Teddy Doesn’t Do That

Teddy doesn’t root for the Dbacks. Unless… Obviously a baseball fan from birth Teddy loves the game but he’s not so very fond of the LA Dodgers. So tonight Teddy will be squealing his brain out rooting his San Francisco Giants to victory over the Reds. Additionally Teddy will squeal “Beat LA” while the ArizonaContinue reading “Teddy Doesn’t Do That”


I spent this last weekend in San Diego but I didn’t see a San Francisco Giants game. My getaway was just that-a get the heck away from the desert-I went to be with the ocean and that plan went well. Unfortunately my plan to go to the game one of the three days since theContinue reading “NO ROOM AT PETCO FOR THE REGULAR FOLKS”


Pat Venditte of the San Francisco Giants on February 21 2019 in Scottsdale. The Giants have broken the mold in pitchers with the signing of Pat Venditte who is a SHP and the only ambidextrous pitcher in the game today. Since he is unique in MLB I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of himContinue reading “GIANTS BREAK MOLD WITH VENDITTE”


The LAND OF ODD -not YOUR PRISON! “YOU ALWAYS HAD THE POWER TO GO HOME” IN the end of the movie – the WIZARD OF OZ told a crying DOROTHY “You always had the power to leave OZ. You only needed to click the heals of your RUBY RED SLIPPERS together to go home” thisContinue reading “THE DARK SIDE OF ODD”


OUR JOURNEY Through the Land of ODD continues… BRYON REYNOLDS is a SWITCH HITTER and a good one! HIS Freshman year he averaged .338 and slugged .480 – add to that the- DEFENSIVE MAGIC IN THE OUTFIELD! which we need badly, Remember when  it was “Magic Up In There”? SPEED? Well let’s just say stolen basesContinue reading “ARE YOU A GOOD SWITCH OR A BAD SWITCH”


IN SEARCH OF THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS MOJO At great danger to myself I went undercover into enemy territory to find the missing MOJO of my SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS baseball team. After searching in both PADRES AND DODGERS territory I found the stolen MOJO under a pot plant off of SANTA ANA BLVD. SINCE BOTHContinue reading “UNDERCOVER IN THE LAND OF ODD”


I WOULDN’T USE THE WORDS “LOSING STREAK” BUT I HEARD IT BEING BATTED AROUND. TONIGHT CUETO CONTINUES HIS CURSE ON THE ROCKIES! (2-0) has won five consecutive decisions against the Rockies, his last loss to Colorado coming May 25, 2012. LETS GO GIANTS! AND OUR OTHER HERO!   AND THE STORY WAS STORY?!    Continue reading “THE RETURN TO ODD”


I WENT FROM ZERO TO 60…IN…WELL IN 60 YEARS!           It took a full week but I have finally recovered from my 60th Birthday trip to Scottsdale where I turned older with my team and noteworthy others. THAT IS I HAVE Recovered from the fact that I am 60 years old!  StillContinue reading “FROM ZERO TO SIXTY BEFORE THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS”


Bad News and Good News Bad news first of course so that we smile at the end. Mike Krukow is suffering from degenerative muscle disease which he announced publicly in 2014.  Now at the age of 64 yrs he’s decided to slow down a bit. I wish him well and am happy to hear thatContinue reading “THE BAD THE GOOD AND THE KRUKOW”


Some  San Francisco Giants recent happenings: Signing of NICK HUNDLEY free agent CATCHER 1 year 2 million dollars. Trevor Brown will start in Triple A but will have a chance to show his stuff during Spring Training. The franchise felt there was a need for another catcher even though Buster Posey started 122 games lastContinue reading “ADRIANZA STEPS ASIDE & THE RETURN OF THE MOOSE”

Guest Blogger: Denard Span

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:
So Crawford and Belt are handing over their blog to me for a day. Apparently they had to vote on it. Crawford was fine. Belt wasn’t so sure. But he ended up giving 1 percent approval, which he explained made for a 51 percent majority vote. It’s funny the…

Whats Not To Like About Spring? Ask Mamma

Two reasons Mamma  is not in love with pre-season games played during Spring Training.  Don’t get me wrong I love to go watch the boys work out but I usually skip the games and here’s why: 1) They don’t count. They don’t depict the team we will see in April. The outcome of these gamesContinue reading “Whats Not To Like About Spring? Ask Mamma”

Seeing Different Things in the Same Picture

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen (sports or otherwise): After this great game, I converted it into my screen saver. And after looking it at it over and over for a couple of weeks, I’m starting to see different things in this…


May 16th 2015 Sf Giants vs Cinn Reds The RETURN OF THE PREACHER MAN   Hunter Pence all healed up and for me the anticipation of finding out if one man can make a difference when there is obviously “no ‘I’ in team”. So wow, yeah! I mean to say yes, yes one man canContinue reading “THE RETURN OF THE PREACHER MAN”

