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I (baseball) HATE THE DODGERS!


It was really easy when LASORDA was in the picture.

HOWEVER even way back when ridiculing the Brooklyn Dodgers would also have provided some fun.

The DODGERS  found Charles Ebbets, their president and owner behind the booth where he was selling tickets. 26 years later he died on the morning of Opening Day April 18, 1925 so he didn’t make it to the game however in his honer the Dodgers lost to the Giants 7-0.

Another memorable moment that never gets old:

June 4, 1976

During this game Dave Kingman hit three home runs to beat the Dodgers. Kingman had 2 of these 3 HR games against LA, this was the first.
When asked what he thought about Kingman’s performance Tommy Lasorda had this historic response:

Reporter: Can you give us just a few basic comments about your feelings on the game?

Lasorda: Well, naturally I feel bad about losing a ball game like that, there’s no way you should lose that ball game. An’, it, uh, just doesn’t make sense.

R: What’s your opinion of Kingman’s performance?

TL: What’s my opinion of Kingman’s performance!? What the BLEEP do you think is my opinion of it? I think it was BLEEPING BLEEP. Put that in, I don’t BLEEP. Opinion of his performance!!? BLEEP, he beat us with three BLEEPING home runs! What the BLEEP do you mean, “What is my opinion of his performance?” How could you ask me a question like that, “What is my opinion of his performance?” BLEEP, he hit three home runs! BLEEP. I’m BLEEPING pissed off to lose that BLEEPING game. And you ask me my opinion of his performance! BLEEP. That’s a tough question to ask me, isn’t it? “What is my opinion of his performance?”

R: Yes, it is. I asked it, and you gave me an answer…

TL: Well, I didn’t give you a good answer because I’m mad, but I mean…

R: Well, is wasn’t a good question…

TL: That’s a tough question to ask me right now, “What is my opinion of his performance.” I mean, you want me to tell you what my opinion of his performance is…

R: You just did…

TL: That’s right. BLEEP. Guy hits three home runs against us. BLEEP.



Great off-field moments in Dodger history




the many faces of HP 2May 16th 2015

Sf Giants vs Cinn Reds



the many faces of HP 5

Hunter Pence all healed up and for me the anticipation of finding out if one man can make a difference when there is obviously “no ‘I’ in team”.

So wow, yeah! I mean to say yes, yes one man can make a difference.

That is if that one man is Hunter Pence.

The first thing I noticed, this was before the first pitch was even thrown, was the ear to ear grin that Buster Posey  was sportin’.  Very appealing this glimpse of the beautiful talented boy catcher loose and happy playing around with his friends out on the baseball field.

The display was even more “Nubian goats in spring”ish then the displays I have seen on the green grass of Scottsdale Stadium past springs.  The boys came out of the dugout looking and acting like the undefeated HS team showing off for the cheerleaders.
Smiles and gestures of a happy group of ball players without a care in the world.

Next it got even more intense. The boys were without a doubt getting more and more “Pumped Up”!! Taking up the chants handshakes butt slaps of a team that had ‘no worries’!  No stress here just good natured “We Got This” behavior.

I was still nervous just praying that Hunter would do well this big return game. I didn’t want to see him unhappy.
the many faces of Hunter Pence 1

Well if you saw the game-and I hope you did-this  fine example of “Wonder-ball”-then you are smiling already, for you too know that

one man, one preacher man, one wiry intense exceptional man can most certainly make a difference.

Go here for recaps.

In Pence’s return, Crawford leads Giants to romp


Giants slam Reds, win 11-2, have a healthy Hunter Pence

Welcome home Hunter! Stay healthy and happy!

Lets Go Champs! Let’s Go Giants!

San Francisco Giants Wild Ride

What a wild ride we had! I stood my ground with all the doubters, never wavering I  said we were going to bring home another trophy and we did.

I also said it “wouldn’t be pretty” and it wasn’t. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Now they say we are dying to be a “DYNASTY” means nothing to me.  This is the Greatest Baseball Team Ever! Bar None!

Three World Series Wins! And they said it couldn’t be done. Well it’s DONE!


Some of my favorite moments from this season:

Amy G to Belt after Giants clinch wild card:
Amy: You’re going to go celebrate with the baby right?

Brandon Belt: Yup, pour some champagne on it.

