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IN the end of the movie –

the WIZARD OF OZ told a crying DOROTHY

“You always had the power to leave OZ. You only needed to click the heals of your RUBY RED SLIPPERS together to go home” this shut her up and I hope it works again. 


Of course the WIZARD did toy with POOR DOROTHY making her wait until she was very scared and upset before telling her she COULD GO HOME.
I’m doing you’all one better…
I am here to tell you crying complaining babies that


You too can dry your tears for you have the POWER TO get out of this!  Your suffering can end!

You have the REMOTE, Right?
YOU are not TRAPPED here.  Nobody is forcing you to watch any more SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS GAMES.



In my opinion it isn‘t writing when all you are accomplishing day after day is a way to use different words to trash a team and it’s players.  

Poor Crawford

Basically kicking a guy when he’s down.  Not nice.

Poor Brandon

If you call yourself a “fan” and know enough to be hatin’ then

You all should be thanking the SF GIANTS for the THREE WORLD SERIES RINGS they earned you in FIVE YEARS!  

WHAT OTHER FANS can say their baseball team won them THREE WORLD SERIES?!


Watch this Fun video

Me with Timmys 10th K

AS I SEE IT you are spoiled! Of course you want more CHOCOLATE that’s all you’ve ever known is CHOCOLATE! I on the other hand appreciate the CHOCOLATE because it’s not something I am used to having. I enjoy the CHOCOLATE but I certainly don’t EXPECT IT ALL THE TIME!


I don’t get it and I most likely never will-all signs point to the fact that a great deal of the SAN FRANCISCO FANS these days are nothing but fair weather, demanding, heartless, impossible to please, angry, spoiled entitled people.

What is the difference between them and fans from yor like me who had no WORLD SERIES under my belt to earn my loyalty?


I know they are losing.  I watch and I know so I don’t need a suckage update from you.

You all act like somebody forced you to be a SFG FAN.  I fully expect to find out that 99% of you pottie mouths are actually bound and gagged in your living rooms being forced to watch these wonderful men stink up the league.

It didn’t used to be that way.

2002 World Series?! 


DAMN WE HAD FUN! EXCITED, pumped up-pulling for a team that had come close, but failed to go all the way YEAR AFTER YEAR.  But we didn’t win and still there was the love!


I remember the FIRST PARADE in 2010! I was overwhelmed at being in the midst of thousands of other SFG FANS because they were (and most are) the MOST WONDERFUL PEOPLE! WHAT A BLAST THAT WAS!  as in 2012 and 2014.

I choose to continue to love and root for my team even though I recognize the struggle.  I think of it as “our” struggle-some of you think of it as “YOUR” STRUGGLE!
I look forward all year long for BASEBALL SEASON-I want to enjoy it and you are bringing me down!







(2-0) has won five consecutive decisions against the Rockies, his last loss to Colorado coming May 25, 2012.





CINCINNATI, OH – APRIL 18: Trevor Story #27 of the Colorado Rockies reacts after hitting a solo home run against the Cincinnati Reds in the eighth inning of the game at Great American Ball Park on April 18, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Rockies defeated the Reds 5-1. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)











Put That Wabbit Back In The Hat

I can’t believe I am saying this…

I think I will skip watching the Giants game tonight.

I don’t want to see those faces-those faces with the ‘blankityblank’ eating grins on them. It must be the smirkyness of the lips on the faces balanced on those necks draped with all those ridiculous gold chains.

I just don’t think I can stand watching my team lose to the Dodgers again.644021_380486438747778_372060855_n
Wow now that I’ve put it down in front of me it is even more wimpy and makes me sound like some sort of “fake fan”. These are not what are referred to as “band-wagoners” who just decided to become SF Giants fans in 2010. The “fake fan” simply does not have a clue to what being a “fan” means. If you are a true fan it’s your team through thick and thin.
In some cases your entire lifetime sees you rooting and following one specific team until you become a “hard core” fan.
When you call yourself a “fan” that doesn’t reflect an “on again off again” relationship. In that case you wouldn’t call yourself a “fan”.  A “real” fan doesn’t start ripping on their team if they don’t have a good game and certainly would not single out a player for ridicule or bashing. If a player on your team screws up, he screws up and you can be pissed about it however you can’t take your love away.

