Bad News and Good News
Bad news first of course so that we smile at the end.
Mike Krukow is suffering from degenerative muscle disease which he announced publicly in 2014.  Now at the age of 64 yrs he’s decided to slow down a bit.

I wish him well and am happy to hear that he won’t be pushing himself too much this season.

Krukow will not travel with the club when they go east for games.  Kruk will miss 45 games which will be the away games east of Denver.

When Mike went to the Giants with the idea of reducing the number of games he would have to work they were accommodating of course. Krukow told the Mercury News that they said “We’ll take what you can give us”.

I can imagine this will be kind of sad for Duane Kuiper as they were the “perfect broadcasting partners” and that 45 games will be different.

But now for the good news!
For all those that were already in  a happy sadness  over Javi’s retirement – you know happy for him because he can retire sad for the end of “Handsome Javi’s” always welcome appearances at the plate.  Javier Lopez along with Jeremy Affeldt will be doing the color covering for Krukow during those 45 away games.
Now that’s something to look forward to!

handsome javi.jpg
Get some rest Kruk!  We love ya!


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