The Magic Starts! Giants win Wild Card!

giants win wildcard








Morse with his total absence of “Game Face” was trying out a different look last night but couldn’t hold out for long!

game face

morse hits winning run







Peavy losing it while a calm Lincecum tries not to notice.

Peavy panics while timmy stays cool








Let’s not forget Timmy’s 2nd No-Hitter! June 25 2014

Just for fun! Bad Lip Reading With Will Clark

PANDA CELEBRATES WITH PANDA HEADS-Pay him what he’s asking he can’t be replaced!


















Ruined by a few unruly fans and some inappropriate Policemen with weapons!

police out of control







Obviously these Officers didn’t see the “Disclaimer Notice”



Bee Crazy?

An unhappy Wilson is exactly what I expected, and only an unhappy person would behave this way! At least we don’t have to waste any more time on bad thoughts for Bri Bri, he’s already miserable. Sorry Wilson, Once you go Blue, You aren’t welcome Back.

Mr Dodger Potatoe Head

Mr. Wilson Potato Head

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

Here’s a pic from a fan who snapped this during Brian Wilson’s weird confrontation with Larry Baer after the game last night.


Wilson was apparently airing several pent up grievances including wanting his 2012 World Series ring and demanding that the Giants stop using his images in stadium video. What a whiny little be-atch this guy is……

The Giants have reported tried to contact Wilson several times to give him his ring and were ignored every time. And if this d-bag thinks he owns the rights to the freaking videos of him that get used on the stadium screen then he’s got more hubris than I ever thought he had. I had wished Wilson well but after this girlish tantrum I say “good riddence.”

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Giants Are About To Make It Two In A Row!


Tonight with the return of Ryan Vogelsong and that fun victory last night I am looking forward to a great game!


vogelsong 4172013

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

These men will lead us to victory. I guarantee it!

1. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B

2. Brandon Crawford (L) SS

3. Brandon Belt (L) 1B

4. Buster Posey (R) C

5. Hunter Pence (R) RF

6. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B

7. Roger Kieschnick (L) LF

8. Gregor Blanco (L) CF

9. Ryan Vogelsong (R) P


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June 30th 2013 Sunday 

Having just arrived last night I am back in Northern California where I was born and raised, but just a visit. I can’t stay more than a few weeks so my plan-spend as much time as possible with my son’s the rest at the ocean.  Not rushing off to AT&T to watch my beloved SF Giants even though that was naturally my first impulse.  I catch quite a few games between Phoenix and San Diego now my time is so short and precious I need my ocean fix!  So I was cool putting baseball on the back burner until after the All Star Break.

I planned on being out of range to view many if any Giants games during this trip but when I found my team spiraling down a losing streak of a length that shocked even me-I had to do something and quickly!

face rock

Even in this modern-day there is still no internet where I  was going to be spending my time so I went old school!

First I removed the orange polish from my toes (something I never do during the season) and painted one big toe BLACK.  Put on a Giants shirt I had not worn before, also BLACK.  Then I got in my car drove from ocean cove to ocean cove listening to the game on the radio, quickly realizing how much I missed KNBR Radio “Home of your SF Giants” 

I never listened to another station until I absolutely had to. During my first months away from the bay area I kept trying to get even a static signal refusing to believe it was really gone, even going out in the desert trying to get a broadcast because someone said I could.  I couldn’t and finally gave up listening to the radio in the car all together. Once in range I turned KNBR on ecstatically hanging on every word uttered over the station.

 So I’m driving, chanting, jeering, cheering, and willing my team to victory.  Trying single-handedly to bring back the “Magic” that use to be all “up in here”.  There was no actual “ceremony” no sacrifices were made but it was “Baseball Voodoo” and it worked!  After losing six in a row we beat the Rockies that day and I am taking credit.

Silly me, focusing on just one game,  trying to break the streak, willing the Giants to win just one game-oops.  Just one toe, just one win.  What would have happened if I had painted them all black that day?  Well,  I think we can be pretty certain that with my voodoo powers we would be sitting pretty right about now.  Or not.  

The message here is…I can “will” the Giants to win!… No, that’s not the message here!  The message is… “BELIEVE” that’s the message.  ‘Belief’ is what created the magic and lack there of is what killed it.  

