A lot of people think that baseball is boring- that is because they are not San Francisco Giants fans!
I love my baseball team through thick and thin and it’s been pretty thin the last couple seasons.

I decided to put that behind me and really pull for my team this year hoping for some of that “magic” from old days.

May 3rd turning the game on excited to watch-poof- down by five runs by the 2nd inning! Disgruntled I turn the game off. Mistake! I missed the comeback game of the season as the Giants win 12 to 11 with home runs by Panic, Vogt &
Longoria. Ouch.
May 5th Giants at Reds first inning SF down by 4 runs. This time I don’t turn it off and sure enough we come back in the 6th SfGs win the game 6 to 5!
Including the game on the 9th vs Rockies -3rd inning 0-7 badguys-helping was Austin with 2 home runs and though a dramatic comeback a loss 11- 12.

Never a boring moment with this SF Giants team! Reminds me of another year when everything my team did was pulled out of a hat…including a WS trophy!
Here’s a list of the Wins by comeback with the addition of an incredible comeback that didn’t quite make it:
4/1/19 @LA down in 5th 0-2 Win 4-2
4/12 vs Rockies down 1-2 in 4th Win in 18 inns! 3-2
4/16 @Nats down 0-1 in 2nd Win 7-3
4/21 @Pitts down 0-2 in 4th Win 3-2
4/21 vs LA Win 3-2
5/3 @Reds down 0-5 in 2nd Win 12-11
5/5 @Reds down 0-4 in 1st Win 6-5
5/7 @Rockies Win 14-4!! Longoria,Williamson,Pillar HRs help
5/9 vs Rockies down 0-7 in 3rd Comeback but loss 11-12
5/12 vs Reds Win 6-5 HRs by Belt & Sandoval

So hold on tight and enjoy some Giants baseball this 2019 season!


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