from, the prospects themselves are a great place to start. Keep in mind that eleven of the picks from 2012 did not sign, including their 7th, 10th, 11th, and 14th round picks. Nothing has been officially announced on the Giants website about picks signing, but slowly announcements of contract signings have been coming in. Picks are listed in the order they were picked by the Giants.

Christian Arroyo — @arroyo_c

Ryder Jones — @Jonesy_56

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I never considered my  first 54 years of life as a Giants fan as being “sheltered” however I realized in April of 2012 that for all those years I had been cradled in the motherly lap of my San Francisco Giants home stadiums unaware that  there was another side to baseball, an ugly unfriendly side one that I walked into naively enthusiastic emerging three days later frightened shocked and horrified  at behavior so unfamiliar to me that I felt as though I would never recover.

seniorday 08

I spent my entire lifetime in Northern California land of oceans, trees, friendly folks and ball teams that inspired in me an uncanny loyalty that literally shaped my personality.  Naturally I was raised to be a SF Giants fan by my father instilled by him also and deeply embedded in my soul was the rivalry with the LA Dodgers.

I lived through years of loyalty that was unshakable starting slowly when I was just one year old, 1958  the NY Giants  came to California and became MY SF Giants!  Always a “tom boy” type of girl I eventually became the mother of three boys and coached my first little league team in 1980.

I had a fondness for all sports but my love for baseball was what prevailed.  I lived through the exciting untouchable days of Montana and the SF 49ers but it is the SF Giants that I have had my longest relationship with.  Outlasting all three of my marriages.

alecpdpicmike on Angels gatorball

Because I was raised to be a Giants fan I just never thought of it as a choice. Sure I went to some A’s games, spring training’s but it was the Giants who were and always will be my baseball team.

So many different players, so many baseball greats, so many close calls, so many losses but it never crossed my mind to feel anything but “hey this is my team, for better or for worse”. Funny that didn’t apply to many other things in my life but it increased my already stubborn nature eventually turning me into the “never say never” always “believe” because “anything can happen” person I am today. After 54 yrs. it finally paid off, there it was the trophy, we were The World Champions!  I am the fan that waited their entire life to win that 2010 World Series so I naturally take much of the credit for it.

My first Giants Spring Training was in 1986 and if you didn’t live through it you just can’t understand how different things were then. In AZ for a visit with my in-laws I found my very pregnant self being ushered around Giants Spring Training camp by Vida Blue recently back from his “away time” and enthusiastic about throwing for his team.  We had somehow become friends over the years and he was busy positioning me right beside him as he threw pitches so that I could take pictures.

Eventually I got bored as there was another annoying pitcher who kept getting in my shots.  Never a big fan  of Ately Hammaker I’m fairly certain my annoyance with him began that day as he refused to stay out of my camera range. Starting pitcher that year 1986-Mike Krukow as well as 83 & 87. As one of my favorite people now it’s a shame I didn’t see him that day I may have asked for my first autograph!

The stadium was simply wide open with no fences or boundaries to separate the players from their visiting fans.  Though I was fortunate to be escorted by Vida so at least to me nothing was off limits so I began to wander around. Vida played his final game in October of this same 1086. That was Willie Mays day and magically he appeared before me in full uniform although his playing days were already behind him.  He kindly stopped and chatted with me asking me if I would like his signature. I believe he even provided that paper as I was not prepared.  That day was also Gary Radnich’s first spring training and the story of his “first private interview” with Willie is detailed in a previous post.

There were some players over the years that avoided fans however I never went out of my way for an autograph not even when Matt Williams offered me his after he almost ran over my foot leaving Candlestick’s parking lot after a game as  I was walking to my car.  He was one that avoided fans seeking his attention, which was fine with me just don’t break my foot trying to escape, sir.

Timmy and Matty’s first fanfest where five or six people stood in line for their first Q&A.  I remember Matt Cain working a baseball camp with my youngest son who then presented me with a ball Matt had signed for him.  That ball is now signed by Tim and Sergio Romo but not Brian Wilson because we won that trophy and things started to change, now my ball team had become celebrities. Let the madness begin! The fan base doubled over night with younger folk most adoring girls holding up “Buster Prom?” signs with visions of date night dancing in their heads.

But they loved my team and that was a good thing. The enthusiasm I had always felt had now spread and it was exciting and positive so even though it became impossible to go to the ladies room without missing most of the game it was still very enjoyable to be at the park and I never missed an opening day.

Oh the parade and the celebrations were everything I had been working for 🙂 and I was there to welcome them back at the Home Opener.  Watching them walk onto that field as  WS Champions in was something I will never forget.

10th k opening day 2011 ??????????????

Hanging Timmy’s 10th K that day and sitting front row behind the plate  in the Montana’s seats shortly after on mother’s day. Then my life as a Giants fan seemed as though it had come to an end.  I was now going to fulfill my promise to my parents and move to Yuma AZ to assist in caring for my mother who suffers from Parkinson’s.  July 1st I was in the desert of all deserts suffering through the most intense “dry heat” that had me drenched in a not so “dry” sweat that hasn’t subsided in two years.

