Thumb Wrestling Contest Determines Name Of New CSN SPORTS SHOW Presenting “YUP! SPORTS TALK LIVE”

It was a fight to the finish between JIM KOZIMOR of CSN BAY AREA and ALEX PAVLOVIC Sports writer for the MERCURY NEWS but as Kozimor’s thumb went down the name of the new series which premiers on June 3rd will be…wait for it… “YUP! SPORTSTALK LIVE”

THE SHOW a collaboration of COMCAST SPORTSNET BAY AREA AND YAHOO!,  “YUP”‘S  name gives credit to Yahoo!SPORTS along with sports writer and new host of the show ALEX PAVLOVIC

OK so I’ve had my fun with that. The truth it was JIM KOZIMOR who successfully wrestled MR. PAVLOVIC’s thumb to the mat.
If you are a stickler for reality please find that information below.

Yesterday was a terrible day for me and I’m fairly certain that other SF Giants fans weren’t doing any happy dances either.
I won’t bother to do any “play by-play” stuff because there are plenty of more qualified writers that have done so, you will find those links below.
As a fan of 56 years I am not all “shaken up” by the struggle the SF Giants are having right now along with that comes the loyalty that keeps me from slamming them when they don’t perform perfectly. I take the good with the bad and keep positive ever rooting them on.

True I didn’t enjoy spending the entire day in my recliner watching my team get pummeled by STL however what really made it a bad day was the experience with people who chose to go out of their way to be unkind to me.

I am not here to whine about that after all this is the “LIGHTER SIDE OF SPORTS”
Today I would like to take the opportunity to mention some of the people involved with the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS who have recently gone out of their way to be kind to me.

DAN FARETTIThank you for all you did for me and Michael! You provided him with a unique one of a kind experience on his birthday!

Behind the scenes most of the time heading security for the Giants while at AT&T you will find him chatting with fans while on the field of Scottsdale Stadium during spring training.
Dan is one of the most charming an personable people I have ever met. From the interactions I have seen between him & fans I don’t seem to be alone in my admiration for this man.

ALEX PAVLOVICThank you for your kind and unexpected willingness to do what you could to make Michael’s day special! I admire you for your accessibility!
On May 21st of this year Alex was at AT&T Park covering the game for “ChronLive”. But still took the time to invite my son to the Press Booth.

Alex PavlovicALEX came to the Mercury News in 2009 and contributed to the Giants beats. He is a 2008 graduate of UC Santa Barbara, where he was the Daily Nexus sports editor and did radio broadcasts for literally dozens of listeners. Alex grew up in Cupertino.

Mr. Pavlovic currently a writer covering bay area sports in the MERCURY NEWS
also does an excellent job with his blog GIANTS EXTRA about the San Francisco Giants MORE BELOW

MYCHAEL URBAN-Another well-known sports writer who was willing to go out of his way to show kindness to me and my son. Thank you so much for your unselfish willingness to contribute your time.

Mychael UrbanMYCHAEL writes for The SF Examiner and is married with two adorable daughters.  MORE BELOW




DANIELLEY-   @bleacher_creech 

A favorite tweeter follower who goes out of her way every day to be kind. Thank you creech 🙂

BOTH ALEX PAVLOVIC AND MYCHAEL URBAN were contributors to a must have book for all SF Giants fans “ONE COMMON GOAL” If you don’t have it you must get it.

By:Mychael Urban | 03/24/13 1:26
Concerns about Pablo Sandoval, Bartolo Colon are justified

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

By Alex Pavlovic
POSTGAME NOTES: The ugly numbers behind a doubleheader sweep(50)


Giants Extra
A blog about the San Francisco Giants

Thursday’s Giants lineup. But more importantly, Hensley Bomb!



Andrew Baggarly
SF Chronicle

Jim Kozimor

7 thoughts on “Thumb Wrestling Contest Determines Name Of New CSN SPORTS SHOW Presenting “YUP! SPORTS TALK LIVE”

  1. omg! my 2 favor ppl in the world!!! lol! love u guys!! Love your work…wonderful to have met u both!!


  2. Im so glad I’ve meet such a positive sfgiants true fan in you. I’m a major stranger danger kind of person and you are so sweet and funny I’d be honored for you to break my..never meet anyone from online cherry. Lol. I feel we were born to cause a bit of trouble together. Love that you write. Love that I can always count on you to cheer the boys on no matter what. you are an inspiration. I’m on a cussing touch screen so forgive my lazy typing. Keep up the great work. I’ll forever laugh about your technical difficulties today. D


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