I never called my kids “bad” never said “bad boy” because if you call a boy bad he may turn out to be bad. Same principle- you don’t tell a player he is in a “slump” because that makes it real it gets in his head and surprise- you have a slump!
I guess I don’t understand the “fans” that demand a win every game from their team.  Not in my house.
One thing I have learned from my fifty plus years as a SF Giants fan is every player has his good days, weeks, seasons and his bad days weeks seasons. Not one single pro is above it at one time or another they have all had dry spells. “Even Buster Posey strikes out sometimes” I’ve said this and “even Barry Bonds strikes out” to my boys at one time to encourage them.

I still feel like an imbecile saying things to my kid that I thought were encouraging such as, “throw strikes Gator,” or the equally ridiculous “get a hit now, Gator”.  Uggghhhh the memory of my son’s face, my switch hitting, shortstop/pitcher who fielded like a dream and pitched with (what the PD hailed as)the “best curve ball in Sonoma County”, as he reminded me not too kindly “Mom! Duh…what do you think I am trying to do?!”

My son’s, the youngest in particular, take their baseball very seriously and game days came complete with new faces-“game faces”.  Intense!

This always confused the heck out of Mamma!     “What did I do to piss you off this time?” faces.  “What do you mean I can’t talk smile or breathe on you during the game?!” 

When my boys were upset because of how they played or how they thought they played-I felt horrible for them.

I just wanted to make them feel better and be OK with themselves knowing that they were still the exceptional player and person they were before that strikeout or error. I love them and hate to see them unhappy same goes for Angel, every Brandon, Buster, the many Matts, Nori, the Hunters, Javi, Jake, Madison, Gregor-all of my SF Giants.

Unless of course that player wears a Dodger blue uniform than I don’t think they feel bad about anything.

I don’t think all guys that play for LA are the walking punch line that Puig is but they are all big blobs of Dodger Blue. I don’t like that shade of blue.
baby brandonI am well aware of the fact that as bad as I may feel nobody feels worse then the player himself.
After all it’s not like he went out there with the intention of performing poorly he wanted to do well, hell he wanted to do great! Being the hero that bangs the walk off HR into the bay or makes the game saving catch has got to be awesome and it doesn’t get old, ever.

I know it’s not the first time I have bragged about being the “oldest SF Giants fan” donning my first Giants cap at the age of 1 yr. Fan since 1958-there are those who have been fans as long but none longer.

San Francisco Giants' Matt Duffy celebrates after scoring in the dugout on a double by Marlon Byrd during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles, Monday, Aug. 31, 2015. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

It was a lot of tough years as a Giants fan leading up to the current situation in which we
have blown the minds and records of every other team in the world to become a “Dynasty”. We didn’t win all the time and even though we came damn close frustration was a Giants fans middle name. I had to wait 54 long years before we won a World Series.

I am extremely grateful that 2010 guaranteed that I won’t have to die without seeing my team with a trophy the other two are just bonus’.

Don’t get me wrong there have been guys that I did not and still do not “feel”. I don’t mean “touchie feelie” feel but in my heart they were just not Giants. This doesn’t happen often but there have been a couple of guys that I just never warmed up to. Obviously they were at fault somewhere along the way because my nature is to love all including all SF Giants. 🙂

Still I never call a player “bad” if he is a member of the club no matter how badly his performance is and I would never say that my team is “bad”! If I were to feel and say that I thought the San Francisco Giants were a “bad team” then I sure as hell wouldn’t call myself a “fan”. Makes no sense if I think a team is bad then I am not a fan.
If I don’t like beans I could say “I am not a fan of beans” I couldn’t say “I hate beans, they are bad but I’m a fan so I better eat them and gag puke and cry about it”.

Nope if you think the Giants are not a good team (yes its ok to think some of their players are not so good) then you sure as hell are not a fan so go find another team!