But wait, what’s this? Chase Field a mere 3 hours away and the Giants were visiting on September 24, 2011 my daddy and I sat front row seats to witness the thrashing of a lifetime!

“A night after winning the West, the D-backs continued their drive for NLDS home field, pounding out six first-inning runs to end the World Series champs’ faint playoff chances — but not before the Chase Field lights went out for a bit.”dbacks crush giants

I didn’t notice much of much that night except the fact that a team that was defiantly not expected to win had their way with my boys as if they were rag dolls.  Never having left a Giants game early I was only too happy to exit when dad said he was ready and as I passed through the gate the lights went out in Chase Field.  My friends back home still wonder how I managed to make that happen.

Back in Yuma I sat helplessly,  partially blinded by my own sweat running into my eyes, as my team fell to the home team of a state that I did not consider home at all.  After it was over for my team I felt that when I left the bay area I took with me the magic my team had held and the feeling of separation became depressing. I escaped to San Diego in October to a blues festival that featured my favorite bay area band of many years the Tommy Castro Band.  That was a good day but it didn’t last and homesickness set back in.

Then a miracle, I got notice from the Tommy Castro Band that they would be playing in Phoenix in February and  on my 55th birthday! More good news was that Randy McDonald dear friend and bass player was returning to the band.  As a guest of the band I danced all night and woke up the next morning feeling a year younger!  Found a hotel and slowly it dawned on me that I wasn’t in Phoenix, I was in Scottsdale! Blocks away from Scottsdale Stadium and my heart of hearts my baseball team.  Naturally I spent the next day chatting it up with Will Clark, Brandon Belt and was once again surrounded by Giants fans!

The Bri Shirtbrandon belt 22312eli signing 2232012

The Lord wasn’t done yet, he arranged for me to attend Opening Day 2012 even though I was far from home! What were that chances?!  The SF Giants would be at Chase Field for Opening Day- a 3 game series vs the D-Backs! My prayers had been answered -I got tickets for all three games, booked a hotel within walking distance of Chase and ventured off by my severely direction-ally  impaired self for what could only be a great adventure.

I followed some other Giants fans from the hotel to the stadium but once inside they went their way and I found myself in enemy territory alone.  I tried to ignore the unfiendly nature of the AZ fans as I made my way to my seat and to my surprise there were no friendly orange & black smiling faces around me.  Ok, well I was close to the Giants dugout and it was opening day it would be great!

I sat politely as the Diamond Backs lined up on the field and were announced backed up by their cheering fans.  I didn’t cheer or clap but I was acting politely appropriate with friendliness on my face & in my demeanor.

Then my San Francisco Giants were announced as they filed on to the field and the ugliness was unleashed! One by one their names were announced only to be drowned out by the booing echoing through the cavernous dome.  I was stunned, I had never imagined this! My team being booed as they were announced on the Opening Day of Baseball Season!  I didn’t recognize it as appropriate behavior and I still don’t but after time I came to realize that I was experiencing an “away” game to it’s full extent for the very first time in my life. I didn’t know it would be like that and it really rocked my world!  It was behavior I would have expected no where except Dodger Stadium. These people hated my team!  It wasn’t long before I realized that they hated me also and I took it very personally.  In my stupid little narrow mind I couldn’t believe they were being so mean to a group of guys that were very special people.  How horrible the players must feel having their opening day moment  overshadowed by disdain and hateful chants.  Poor babies. 2

I continued to try to be polite and friendly after all it was their home opener not ours and would never dream of booing any of their players, I didn’t clap when they beat us by one run, but I didn’t boo either. Timmy vs Kennedy we had 11 hits but still were beaten 4-5

Timmy in the Off Season

After the game I realized I was totally lost without a clue as to where the entrance was I had entered through. The exit that would take me back to the street just blocks from my hotel.  I asked anybody and everybody for help and was directed to an exit that was no where near the one familiar landmark.  I had a cracked ankle & after many misdirection’s was more confused and lost than ever.  I hadn’t had a thing to drink or eat and finally realizing nobody was going to help me I just sat down to rest & collect myself.  Well, obviously if you have been to a ball game & needed to sit down you were assumed to be intoxicated & was almost arrested.  Forced to get up on my aching ankle & leave the area I didn’t want to be in anyway, I approached a security guard , asking him please if he could just tell me how to get to the street my hotel was on, explaining to him I had no idea where I was in relation to my hotel.  He just walked away into the stadium, then the tears came full force & he finally understood I was not some drunk Giants fan and took me to a quiet spot giving me a map and directions back to my hotel.  This was hours after the game ended it was like you hear about but don’t believe, nobody would help a stranger!