That and, of course, the PRESSURE.

July 26, 2013 Friday

Lynch mobs were contained before they could string up the current scapegoat-our lovable first baseman Brandon Belt.  You would think that he was the first SF Giant to ever screw up and fact is, he is not.  Yes, he is struggling, brain explosion, the WHOLE TEAM is struggling!  Did his error cost us the game?  Maybe, probably but that was last night.  There has been much bigger uglier errors and such that he had no involvement in.  Last night was ugly and my heart goes out to Belt because unlike some, I know he cares, he didn’t want to make that error and he feels really bad about it. It was a loss for Cain and he deserved the win but Matt should be very understanding.  Why?  Oh you haven’t  forgotten already the disasters Cain and other starters have had on the mound this season.  Also ugly but it didn’t change who he is or what he means to this team and last night we saw our reason to support him, always!

Poor Branden
Poor Branden

Bochy finally showing his frustration openly “This was a tough one,” he said. “It’s always hard at home when you lose a game like this.”

I wouldn’t want to be in that locker room! Now that’s pressure, from the start it has been pressure.  Pressure to play like champs, better than any other team.  

Until I have proof that these guys are going out there with the intention of playing poorly I will remain a loyal FAN-that means I will root for my team-for better or for worse.

If I were only capable of loving the Giants when they win then I wouldn’t be a FAN for two reasons;  1) You call that being a “FAN”?! What are you crazy?!  2) Out of 55 years in SF the Giants have only two trophy’s both won after less than perfect seasons.

So much for anger over a winning team reverting to a losing team-I’m still celebrating our first trophy that I waited a lifetime for-now they aren’t good enough?  Sorry, I don’t play that way, and the team shouldn’t have to go from having the best fans in MLB to having the…well, not the best.  They deserve better after all these guys won us two World Championships!  I think they are wonderful, now let’s remind them of that.

So to my team, the World Champion San Francisco Giants, a team that has kept my interest and my loyalty for 55 years I would like to say this and I’m saying it as yo mamma so listen up, k? 🙂

“A fundamental rule of life is that whatever you focus on grows.”  That said LET’S FOCUS guys!  Snap out of it! Focus on the positive.  And you positively better start winning some games!  🙂

But if you can’t I know it isn’t because you aren’t trying.  Do the best you can and that is all anybody should ask of you.  If you try and fail, you won’t be the first.  The unhappy “fans” have forgotten the accomplishments of even our “star” players many questioning the abilities of Buster Posey! This is a guy who must wait for a new award to be created because he has won them all as a SF Giant.   There isn’t one player I can name off the top of my head that hasn’t been the target of these doubting, know it all, fair weather fan comments.  My favorite thing is when the player’s strike back turning those words into food to be eaten by doing something amazing, for instance pitching a no-hitter,  laying down a “fat” double, or making an amazing play out of nowhere.  This didn’t pan out for Belt last night but I was praying that redemption would be had in the 9th when he gave that ball a ride.  And just because it didn’t doesn’t mean it couldn’t or won’t so chin up.

timmy pablo 72613buster posey 72613

“Repetition cultivates belief. This is the basis of all conditioning, also known as brainwashing…When we create a disaster scenario in our heads…with every repetition that scenario becomes the irrefutable outcome of our efforts.”

I feel that there are too many disaster scenario’s being played out and its bad mojo! If you believe in Magic you gotta believe in Mojo-positive reinforcement is what you should be practicing and there are professional’s such as myself here to help you with that.  Real true fans that have experience with this type of situation.

We love you our SF Giants! Really, come on over to our place-we have your pictures, bobble-heads, jersey’s, signed balls, banners, blankets, shoes, jackets, ticket stubs and on and on.  We are proud, we bleed orange, together “we are GIANT”


What are you focusing on today? Concentrate on everything good in your life and every possible fantastic scenario for the future. Pay attention to every thought in your head. What you focus on has the power to turn your days sour (like some fans)— or sweet (like sugar or like a SF Giants player) 

Remember why you are World Champions. Check out that ring! Not every one has a ring like that! You may even have two, in fact I’ll bet you do.  And they were EARNED not just gifted to you for being cute.  Perseverance, Heart, love of the game, love of your teammates, support from loved ones, those are the tools that contributed to amazing performance on the field.  Not one of you did it alone, it was a team effort.  Not one of you alone is responsible for the struggle of today, that too was a team effort.

