The LAND OF ODD -not YOUR PRISON! “YOU ALWAYS HAD THE POWER TO GO HOME” IN the end of the movie – the WIZARD OF OZ told a crying DOROTHY “You always had the power to leave OZ. You only needed to click the heals of your RUBY RED SLIPPERS together to go home” thisContinue reading “THE DARK SIDE OF ODD”


I WOULDN’T USE THE WORDS “LOSING STREAK” BUT I HEARD IT BEING BATTED AROUND. TONIGHT CUETO CONTINUES HIS CURSE ON THE ROCKIES! (2-0) has won five consecutive decisions against the Rockies, his last loss to Colorado coming May 25, 2012. LETS GO GIANTS! AND OUR OTHER HERO!   AND THE STORY WAS STORY?!    Continue reading “THE RETURN TO ODD”

Put That Wabbit Back In The Hat

I can’t believe I am saying this… I think I will skip watching the Giants game tonight. I don’t want to see those faces-those faces with the ‘blankityblank’ eating grins on them. It must be the smirkyness of the lips on the faces balanced on those necks draped with all those ridiculous gold chains. IContinue reading “Put That Wabbit Back In The Hat”

Seeing Different Things in the Same Picture

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This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen (sports or otherwise): After this great game, I converted it into my screen saver. And after looking it at it over and over for a couple of weeks, I’m starting to see different things in this…


May 16th 2015 Sf Giants vs Cinn Reds The RETURN OF THE PREACHER MAN   Hunter Pence all healed up and for me the anticipation of finding out if one man can make a difference when there is obviously “no ‘I’ in team”. So wow, yeah! I mean to say yes, yes one man canContinue reading “THE RETURN OF THE PREACHER MAN”


          MADISON BUMGARNER wow! I know I’m impressed and apparently so are others. Lumping his name in with KOUFAX, GIBSON and…nope that’s it those are the only two MLB pitchers who come close to achieving what Bumgarner has and even those great performances fall short of Bum’s stats. At the youngContinue reading “DON’T BUM ME OUT”

San Francisco Giants Wild Ride

What a wild ride we had! I stood my ground with all the doubters, never wavering I  said we were going to bring home another trophy and we did. I also said it “wouldn’t be pretty” and it wasn’t. It was BEAUTIFUL! Now they say we are dying to be a “DYNASTY” means nothing toContinue reading “San Francisco Giants Wild Ride”

A Bucket by the Bed – Brandon Belt

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I was home sick today with a stomach virus. It came on all of a sudden last night and I’ve been sleeping on and off most of the day. Not fun. But I thought I’d get a post out while I can. On Monday a lot of reporters asked me about Barry Bonds…

Spring Training – A Great Draft

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Brandon Crawford (Fourth Round), Buster Posey (First Round) & Roger Kieshnick (Third Round) – March 8, 2009

A Giant Thank You to our Fans!

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I appreciate the “Thank You’s” from the franchise but I want to thank the San Francisco Giants! I don’t require a trophy every year. What I require is exactly what I got, great baseball, wonderful guys, tons of heart & TORTURE! SF Giants Photos View original post

White House Visit

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Today President Obama welcomed the San Francisco Giants to the White House to honor the team and their 2012 World Series Championship…the visit will continued the tradition begun by President Obama of honoring sports teams for their efforts to give back to communities. We have also included all the photos in a…

Step Up To The Camera

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Greetings Giants fans from your SF Giants Photo Intern, Ally.  Tonight I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, photographing my first game.  I greatly enjoyed capturing every exciting moment, while doing something I love.  Go Giants!

Puking During Puig At Bats

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“This guy Puig is gonna be a problem….” –San Dawg I forget when he said that, probably during Puig’s first game up. It was a simple line, yet foreboding, and it gave us fair warning of what was to come…. *This guy Puig* is grinding on my…


  OK WE TAKE ON LA AGAIN TONIGHT, FRESH GAME, FRESH START, STILL GOT SOME ISSUES BUT ONE OF THEM SHOULD NOT BE THE RIVALRY AGAINST THE DODGERS! Let’s concentrate on gettin’ our bats on!  To sum up what our players, who stood along side Dodger players on the field one day after the horribleContinue reading “GET ON THOSE HITTIN’ SHOES”


Today’s home game #26 (17-8) vs the Colorado Rockies That’s right it’s “Timmy Day” Tim Lincecum (3-3, 4.70) will go up against Tyler Chatwood (2-0, 2.55) also a right handed pitcher. THE GIANTS…Have lost six of their last nine games…however,they still enter tonight’s game in a three-way tie for first place in the NL West with ArizonaContinue reading “LET’S BREAK THIS TIE TONIGHT!”


THE SF GIANTS BEAT THE BRAVES tonight by a score of 8-2 behind the pitching of our “Horse” the amazing MATT CAIN! Matty did a bang up job earning him the first effortless win of this season. He looked mahhhhvelous! Matt did more than pitch well; he helped himself out with RBI’s giving usContinue reading “MATT CAIN SCORES A BIG ONE AND SO DOES DADDY”


HEY, we’ve got some HITTERS on our team was there ever any doubt that they would show up?! Tonight’s SF GIANTS game was the third of a series against the AZ Diamondbacks. It was everything a Giants fan could hope for.  Pitching was our beloved TIMMY against AZ’s MCCARTHY  Top of the first ANGEL PAGANContinue reading “AS IF THERE WAS ANY DOUBT”

Another Walk-Off!

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All it took was a single by Andres Torres, a sacrifice bunt from Brandon Crawford and a line drive single by Brandon Belt for the Giants to complete their second walk-off win in three days.


As one of the most positive SF Giants fans that I know of I wasn’t upset about our 10-7 loss to the Brewers last night because we played well and “climbed a mountain” in our attempt at another comeback win. When I woke up today and found out that the Rockies had played a double-headerContinue reading “ANOTHER LOSS TO THE BREWERS MAKES MAMMA SAD”

And They Say Baseball Is Boring

San Francisco Giants Beat Cubbies 3 out of 4 games at Wrigley!! First time since 1999! SF Giant’s come from behind to win 10-7 in 10 innings at Wrigley Field today! Breaking the jinx that has been held by the Chicago Cubs home field since 1999! Good job boys! Couldn’t have been better.  Oops, yesContinue reading “And They Say Baseball Is Boring”

World Baseball Classic at AT&T!

SAN FRANCISCO — This year’s World Baseball Classic ends with an accent on the Giants, since the tournament’s championship rounds will be held at their home field, AT&T Park. Many countries apparently believe that success in the Classic begins with the Giants, too. Teams from six different nations unveiled provisional rosters Thursday that include atContinue reading “World Baseball Classic at AT&T!”

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Overall Got ‘ya Tournament Time! The Giants Win The World Series – What more is there to say? The winners of each week’s tournament will be published in the 2013 Giants Yearbook. Results: Overall  68.29%   Got ‘ya  31.71%