Digital Camera

Back at my hotel I was safe at last devastated, in pain & wondering how I was going to manage to trek that huge stadium through 2 more games.  At least the next games my seats where prime & I could ordered off a menu & be served sparing me from dehydration and rude comments from those I passed by.

Obviously I couldn’t walk on my ankle and found a pedicab the next day to take me to and from the Field but once inside I was forced to walk for what seemed miles to get to my seat.  Again, the booing, and swearing at my boys!  Again we lost by one run. This time it was young Madison that was shelled. Another 4-5

game 2

Game three Affeldt vs Miley

More name calling, booing and general unplesantness.

Sweep!  Giants fall 6-7


Well I couldn’t bear to stay the night and exhausted in pain I packed up & headed home trusting the GPS because it was getting dark. Well three hours later I stopped for gas & that is when I realized I was in Flagstaff! I had driven three hours in the wrong direction!  So about 6 hours later I found my way home in the wee hours of the morning vowing NEVER EVER EVER to go back to Chase Field again!

But I did, and we won, and I didn’t get lost!at least kontos looks good 6913

I had a great seat surrounded by some very special SF Giants fans! June 9, 2013 Giants 6 D-Backs 2

panda fan1
cutest giants fan 6913


Now we are pretty beaten up

But we love”climbing those mountains”

AND NOW FOR THE “LIGHTER SIDE” Finally  to be continued unfortunately?

grabbin some pine 6 11 2013


Monday’s defeat of 4-1 by the Oakland A’s was surprising seeing as we had Madison Bumgarner on the mound. He managed to give us 7 innings but gave up 4 runs making our first game of this short road trip a bummer.
Today the much-anticipated ML debut of Mike Kickham wasn’t what we were hoping for and we suffered a 6-3 loss against Oakland tonight leaving that bad taste in my mouth I get whenever we lose to the A’s.

The handsome 24 yr old lefty peered out through his spectacles as he became one of 10 Giants to make his major league debut as a starting pitcher under GM Brian Sabean.

I kept waiting for him to change from Clark Kent to Superman even though it never happened it was easy to imagine.  The horned rimmed glasses made for an uncanny resemblance to Kent’s disguise that to this day fools nobody.  Kickham appeared a dead ringer for the mild-mannered Kent who would at any moment duck into the booth and reappear as Superman.  None of us doubted it as he started out with a 1-2-3 inning throwing a 94 mph fastball that got us Giants fans all excited.


The phone-booth never appeared for young Kickham and in the second inning the wheels started to fall off as he gave up a 2-run homer to Norris.
I was fairly certain the rookie was feeling a bit gun-shy after that and feared his nerves would get the better of him.  It appears I was right.

Eric Surkamp underwent Tommy John surgery and placed on 60 day DL.

Santiago Casilla underwent knee surgery to remove a cyst return is possible for July but according to Casilla he doesn’t plan to return until after the All Star break.

The mystery surrounding who was going to fill the slot left by an injured Vogelsong was praying on the minds of most SF Giants fans, but my faith in Bochy left me feeling surprisingly relaxed about the situation. After all,  I saw some good pitchers work out in February while at Scottsdale Stadium and I just assumed we had some good choices.

spring training

Excited for Kickham and assuming he was on the mound for a reason I was expecting to see an exciting debut.  Perhaps I was living in some sort of unrealistic fantasy but I wasn’t the only one. In the third inning after Kickham had managed to load up the bases with only one out Bochy left him in and it turned out to be a disaster.

During his very short debut Kickham gave up four earned runs in 2 1/3 innings and all of a sudden I stopped waiting for that phone booth to appear.

Still I feel that it will be a shame if we don’t get to see more from this young man.  I think after the stress of a first outing such as tonight’s wears off he may very well have some good stuff to offer.
After are new starter was removed from the game Kontos and Lopez each had brief visits to the mound and then Gaudin came in followed by Mijares.

Committing no errors which is always a pleasant surprise given some of the season’s less than tight performances the Giants bats were obviously sleeping through most of this game.

With just 6 hits tonight the Giants scored a less than giants size total of 10 hits during our little visit to Oakland.

Scutaro singled and doubled as the designated hitter and Pence homered in the 9th trying once again to win the game by himself. Too little too late or perhaps we could have pulled this one out of the hat.

I don’t think the A’s will look quite as scary back home at AT&T but we will once again be on familiar territory, the uphill climb. But we can do it, we have before, and we will again.

Now from one of the best:

Bay Area Sports Guy – A’s knock out Kickham early, keep Giants’ offense at bay.

Extra Baggs: Fond memories of Barry Zito’s thrilling debut start, etc.

OAKLAND – “Mike Kickham joined Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner and Tim Lincecum in a club of sorts Tuesday night, albeit one that doesn’t dole out handsome jackets.

None of them won their first big league start.

Almost 13 years ago, the same thing nearly happened to Barry Zito – and I still remember it like it just happened last week.”