I am not heartbroken over where we are in the standings. How foolish that would be for a fan who waited 54 long years for that one trophy and now we have two?!  I’m not greedy.

What breaks my heart is the idea of any one of you losing what makes you special-your heart, your grit, your ability to believe in yourself and your team.  We have clawed and scratched our way against all odds over and over again because we “believed” that we could!  Don’t stop believing now.  Hey, someone should write a song like that..! 🙂  I don’t want you to be sad or discouraged because I like you and I care for you with unconditional “mamma love”.  

Come closer…here is your big HUG.   Now, get out there scamps, bring mamma another trophy, I know you will if not this year than the next.

Your greatest comfort right now will probably be blind faith. I know mine is.

Even if things seem entirely hopeless, a willingness to BELIEVE can get you the rough spots. Go along with your life, knowing things will work out the way they’re supposed to, but remember, The DODGERS must be stopped! 

Everything is going to be alright. Baseball is your passion as well as your job so do it with a smile and no matter what the outcome, you will be okay.  We need some new magic to turn things around.  I hope it’s not too late to bring back the joy because I feel very strongly that it is the joy that will create the magic.  

Good times are only noticed becausee we have bad times to compare them to. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  Blah blah blah positive comment blah blah uplifting thought blah blah, get it? 

I am one fan that will be here for the pain as well as the pleasure.  Didn’t anybody learn anything from “Chicken Little?” You can’t eat any of the pie if you don’t help with the baking.  

Now, let’s go get ’em!  Let’s play some Giants Baseball!

And damn it, have fun even if it kills ya! 🙂

Puking During Puig At Bats

Although this may seem in direct conflict to my last post, as I said it’s a “rivalry” an on the field rivalry. I find this blog amusing and I think it mirror’s my thoughts on the past 2 games rather closely. Enjoy!

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

“This guy Puig is gonna be a problem….” –San Dawg

I forget when he said that, probably during Puig’s first game up. It was a simple line, yet foreboding, and it gave us fair warning of what was to come….

*This guy Puig* is grinding on my patience. It’s not just the constant media jack off session that bothers me although that’s part of it. I thought it was complete BS that he was throwing sucker haymakers in the brawl with AZ and managed to get exactly zero days of suspension. Calls for him to be named to the all star game, after 60 at bats, was definitely irksome. And while I’m not doubting his talent for a moment, I was looking forward to Bumgarner knocking him down a few *puigs* in the game last night. So it was quite easy for me to go quickly and loudly into a…

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Grabbin’ Some Pine 5/20




vogelsong 4172013The rest of the team had an amazing night at the plate Belt with a 4 hit night pounding his 6th home run of the season! Torres long overdue had a 3 hit night driving in the Giants first run of the game.  Scutaro despite an error lengthened  his hitting streak to 18 games.  Total hits for the San Francisco Giants tonight-17! The offense also turned 2 double plays and after Vogelsong left the game with his injured hand our bull pen kept the Nationals scoreless.

Communist Comics


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Sunday was a beautiful day in San Diego and I was fortunate enough to be at Petco Park to watch my Giants play baseball.

I really enjoyed myself although I was expecting to beat the Padres, and badly. After all we had lost the first two of the series already and it didn’t seem feasible that we would be swept by the Padres.

Petco Park

I intended this whooping to be handed out politely by my World Champion team-all the while I would be soaking in the beauty of a park filled with gracious Padres fans and fellow SF Giants fans combined.  This Sunday afternoon game was also a much-needed break from the desert life, a life I will never become accustom to no matter how many years I have to endure it.

I felt very welcome at Petco and was fairly certain that after beating us the first two games they certainly wouldn’t mind if we took the last game before moving on.

The three hour drive from Yuma went quickly with no problems. Easy to find parking I breezed in,  just as the gates were opening.

After my previous bad experiences with “away” games (Chase Field Phoenix)I was pleasantly surprised to find absolutely no unsportsmanlike conduct among Padres fans. Quite the contrary they were kind, helpful, hey, they were downright friendly!

Gamer Babe

It isn’t news to most that Petco Park is called the “AT&T OF THE SOUTH” and I was surrounded by fellow Giants fans which to me is heaven. There is no substitute for my bay area home however my time spent in the Padres home was just about the next best thing.