Which leads me to the essence of this blog and the part in which I sound well…hypocritical . As I said previously: You win some you lose some, you hit some you miss some, you catch some you drop some. No one can be perfect all the time then you would be…well…perfect.

I don’t mind losing but I DO mind losing to the stinking DODGERS! I have been heard to say that ‘I don’t care if we lose every other game all season long as long as we beat the Dodgers every time we face them.’ That isn’t true but very close, I can’t handle losing to LA.
This is already to lengthy so I won’t go into the horrors I have lived through as far as this rivalry goes but suffice it to say I don’t want to lose to those guys!
Last night and the night before were not good for me and last night seems to have left me in quite a bear of a mood today. I have been a bitch all day and I am certain it has to do with baseball.

Ouch won’t do that again at least not tonight.

I would find no pleasure in watching those smirking, smug faces as they falsely allow themselves to believe they can compete with us. I don’t care who you are or how much your family loves you if you wear a LA Dodgers uniform you are filth to me (in baseball). It’s in my blood, I was raised to hate the Dodgers, actually LA in general.   This isn’t personal, it is baseball hate and doesn’t extend to the actual person or their soul.    Still it is strong and never ending.

The thing I love most about being a San Francisco Giants fan is the “strange magic” the ability of the team to do the impossible. The unprecedented comebacks and the sheer magic of doing what every “expert” said you couldn’t. I find that pretty satisfying.

This said why wouldn’t I go into tonight’s game fired up with that ammo feeling like I normally do-that we can do anything! Including beating this sub-par inferior team from Southern California which is the sub-par inferior part of Californiaclowning for the dodgers.

Why? Because I don’t know who the clown will be tonight.

I feel kind of sick about the last two nights loses.  I mean really!  Players coming out of coma’s getting home-run’s while high as a kite saying stuff like

“I just got lost in the moment.” — Pederson, on his home run sprint around the bases.ARE YOU KIDDING ME?grienke

Umpires who were obviously awol from Anger Management Class.  Bochy calmly arguing a call while the ump goes ballistic!  Asinine Dodger players flustering the un-fluster able Madison Bumgarner.


It was nice to see Huddy back but wasted on this game.

 Don’t feel like laughing with or at them when they manage to pull some “wabbit” out of a hat and somehow wind up beating the best team in baseball.

My bones don’t tell me it won’t be more of the same tonight. I will have to consult Andrea astrologer to the Giants to see if the planets are misaligned allowing for this travesty.

I have to say that LA team pisses me off! The umpires pissed me off, even got pissed at Bochy and that almost never happens.

I can honestly say that in 57 years I have never before intentionally missed a game. Saying “I ain’t watching” tonight’s game is unrealistically unusual and unlike me. After all missing a Giants/Dodger game doesn’t even make sense! But I am feeling kind of vulnerable and beat-up after last night and don’t want to put myself through it again tonight.

Naturally I will be upset if I miss a win and I do like watching Kershaw pitch just because…but no not gonna do it. And all in all I think that makes me more of a fan than somebody who is going to watch and then crash bash and trash our coach our players or our team if they don’t win.     Oops- Gotta go, Game Time!

Go Giants Beat LA damn it Beat LA!!

Seeing Different Things in the Same Picture

Stumbled upon this blog post by “the Flav” and decided to re-blog it because with a team such as The World Champion San Francisco Giants these moments never get old! Wish we hadn’t lost Scoots to that injury but still worth looking back on. Miss Andres and Marco wishing you guys the best.

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen (sports or otherwise):


After this great game, I converted it into my screen saver. And after looking it at it over and over for a couple of weeks, I’m starting to see different things in this photo.

For instance, Pagan is no longer celebrating his epic bomb, now he’s screaming, “Ow!!!!! WTF just happened to my hamstring?!?!?!!?”.

The look on Torres face is priceless. It’s a combination of shock and unbridled joy.  But now I’m imagining that being the look he gets whenever he sees one of those strange, white sphere’s come hurtling at him in left field. “WTF is that?!?!?!?!” he screams….