SF Giants 2014 “The Year In Quotes” Pavlovic

I enjoyed the quotes in this article so much I thought I would re-blog it for those San Francisco Giants fans that may have missed it when Alex published it. Thanks Alex The Year in Quotes: Bumgarner’s cheat code, the Dee Gordon shower, rocks and slingshots, Chubbs and much more Posted on December 26, 2014Continue reading “SF Giants 2014 “The Year In Quotes” Pavlovic”


          MADISON BUMGARNER wow! I know I’m impressed and apparently so are others. Lumping his name in with KOUFAX, GIBSON and…nope that’s it those are the only two MLB pitchers who come close to achieving what Bumgarner has and even those great performances fall short of Bum’s stats. At the youngContinue reading “DON’T BUM ME OUT”


Are the San Francisco Giants getting serious about acquiring Ben Zobrist from Tampa Bay? Well that’s what a very reliable source says and I am excited about the prospect. (see Chris Haft’s blog below)  I am tired of the musical chairs we have had at 2nd base.  Let’s be honest, it’s not working! Sure I wasContinue reading “GIANTS SCOUTS FISHING IN FLORIDA”

Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt

Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt. I “pressed” this post from Brandon Belt from late last month because I enjoyed reading it a second time and thought perhaps others might also. We all miss our awkward and adorable “Adult Giraffe” as he recovers from a broken thumb so it’s nice that he was able to touchContinue reading “Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt”

Going, Going, Gone: An Essay-By Michael Vlastnik

Going, Going, Gone: An Essay. http://mikevlaz.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/going-going-gone-an-essay/   This is an assignment that happens to be on a topic of great passion for me. I felt like sharing it. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. Going, Going, Gone: Barry Bonds, Steroids, and the Love of the Game “The rest of us should spendContinue reading “Going, Going, Gone: An Essay-By Michael Vlastnik”

Huddy: 2014 Reincarnation of Billy Swift?

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
Tim Hudson: he never had an inning where he threw more than 12 pitches. Padres suck? Or Hudson does not? Posey: “I catch that many pitches in 4 or 5 innings sometimes…” It’s only May 1st, but would Hudson win the CY if the season ended today?…

Giants Still Atop The Beanstalk

Last night “THE BEAST” went deep at AT&T Park to secure the defeat of the Cleveland Indians  in the first game of interleague play. HUDSON Once again proves his stuff and The San Francisco Giants beat the Cleveland Indians 5-1 San Francisco Giants Michael Morse homered in the fourth inning adding to the three runsContinue reading “Giants Still Atop The Beanstalk”

Another Day at the Office – Brandon Crawford

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:
I’m still a little damp from Angel dumping the Gatorade cooler on me. I think he got more water on Amy G. than on me. I’ve watched the replay twice already, I’m not going to lie. I’ll go home and probably watch it again. I might keep it on…

Enough with the Pinch Blogging – Brandon Crawford

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:
So Hicks and Hunter fill in for a couple days and suddenly traffic to the blog explodes. What’s that about? Hicks received 38 or so replies to his post, more than twice as many as my last one got! Hunter’s post yesterday got more than 60 replies in the…

This just in- “Bumgarner’’ is Arabic for Brandon.

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:
Hello, everyone. This is Hunter Pence filling in for Brandon Hicks, or Brandon Crawford, or Brandon Belt, whoever’s turn it is supposed to be. I’m filling in because — you probably didn’t know this — Hunter is a nickname for Brandon. My middle name is Andrew, which is Swedish…

Opening Day Festivities

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:
Nobody does the photos better so sit back and re-live SF Giants Opening Day! SF Giants Photos View original post

MY COMMENT on Brandon Belt’s Blog Post- “Alarming First Night”

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I thought spring training was just for my baseball stuff. Apparently it’s spring training for my living arrangements, too. When we got into San Francisco Wednesday night, I drove to the house Haylee and I rented in the East Bay. The lady we’re renting from told me how to…

Hair Club for Men – Brandon Crawford

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:
Jalynne and I are back home. Everything’s fine. We’re hanging out with Braylyn and having a nice quiet day. I’ll take a few minutes for a short post. We have a team meeting most days before practice. Bochy goes over the schedule and stuff like that. It is also…

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Robbed by OAKLAND A’s in Today Opener

Originally posted on Where Everyone's a Giant:
I haven’t had the chance to see all the highlights from today’s game, but let me tell you something: Josh Reddick made some pretty neat catches while climbing the right field fence in Scottsdale to rob Michael Morse of at least six total bases, maybe even eight.…

Tim Lincecum

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
The Giants gave Tim Lincecum 35 million this off season and were derided by many. I wasn’t one of the *deriders*. I happen to think Timmy is going to be very good in ’14/’15. His lost velocity is well documented but you don’t need velocity to pitch…