I am very thankful for that.  ??????????????

I was sitting next to two wonderful guys. Adam is a diehard SF Giants fan but has been living in LA for years.  I don’t know how he has managed to live in ‘LaLa’ Land and keep the charming nature of a Nor Cal native but everything about him reminded me of home.

Next to him was his father Alan who has been a fan of the Giants since 1951 and remembers when he found out they were moving the team from NY to SF and how pleased he was with the news.

Adam & Alan

Both Adam and his father had played ball in their younger years and both were pitchers and shared their inside knowledge of what was going on with Vogelsong’s delivery.

Ryan was struggling and gave up three home runs before he left the game but while he was on the mound I found a brand new reason to admire his build.

According to my new friend and favorite “displaced Giants fan”, Adam, Vogelson was not “dropping his butt” on most deliveries causing the ball to be up and out of range. When he “dropped his butt” after the kick he was able to keep the ball down and throw better pitches.

So it turns out that checking out the physical “gifts” of our gorgeous SF Giants players (and I’m not talking about their playing talents) is not only acceptable but necessary.

After all there may come a day (same day hell freezes over I assume) that Bochy decides that perhaps a new blonde perspective may come in handy when dealing with the mechanics of his pitching staff.:)


The game had many exciting moments at first then things started to get a little frustrating. Defensively the Padres hitters shelled my beloved Vogie and offensively snatched away hits in a very un-Padre like manner.hunter pence 22213

I think it was sweet of Bochy to give Scutaro the chance to redeem himself for the error that contributed to a loss in the 12th inning of Saturday’s game. Apparently it was Scutaro’s desire and Bochy agreed.

In my humble opinion I feel it may have made matters worse for Marco. He was 0 for 4 in yesterday’s game and I fear that now he is feeling worse than ever.

Scutaro at plate

As last year’s Most Valuable Player in the NL Championship Series, “he inspires respect” as Bochy put it. I never question the “skipper”

SO,chin up Scutaro you are a struggling SF Giant right now. It’s your turn, soon it will be somebody else and you will make new happier memories.

No big deal we still love you. Even if you sit for a while and give Noonan a chance at some playing time it won’t change what you have accomplished for this team and what you will accomplish in the future.


 Buster doing his best to be the perfect MVPosey that everyone expects him to be, sent one sailing!

 That 2 run homer really pumped us up! We were back in the game trailing 4-6.

Buster has brought his batting average up to a respectable 400 and I expect one by one the rest of the team will come around.Buster Bobblehead

 Buster HR

As a fan that was very pleased to see Andres Torres return to the team I was praying he would do something magical as much for himself as for the rest of us and he tried only to have Denorfia snatch away a hit that would have put us right back in the game.

andres torres scottsdale 22013

happy panda and blanco 22213Pablo is hitting great and in my opinion doing a bang up job playing third even as “fans” make fat jokes which I think are uncalled for and rude.

“Sandoval working to trim down, speed up”


Written by Chris Haft / MLB.com

I’m not really sure what the heck is going on right now but I have a feeling it is a lesson for us all in “being human”. We are losing to teams that should have been a walk in the park.

Still playing some exciting come from behind games but too many victories have snatched away in the last innings of games that we should have won.

I never even thought about leaving early wanting to soak up as much of my team as I could- but Padres fans must have other pots on the fire.

Not really surprising, as I watched at least one beach ball being tossed around and at one point it seemed someone tried to get a “wave” going.

Thankfully it died out before I had to be in the midst of that dinosaur.

"Moses" Petco's version of AT&T's "Dawg"
Petco’s version of AT&T’s “Dawg”

Before the game started I was exploring Petco impressed by the history of this park and I met up with “Moses”

Moses was reluctant to speak to me at first, most likely thinking I had some sort of screw loose, which is of course a fact.