And while we see Scoots emphatically pointing at Pagan and saying something to the effect of “You da man!” we now know that he was practicing the position one of his fingers would soon have to…

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the many faces of HP 2May 16th 2015

Sf Giants vs Cinn Reds



the many faces of HP 5

Hunter Pence all healed up and for me the anticipation of finding out if one man can make a difference when there is obviously “no ‘I’ in team”.

So wow, yeah! I mean to say yes, yes one man can make a difference.

That is if that one man is Hunter Pence.

The first thing I noticed, this was before the first pitch was even thrown, was the ear to ear grin that Buster Posey  was sportin’.  Very appealing this glimpse of the beautiful talented boy catcher loose and happy playing around with his friends out on the baseball field.

The display was even more “Nubian goats in spring”ish then the displays I have seen on the green grass of Scottsdale Stadium past springs.  The boys came out of the dugout looking and acting like the undefeated HS team showing off for the cheerleaders.
Smiles and gestures of a happy group of ball players without a care in the world.

Next it got even more intense. The boys were without a doubt getting more and more “Pumped Up”!! Taking up the chants handshakes butt slaps of a team that had ‘no worries’!  No stress here just good natured “We Got This” behavior.

I was still nervous just praying that Hunter would do well this big return game. I didn’t want to see him unhappy.
the many faces of Hunter Pence 1

Well if you saw the game-and I hope you did-this  fine example of “Wonder-ball”-then you are smiling already, for you too know that

one man, one preacher man, one wiry intense exceptional man can most certainly make a difference.

Go here for recaps.

In Pence’s return, Crawford leads Giants to romp


Giants slam Reds, win 11-2, have a healthy Hunter Pence

Welcome home Hunter! Stay healthy and happy!

Lets Go Champs! Let’s Go Giants!


bums game best ever1







I know I’m impressed and apparently so are others. Lumping his name in with KOUFAX, GIBSON and…nope that’s it those are the only two MLB pitchers who come close to achieving what Bumgarner has and even those great performances fall short of Bum’s stats.

At the young age of 25 he has pitched in three World Series and coming out of this last jaw dropping victory he held the best record in three categories. This would be an accomplishment on any stage but we are talking the “big stage” the biggest for a baseball player.

I have the strongest unconditional love for my SF Giants and an equally unreasonable strong faith in the “magic” they have found since 2010. However I’m not blind and it’s clear that without Madison Bumgarner we would not have that third trophy. He was the the difference and he should know it.

SANDY KOUFAX was before my time and believe me I can’t say that about many things these days. I have always been a  SF Giants fan and Koufax compiled his 4-3 career World Series record playing for the Dodgers so I can’t get too excited for him. He thrilled others in 1965 with an ERA of .38 Bumgarner had the lowest single series ERA since that day in 2014 .43

BOB GIBSON famous for a game in which he had 17 strike outs adding up to a 7-2 record with 1.89 ERA and 89 WHIP
BUMGARNER pitched three WS and holds the record for career Fall Classic ERA WHIP (.53) and H/9 pitched (3.5) among pitchers with at 20 or more innings pitched.

Madison gets his fourth win at this early time in his life, 5 plus years ahead of Koufax and Gibson.

BUMGARNER hasn’t lost!
He is a winner and the statistics prove it.

To quote Gregor Blanco “He’s not human” and obviously this is true as it is often said “to err is human” and this guy just doesn’t know how to “err”

This man of the simple country life isn’t going to let all this hype change him. At least I hope not because this is a baseball player that is and will be from this day forward a true
and thanks to that farm boy confident swagger the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS are some place no other team has been.

DYNASTY? I guess that’s what we can officially call the San Francisco Giants  but in my opinion that word doesn’t even touch this amazing team. Start looking for a new word to describe the performance and accomplishment of my team.

buster hug for madison

What will always make these three trophy’s special is that we won them against all odds and while the experts said we couldn’t.

So who’s the expert now? 🙂


San Francisco Giants Wild Ride

What a wild ride we had! I stood my ground with all the doubters, never wavering I  said we were going to bring home another trophy and we did.