Another Day in Paradise

Originally posted on @Cafe Blog:
It was Day 2 of the #SFGiants Full Squad workouts here in Scottsdale, AZ.  Not much to report, but some of the highlights include The arrival of Brandon Belt ? https://twitter.com/SFGiants/status/436555267904241664 Live pitching from Matt Cain and Javier Lopez ? https://twitter.com/SFGiants/status/436564574029250560 https://twitter.com/SFGiants/status/436567340944470016 Green Screen fun with Brandon Belt ? https://vine.co/v/MZ27U57ibBb…

Spring Training – A Great Draft

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:
Brandon Crawford (Fourth Round), Buster Posey (First Round) & Roger Kieshnick (Third Round) – March 8, 2009


I am SO excited!! Baseball is back in two (count them) TWO days!! Spring is about to be “sprung” when the only baseball team that matters reports to Scottsdale AZ for spring training workouts.  A preview of what is going to be an epic season for the San Francisco Giants! Pitchers and catchers arrive onContinue reading “SCOTTSDALE IS THE PLACE TO BE THIS SPRING”

Latest Free Agent Rumors

 Around The Foghorn http://aroundthefoghorn.com/ Nov 16th, 2013 at 2:25 pm by Denise Walos MLBTR: Mutual Interest Between Yankees And Javier Lopez http://aroundthefoghorn.com/2013/11/15/mlbtr-mutual-interest-yankees-javier-lopez/ We’ve all been holding our breath the last few weeks to hear news about Javier Lopez and Ryan Vogelsong. But as many of you know, rumors are flying around about Tim Hudson andContinue reading “Latest Free Agent Rumors”

A Giant Thank You to our Fans!

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:
I appreciate the “Thank You’s” from the franchise but I want to thank the San Francisco Giants! I don’t require a trophy every year. What I require is exactly what I got, great baseball, wonderful guys, tons of heart & TORTURE! SF Giants Photos View original post


Chances are I won’t be attending Fan Appreciation Day Sunday and I am mournful.  But I am thankful for what the San Francisco Giants have given to me for the past 55 years!  As a Giants fan I have developed a “never say never” attitude that for me is imperative to survival.  After all thingsContinue reading “I FEEL APPRECIATED BY MY BASEBALL TEAM”

Bee Crazy?

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
Here’s a pic from a fan who snapped this during Brian Wilson’s weird confrontation with Larry Baer after the game last night. Wilson was apparently airing several pent up grievances including wanting his 2012 World Series ring and demanding that the Giants stop using his images in…

Building Future SF Teams–Does the Formula Need to Change?

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
With the Giants winning a rare weekend series and the Dodgers losing one, it got me to thinking, what will Sabean have to do going forward to build a team that can compete year in and year out with the LA Art Dealers. After all, if you…

Torture, Re-Visited

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
Someone mentioned it last night and I agree–there wasn’t any pain felt (by me) after Span made that catch. It was more like a joke that was funny that I didn’t laugh at. Anyway, here are the 3 *hilarious* catches this year that ended with the Giants…

Giants Are About To Make It Two In A Row!

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
These men will lead us to victory. I guarantee it! 1. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B 2. Brandon Crawford (L) SS 3. Brandon Belt (L) 1B 4. Buster Posey (R) C 5. Hunter Pence (R) RF 6. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B 7. Roger Kieschnick (L) LF 8. Gregor…

Cheese & Kieschnick

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:
It was a great time at the ballpark tonight.  The Harlem Globtrotter’s “Cheese” threw out the first pitch and Roger Kieschnick continued the fun by going 2-for-5 with 2 RBI in his Major League debut.


June 30th 2013 Sunday  Having just arrived last night I am back in Northern California where I was born and raised, but just a visit. I can’t stay more than a few weeks so my plan-spend as much time as possible with my son’s the rest at the ocean.  Not rushing off to AT&T to watchContinue reading “BLACK SUNDAY-Mamma Talks Sense To SF GIANTS”

Step Up To The Camera

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:
Greetings Giants fans from your SF Giants Photo Intern, Ally.  Tonight I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, photographing my first game.  I greatly enjoyed capturing every exciting moment, while doing something I love.  Go Giants!

Puking During Puig At Bats

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:
“This guy Puig is gonna be a problem….” –San Dawg I forget when he said that, probably during Puig’s first game up. It was a simple line, yet foreboding, and it gave us fair warning of what was to come…. *This guy Puig* is grinding on my…


  OK WE TAKE ON LA AGAIN TONIGHT, FRESH GAME, FRESH START, STILL GOT SOME ISSUES BUT ONE OF THEM SHOULD NOT BE THE RIVALRY AGAINST THE DODGERS! Let’s concentrate on gettin’ our bats on!  To sum up what our players, who stood along side Dodger players on the field one day after the horribleContinue reading “GET ON THOSE HITTIN’ SHOES”

Quick Hits for June 24, 2013

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:
TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants visit the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first game of this three-game series…LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu (6-3, 2.96) is scheduled to face LHP Madison Bumgarner (7-4, 3.25). HUNTER PENCE… Has hit a team-high 12 home runs…10 of his 12 homers this season have been solo…