My talent for being 100% authentic won him over as I told him that he reminded me of a Petco/Padres version of AT&T/SF Giants fan the “DAWG”.  Dawg as you probably know has not missed a game in 30 years and is a super fan who is a permanent fixture in the bleachers at AT&T. Moses told me that he is a personal friend of Tim Flannery our beloved 3rd base coach and very talented musician.  Moses said “When I say ‘bicep’ Flan will look up and acknowledge me but not until I say ‘bicep'”.  Sorry, I don’t have a clue as to what the significance is. Flan? Any help with this?  Moses warmed up to me quickly and was soon inviting me to join him in his section of the park.  I declined politely assuring him I had a pretty good seat myself and made my exit feeling confident that should I find myself at Petco again I will get a 2nd chance. 🙂

They are decent folk but can’t come close to the enthusiasm of our one of a kind fan base. No animal hats or underwear on their heads. Very reserved crowd not actually able to “make some noise” even when the scoreboard in capital letters demanded that they do.

They sat down a lot more than Giants fans never really seeing anything they felt was worth standing for I presume. Gingerly since I was at another teams home turf my new friends and I stood believing our team would drink in the enthusiasm and deliver the win we just felt was coming.

Giants fans seemed to arrive early and stay until the end which to me just seems natural. I never stopped believing we would win that game. I feel that way with every game we play. Of course this is due to the incredible comebacks I have seen from my team. If we have any at bats left, we have a chance to win. End of story.

I am not a fan of losing ball games but I am also not a fan of giving up. I learned that from years of being a SF Giants fan and it is in my blood.

I think our team will be just fine. I have been preaching that it is way too early in the season to put any stock in the “standings” and I have had that thought confirmed by those who are experts in this sport.

We are having some problems that seem to spread from player to player but when dissected don’t stand up as anything to be really concerned about. I can live with that it’s easy for me I’m not use to my team being in the winner’s circle.

We have a great team, the same team that call themselves World Champions are still right there on the field. No other team has that title or that trophy and that is the focus of my optimism.

Not one player on the team is in “trouble” and any real concern by a fan is just unnecessary.

Bochy will let me know when I should be worried. I am not saying it will be easy and it doesn’t make watching losses any better.

There may be a valuable lesson here that players and fans alike need to take away from this streak of losses.

Our World Champion Giants celebrities of the moment are still just ball players and human beings.

Nobody plays perfectly all the time and shouldn’t be expected to.

Drink it in boys, enjoy the limelight but remember all fame fades. Being a Celebrity and all the people and perks that go along with it will not last forever. Don’t get caught up in it remember what you did to get here and who stood by you while you gained that success.

Yes we think you are wonderful but don’t forget to focus on what it is that makes us feel that way. You are great ball players but more than that unique and amazing individuals. Honest family oriented team players with strong morals and priorities. Those who loved you before you achieved greatness should not be cast aside but cherished.

If you lose that part of yourself what will you do when you are no longer #1?

I understand it must be hard for these young players to see past the trophy’s the rings’ the parades the celebrations perhaps we are just experiencing a wake-up call.

I see the team, I know the players, and these boys are going to struggle because that is what they do best. The struggling is perhaps needed to remind everyone including themselves that they are capable of achieving greatness but may have to live with some failure along the way.

It will, if they allow it to, bring them back together as the team that picked up after each other. Would it be as wonderful if it had come easy? I don’t think so.

Several players have said it and it’s what they need to do now-“play the game they love and have fun! “After all they only win when they are having fun, right?!


KNBR The Sports Leader Game Notes


Is Tim Lincecum As Bad As We All Think?

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate what Timmy did for us in 2012, and every other year since he joined the team, doesn’t deserve to call themselves a SF Giants fan!
A true fan will ride out the bad times with loyalty and respect for the person as well as the player.

MLB Reports

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Thursday April.18, 2013

By Jon Schifferle ( Giants Correspondent – visit his own personal website here.) 

Is Tim Lincecum as Bad as we all Think?

This most simple answer is no he isn’t.  While his 5.63 ERA through his first few starts this season aren’t exactly inspiring, there are some definite things that we can take away from his starts.

In his start against Colorado, his line of 6 IP, 4H, 6ER, 4BB, 7 SO, 1 HR is nothing to get excited about, but he did do a really good job of recovering form the bad inning to make it 6 Innings.

Another thing to look at was his line without that bad second inning, which to remind everyone, had a pretty costly error in it.  5IP, 2H, ER, BB, 6K’s.  Now that looks a lot more like the old Tim Lincecum, doesn’t…

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Brian Wilson To Start For Niners In Superbowl

So many different stories about the fate of our beloved Brian Wilson.  Most are out dated and much like his gnome-he could be anywhere!  One thing goes without saying, there will never be a more intriguing or brilliantly strange character in professional baseball or anywhere else.  I for one will miss him. Or will I?