I also said it “wouldn’t be pretty” and it wasn’t. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Now they say we are dying to be a “DYNASTY” means nothing to me.  This is the Greatest Baseball Team Ever! Bar None!

Three World Series Wins! And they said it couldn’t be done. Well it’s DONE!


Some of my favorite moments from this season:

Amy G to Belt after Giants clinch wild card:
Amy: You’re going to go celebrate with the baby right?

Brandon Belt: Yup, pour some champagne on it.

The Magic Starts! Giants win Wild Card!

giants win wildcard








Morse with his total absence of “Game Face” was trying out a different look last night but couldn’t hold out for long!

game face

morse hits winning run







Peavy losing it while a calm Lincecum tries not to notice.

Peavy panics while timmy stays cool








Let’s not forget Timmy’s 2nd No-Hitter! June 25 2014

Just for fun! Bad Lip Reading With Will Clark

PANDA CELEBRATES WITH PANDA HEADS-Pay him what he’s asking he can’t be replaced!


















Ruined by a few unruly fans and some inappropriate Policemen with weapons!

police out of control







Obviously these Officers didn’t see the “Disclaimer Notice”



A Bucket by the Bed – Brandon Belt

Brandon Belt with what you need to know. And that’s what’s happening!

Belt 22014

Brandon and Brandon

I was home sick today with a stomach virus. It came on all of a sudden last night and I’ve been sleeping on and off most of the day. Not fun. But I thought I’d get a post out while I can.

On Monday a lot of reporters asked me about Barry Bonds because I guess he mentioned me by name at his press conference. I haven’t talked to him yet. I just introduced myself at the batting cage. I’m shy by nature so I’m not going to go up to him and start asking questions right away. I listened to him talk to other guys during BP and picked up a few things. Nothing too specific.

But I’ll definitely talk to him. You’re always figuring out some kinks during spring training, so that’s what I’d want to talk to him about. And I’d like to talk to him about how he minimized the down times so you get out of them…

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Spring Training – A Great Draft

SF Giants Photos

sf giants, 2009 draft, photo Brandon Crawford (Fourth Round), Buster Posey (First Round) & Roger Kieshnick (Third Round) – March 8, 2009

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A Giant Thank You to our Fans!

I appreciate the “Thank You’s” from the franchise but I want to thank the San Francisco Giants! I don’t require a trophy every year. What I require is exactly what I got, great baseball, wonderful guys, tons of heart & TORTURE!

SF Giants Photos

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White House Visit

SLIDESHOWS of SF GIANTS photos every day?! Life is good!!

SF Giants Photos

Today President Obama welcomed the San Francisco Giants to the White House to honor the team and their 2012 World Series Championship…the visit will continued the tradition begun by President Obama of honoring sports teams for their efforts to give back to communities.

We have also included all the photos in a slideshow:

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Step Up To The Camera

Ally did an excellent job making a not so pretty game look very attractive! Now let’s hope We can go “BIG COUNTRY” all over some Cubbies behinds tonight!! LETS GO GIANTS Always BELIEVE!

SF Giants Photos

Greetings Giants fans from your SF Giants Photo Intern, Ally.  Tonight I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, photographing my first game.  I greatly enjoyed capturing every exciting moment, while doing something I love.  Go Giants!

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Puking During Puig At Bats

Although this may seem in direct conflict to my last post, as I said it’s a “rivalry” an on the field rivalry. I find this blog amusing and I think it mirror’s my thoughts on the past 2 games rather closely. Enjoy!

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

“This guy Puig is gonna be a problem….” –San Dawg

I forget when he said that, probably during Puig’s first game up. It was a simple line, yet foreboding, and it gave us fair warning of what was to come….

*This guy Puig* is grinding on my patience. It’s not just the constant media jack off session that bothers me although that’s part of it. I thought it was complete BS that he was throwing sucker haymakers in the brawl with AZ and managed to get exactly zero days of suspension. Calls for him to be named to the all star game, after 60 at bats, was definitely irksome. And while I’m not doubting his talent for a moment, I was looking forward to Bumgarner knocking him down a few *puigs* in the game last night. So it was quite easy for me to go quickly and loudly into a…

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To sum up what our players, who stood along side Dodger players on the field one day after the horrible incident that resulted in the beating of Brian Stow, “This is a baseball rivalry, on field rivalry, it ends there.  After the game, off the field we are friends.”

