Sudden impact all around

In my most recent blog post I mentioned Mychael Urban personally due to his kind response regarding my son’s birthday. Unfortunately the professional information was out of date so correction in direct quote from Mr. Urban
“I no longer write for the Examiner. I write for and for myself at
My apologies, I sit corrected.

Urbs Unchained

Some of my posts here are going to have a singular focus. More often than not, though, multiple subjects will be addressed, and in the name of generating some sense of appeal, I try to find a theme that might connect the various and seemingly disparate musings.

Whether it works or not, hell, I don’t know. Not even sure it matters. If you dig my work, you’ll read what I post. If you don’t, you’ll bash me anonymously online. I know the drill. Perhaps my thematic efforts are an example of my tendency to make things harder that they need to be. Whatever.

That said … “that written” just feels weak … the theme today is reflected in the first two words of the post title. The topics include the response to my soul-baring, butt-nekkid post on Friday, everything Tim Lincecum says and does, Chad Gaudin’s debut as a Giants starter…

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