San Francisco Giants: Brian Wilson likely won’t return to team

By Alex Pavlovic


Brian Wilson continues to work out under SF Giants’ watch

Source: Mets work out Brian Wilson
Updated: January 14, 2013, 9:24 PM ET
By Adam Rubin | ESPNNewYork.com

The Beard may be switching coasts.

Brian Wilson worked out privately for New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson on Saturday in
California, a baseball source told ESPNNewYork.com.

Wilson, 30, underwent Tommy John surgery last April after two early-season appearances.


Rumor Roundtable: The market for Brian Wilson

The Mets were not impressed by Brian Wilson

Craig Calcaterra Jan 16, 2013, 8:23 AM EST

As you know, Brian Wilson worked out for the Mets the other day. Color them unimpressed, reports
Mike Puma:

According to a baseball source Tuesday, the veteran closer didn’t impress the Mets during his
workout at UCLA on Saturday and wasn’t deemed worthy of a major league contract at this point in
his rehab from Tommy John surgery. Wilson, the source said, wasn’t interested in a minor league

“Physically, he’s not ready,” the source said. “He’s got a ways to go.”

Perhaps he does have a “ways to go” but where is he going?!







BRANDON BELT didn’t “Fear the Beard” during spring training in Scottsdale AZ this February.  In fact he got right in BRIAN WILSON’S face.  Brandon, without hesitation, put his name where Wilson’s should have been and seemed surprised that Brian had ignored the opportunity to star on his own face.

Brandon Belt was sweet and cordial when I asked him for his autograph on the orange bearded shirt I had worn with one thought in mind, have it signed by the bearded one. This obviously did not happen.

“He wouldn’t sign it? I’ll have to have to talk with him about that.” Brandon said as he placed his signature on my shirt instantly becoming my new “favorite” Giant.

Not an autograph hound I was at the Stadium that day in February just for the pleasure of seeing my boys after almost a year away from northern California. It was the day after my birthday and the night before I had come from Yuma to Scottsdale to celebrate as a guest of the best bay area blues band, the Tommy Castro Band (now re-named the Painkillers). What a wonderful coincidence my favorite band and my favorite ball team both being in the area on my birthday!

The only thing that could make this any better would be to leave with Brian Wilson’s signature right across his face on my favorite “Fear the Beard” shirt.  But I wasn’t going to chase him down for it so I just enjoyed the sunshine and the “view”

Chatting it up with Will the Thrill was definitely one of the highlights of the day. I had never met Mr. Clark even though that particular era of the Giants was one I participated in the most. I was not surprised to see that he was an open and friendly man. But his accessibility is one of his most impressive virtues. Leaning on the fence for quite a while charming those who spoke with him.  The very personable Dan Ferretti, so kindly supplied me with a baseball after I told Will I had nothing for him to sign. As it turns out Will had absolutely no problem with signing the sleeve of the shirt I had on so- that’s where it all started. After that every player wanted a piece of Wilson!

There were only 30 or so fans that day as this was work outs before all the players arrived.  Pretty much only pitchers catchers and a scattered few “invitees” were at the stadium.  The small group of fans sat patiently watching and waiting until workouts were over to rise from their seats for an attempt at an autograph.

This was a beautiful spring like Arizona day even Bochy was smiling and acknowledging greetings from the fans. But from what I saw, few of the folks who had made the trip succeeded in meeting their favorite players. Even when the work out was over like Prima Donna’s most disappeared without so much as  a glance at the small group in the stands less than 30 ft. away.

Buster Posey signed, but only for the “kids”.  That was cool but there were only  3 of them, so I don’t think he gets any special rewards for that.

Eli Whiteside was great to the fans while on the field and out in the parking lot. Signing for all and even though this was a very small crowd, he stayed and signed for everybody. I feel that even though we haven’t seen him on the field yet, his treatment of his fans was heartwarming.