We need to remember this.

Yes, BEAT LA! Beat them badly!

But on the field. Those people we call the “STINKING DODGERS” & THE STINKING DODGER FANS” well, darn it, they are people to!

Even when we haven’t been facing the Dodger’s the negativity from Giants “fans” has been overwhelming. It’s so bad on Twitter that I pray for the day these negative fair weather fans will jump or be pushed off the ban wagon and once again the SF Giants can brag about the tremendous fan base they have!  A team that doesn’t have to “freak out” because of fan negativity voice after every less than perfect performance, is going to be a more relaxed, happy, productive team. Lighten up people, this is our team!

In case you think this opinion is all mine, below from a seasoned SF Giants fan & real person, I share her thoughts;

“Hi there! I just had to talk to you via email…I hope that’s ok. Last night twitter was filled with so much negativity! And I’m no prude, but so many vulgar comments were made. I just was disgusted & I felt like it took away the enjoyment of watching the game for me. One of my best friends is a diehard Dodger fan & we’ve had a lot of good chats throughout last year & this… but all done in fun with consideration for each other. Maybe that’s what’s missing on Twitter. Since it’s such a public forum, and very few of us really know each other, that respect and consideration is missing. I don’t know…maybe I’m just too old for this kind of mindless chatter! I do enjoy talking to a lot of people, you of course, but some just seem to cross the line. So I’m thinking tonight I’ll just watch the game & chat with my Dodger friend, who calls her beloved team the “Cellar Dwellers!” Any thoughts? I value your opinion! 🙂

The SF Giants  are about to EXPLODE! Enjoy it every moment of it! After all it’s GIANTS BASEBALL! And there is nothing better! 

matt cains perfect game


Today’s home game #26 (17-8) vs the Colorado Rockies

That’s right it’s “Timmy Day”

Tim Lincecum (3-3, 4.70) will go up against Tyler Chatwood (2-0, 2.55) also a right handed pitcher.

THE GIANTS...Have lost six of their last nine games…however,they still enter tonight’s game in a three-way tie for first place in the NL West with Arizona and Colorado.

Giants have gone 10-2 at home this season vs NL West teams and have swept 3 or their 4 series.

Even though Scutaro’s 19 game hit streak came to an end Wed. his streak was the longest hitting streak in the Majors so far this
season. Good job Marco!


One streak that hasn’t ended for Scutaro is against Colorado, he has hit in every one of his last 15 games against the Rockies since
he left that team to become a Giant.
Nice for him to do so well against his former team who I am assuming would love to have him back. Keep it up tonight Marco your bat
may be the one that is the factor in us taking game one of this three game series.








Timmy Leroy Lincecum
Born on June 15 1984 he made his Major League debut may 6, 2007

In that same year a the age of 24 years old he became the youngest Cy Young winner in either league, since Roger Clemens was 24 in 1986.

Lincecum also became 13th pitcher to win honor with team having sub .500 record.

Only three pitchers had as many strikeout in their sophomore season as Timmy

Lincecum is Giants franchise record holder for number of games pitched with 10-or-more strikeouts (32)
Unfortunatly in 2012 he had just one double-digit strikeout game.

And the most important “SUPPORT TIMMY” stat tonight

Tim earned his 1st Major League victory May 11 in Colorado, defeating Rockies 8-3.

SFG have gone 11-4 in Timmy’s last 15 outings. The Giants 6-3 record behind Lincecum’s start this season BEST among any of our other

Tim is 65-7 with run support of 3 or more so our bats know what they have to do tonight!

Speaking our our BATS

SF GIANTS offense goes into the game tonight LEADING the NL with a .272 average.

SF Giants have errors galore! 14 in their past nine games and now with 18 in the past 15 which lead to the unhappy and surprising
stat: 35 errors have tied us for the 3rd most in the league! Screwing up just slightly less than the Cubbies & the Nats.




