“Russian Steelhead Season Looks to Be a Bust… Again”

Well I feel like it is kind of a waste of time updating fishing conditions because of course they SUCK!

But anywhooooo…

Once again the Russian River stayed too high and too muddy for any hope of steelhead fishing and now it is too late!  Even if it were to stop raining right now by the time the river reaches conditions for fishing ,over, bye bye-so long to ANOTHER steelhead season that I was stuck in Sonoma County.  Oh sure I went up and fished the Gualala with my “very special friend” but the first time I forgot my booties and it was too cold to wade without them, second time I was intimidated by all of the other fishermen all around me, (after all I do hook myself from time to time)  third time the river was too high and too fast.  So no luck.

For most northern California rivers steelhead season will be over in 11 days. Wait, are you thinking “I still have time?”

Wrong!  It is supposed to rain next week too!

Of course up north where I used to live and fish-the upper Trinity and Klamath Rivers they will still be fishing for a little while yet.

Additionally the Smith has FINALLY dropped to a “fishable” level.

Other than that you are S.O.L. unless you wish to travel out of “less than sunny California”.

Now for some Good News!

Endangered Coho Salmon Return to Russian River


“Field biologists from the CA Dept of Fish & Game (DFG) are reporting the largest number of coho returning to spawn in Sonoma County Tributaries of the Russian River in more than a decade.”

I find this somewhat encouraging-every little bit helps-but I still find the Russian almost a “non” fishing river at this point. Not that I would ever want to hook a coho salmon, I’ve seen them and they are magnificent and should not be harmed in ANY WAY.

Shoot I love to fish but you need to have priorities!



I find very few fishing reports that are kept up to date however below is an exception. I highly recommend them. USA Fishing

To get a great fishing “Hot Sheet” sent to your email:

USA Fishing 908 Wood Lane Petaluma, Ca 94954

And now for another attempt at GOOD NEWS:


Between Cape Mendocino and Point Sur there will be what is referred to as a “full salmon season” for sports fisherman.

The Ocean salmon season is expected to be decent.

*River seasons have not been set as of this post.

Be sure you are up to speed on all the rules and regulations.

And PLEASE try not to hurt any FISH!


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