THE SF GIANTS BEAT THE BRAVES tonight by a score of 8-2 behind the pitching of our “Horse” the amazing MATT CAIN!

Matty did a bang up job earning him the first effortless win of this season. He looked mahhhhvelous!


Matt did more than pitch well; he helped himself out with RBI’s giving us all back the faith in our “veteran” that may have wavered a bit recently. With only one previous win this season it’s been an unusual start for “THE PITCHER” of our team.

Matt did pitch games that he either “deserved” to win or won out-right had won until a “reliever” screwed it up for him. But that’s then and tonight’s tonight!!

This tweeter follower and fellow SF Giants fan puts it well:


Damn proud of Cain. Limiting an offensively potent team like the Braves to two runs is great! Way to go! #RallyHorse

For complete game recap please go to www.sfgiants.com

And now for the fishing report:


A missing fisherman’s body was found yesterday off the east end of Metri Lake, Yuma AZ yesterday by divers who had been searching for days.

The California man’s submerged boat and abandon pick-up truck had been found earlier this week after friends reported him missing almost a week ago. The police and divers have been searching the lake for days for the missing man.

This was tragic and the first death of a fisherman on this quite lake that anyone can remember. Metri Lake is where I was first introduced to Largemouth Bass fishing and since it’s a short drive from my house I fish there often.

Even though dad and I had talked about going out today, I was not anxious to go out until the body was found so I was relieved last night, as I’m sure the man’s family was, when he was found.

Last spring a month or so before I attended the fateful opening series in Phoenix where I watched my beloved SF Giants get swept by the AZ D-Backs, I cracked my ankle after rescuing a man from drowning in this same lake. As we were headed back to the dock that day I noticed a man floating in the lake while holding his arm, up much as if he was skiing and was waiting for the boat to circle. He was not skiing, in fact nobody skis on Metri Lake, I don’t even think it is allowed.

This guy had a rope in his hand which was attached to his totally submerged flat bottom aluminum boat and he was struggling to stay above water. I put daddy behind the wheel of the boat and went to the back to try to help the guy in the boat. Well, this guy was big! And exhausted, and couldn’t pull himself into the boat. Well with the adrenaline I am assuming that those mom’s get when they lift the car off of their babies, I reached over the edge of our boat, grabbed this very large man by his belt and heaved him into the boat.

Long story short we towed him and his boat to shore and even though I think he was still in shock dad and I went home with quite the experience under our belts.

Any whooo…I was a bit worried that given our history we would be the unfortunate fisher persons to find the body of the poor soul. Thankfully not, but Daddy did catch a fish that could have swallowed us both whole!! Whopper!

Over 6 lbs and 23 inches long with the biggest mouth I have ever seen on a fish, this beauty was caught this morning before 9 am on a “drop shot”- tequila-sunrise worm with a chartreuse tipped tail.


HEY, we’ve got some HITTERS on our team was there ever any doubt that they would show up?!

Tonight’s SF GIANTS game was the third of a series against the AZ Diamondbacks.

It was everything a Giants fan could hope for.

 Pitching was our beloved TIMMY against AZ’s MCCARTHY Lincecum short hair past

Top of the first ANGEL PAGAN leads off and hits it high, hits it deep, hits it long! It’s…It’s…PAGAN!

I couldn’t have asked for a better start than that.

As always, first blood always tastes so good. Yum

The hitting by the Giants got even better making this game the best so far in this early season.

*Just my opinion.

*Hunter Pence with a double (2nd inning) and a HOMERUN (6th inning)

*Pagan leads off with a double followed by CRAWFORD with a triple (5th inning)

Brandon BELT surprises nobody (8th inning) Noonan on 2nd, Blanco on 1st ,two outs HOMERUN!

Top 1st

Pagan lead off with HR!

Angel is an angel!
Angel is an angel!

Score=1-0 good guys


Pennington HR L

Score=1-3 bad guys


Ho hum


BLANCO double

PAGAN RBI double

2-4 us!



Score=3-4 good guys

bottom 5th


Score=3-5 bad guys



hunter pence 22213

Score=4-5 bad guys



Score=4-5 bad guys



Brandon Belt

Score=7-6 good guy


Pagan on 1st, Crawford walks

PABLO RBI double

baby pablo sept 2012

Score=9-6 good guys

Bottom 9th

SERGIO in to save

Commercial shoots at AT&T Park on Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

1 out


ROMO hurt on play to first?!!! He’s OK!

*Kruk & Kuip “I’ve never seen Bochy move that fast”.

Two guys on base and I’m getting nervous, more from excitement than fear. I can feel the SWEEP.  POLLOCK – Strike out!!


Final Score=9-6 Good guys! Rephrase that “Best guys”






Another Walk-Off!

belt at workouts 2212013Was pulling so hard for Baby G!!! Couldn’t be happier. Well I guess if MLB.TV hadn’t blacked out the game here in hell/Yuma that would have made me a little happier. But listening to KNBR was a rare treat for me and the game was everything I live for-Sweet Sweet Torture!

SF Giants Photos

All it took was a single by Andres Torres, a sacrifice bunt from Brandon Crawford and a line drive single by Brandon Belt for the Giants to complete their second walk-off win in three days.

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As one of the most positive SF Giants fans that I know of I wasn’t upset about our 10-7 loss to the Brewers last night because we played well and “climbed a mountain” in our attempt at another comeback win.

When I woke up today and found out that the Rockies had played a double-header against the Mets to put us a game behind them for 1st in the  NL West, I went into a tizzy!

I could go on and on about how I feel about them even having that rare opportunity but I’ve already worn myself out ranting about it!

Tonight we suffered another loss to the Mets 4-3 but they won’t get us tomorrow! I BELIEVE!

SFGiants.com  supply the details:
Hunter Pence tied the game with a two-run single in the sixth, but Brandon Crawford’s throwing error set up the winning run in the ninth.

vogelsong 4172013

To help San Francisco Giants fans remember the best of every game I count on the Blog below.  They supply the pictures I am unable to take of every game and never say or do anything negative which I feel is mandatory! Thanks again 

Scenes From The Ballpark


Sometimes the best photos are the moments between the moments. SF 3 – MIL 4


Complete game notes




And They Say Baseball Is Boring

San Francisco Giants Beat Cubbies 3 out of 4 games at Wrigley!!

First time since 1999!

SF Giant’s come from behind to win 10-7 in 10 innings at Wrigley Field today!

Breaking the jinx that has been held by the Chicago Cubs home field since 1999!

Good job boys! Couldn’t have been better.  Oops, yes it could. Tim Lincecum could have got the win I felt that he deserved.  I love Jeremy Affeldt as I do all the players on this World Championship team but he didn’t help in this aspect.

Hunter Pence came though big time by hitting the home run we needed to tie the game 7-7 in the ninth! This really was what bumped us over to the win. Combine that with Buster Posey’s performance in the 10th and we have the magic we have grown to know and love!

Hunter 482013

04-14-1320at20chi20-20notes (1) For complete notes.


And the wrap…

Giants break Camp, hit road


crawford & pagan

World Baseball Classic at AT&T!


SAN FRANCISCO — This year’s World Baseball Classic ends with an accent on the Giants, since the tournament’s championship rounds will be held at their home field, AT&T Park.

Many countries apparently believe that success in the Classic begins with the Giants, too.

Teams from six different nations unveiled provisional rosters Thursday that include at least one player from the Giants organization. The opportunists weren’t shy about which players they sought from last year’s World Series winners, either.



photos courtesy of


SF Giants Photos

I love the fact that we die hard SFGiants fans get to be a part of putting this 2013 Giants Yearbook together. I enjoyed voting for my favorite pictures and anxiously await my copy of the completed edition!

SF Giants Photos

Tournament Time!

The Giants Win The World Series – What more is there to say?

The winners of each week’s tournament will be published in the 2013 Giants Yearbook.


Overall  68.29%
Got ‘ya  31.71%

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