But Brandon Belt really stood out as the sweetest peach in the pie for that young man refused to leave the parking lot until every one of those who had gathered had their autograph, picture or handshake. I mean he turned back to the crowd if there was someone calling who had been left out. I personally saw him pose for several pictures with his fans and he returned the hugs that were given to him.  This is a wonderful man who will do well if there is truly a thing called “karma”.

So as not to waste the ball that had been so kindly gifted to me, I decided to make it my 2012 Spring Training Ball and get some signatures on it. My favorite were the guys who had never been asked for their autograph before and I can only pray they will remember these days unlike so many other pro ball players that treat their fans as a nuisance.


For remembering your fans are and always will be an important part of your career.

Timmy Lincecum Menopausal?

Apparently Timmy Lincecum and I suffered from the same unfortunate weight gain over the off-season.

Tim had started gaining before the season was over although I never noticed. I’ve always thought of him as kind of little guy but that is probably because he was. Timmy was just a kid.when he became a Giant,

I remember how cute he was at his first Fan Fest.sitting side by side with Matty Cain as they participated in a Q & A for a mere handful of fans at AT&T Park.

Yes, that was near the end of what I call the “good old days” when you could interact with the players because they didn’t consider themselves “celebrities”, just ball players. (If the shoe fits Bri Bri...I mean Matt Timmy and Sergio all have their signatures on that ball.I’m just sayin’)

Because “the boy” was away from home my best-friend Sandra stood in line to ask him “where he was going to stay” and “who was going to feed him” indicating that she was worried about him and offering to take him under her motherly wing. He politely declined assuring her he would be fine..

That is when we started our “Sandwich List”-Guys that we were hot for but not in a “sexual” way. These are really cute guys that we wanted to take home but just so we could make them a sandwich.


Our little “Freak” got up to almost 200 lbs and had to drop 20 lbs. in order to get down to a “fighting weight” before reporting for duty.  Surprise surprise, it seems our Timmy has a thing for In & Out Burger which I can relate to.

“…but in Lincecum’s case, he liked to eat three double-doubles, two orders of fries, and a strawberry milkshake.”


As an adult who enjoys the benefits of weed this I can also relate to and I am paying the same price.  I didn’t even know that I was capable of being fat and much like the 27 year old pitcher I thought I could continue my nightly“munch-a-thon” without paying the price.

I have been blaming my unnatural weight gain on Peri-menopause but I guess I was wrong.

It sucks to get old and have to moderate your behavior!


As you may already know Jose Canseco and his brother Ozzie will be playing for the Yuma Scorpions this upcoming season.  Jose, who signed as Manager, will also be playing 1B and DH making him the first full-time player manager in professional baseball since Pete Rose.


Jose Canseco and twin brother Ozzie

No matter how you may feel about Jose and the controversy surrounding him, it doesn’t change the fact that he is a very physically attractive man-and so is his twin brother Ozzie.

If the presence of the Canseco brothers alone doesn’t raise the temperature in Arizona then the arrival of this young pitcher sure will.

Greg Pellici LH Pitcher

A week ago I found myself waiting for an extended period of time in the Yuma Arizona Airport.
I was departing for my return trip home after visiting my parents at their home there.

My arrival at the airport was not done in a very timely manner so I hunkered down in the small lounge area for what I knew would be a long wait.
There were just two other people there which was not surprising as the Yuma Airport is very small and the city itself isn’t exactly a place where you would expect to find a lot of tourists or people traveling on business.

It didn’t take long before the three of us were “family” each with his own interesting story. I was there for a long time and when my flight finally prepared for take off I felt as though I was leaving my friends.

One of those new friends is Greg Pellici an adorable 23-year-old Pisces who will be joining the Scorpions on May 24th.

A left-handed pitcher throwing between 87-92 MPH Greg has a mean slider and I can’t wait to sit under the mist with Daddy and Mommy as we watch him do his stuff.

This young man made a lasting impression on me and I hope he goes as far in life as his heart can take him because with his heart, that would be a very long way.
Ladies, Greg is single and I can tell you with confidence that the girl who win’s this one scores a prize for life!  Honesty and integrity abound with this guy and so does his love for his family.

Greg-Yomamma loves you!

Jose had this to say to the Yuma Sun

“I think the younger players that come in aren’t going to get incredible instruction on just how to play the game right, how to play the game at a major league level, but also off the field. If they have a family issue, girlfriend issues, how to handle the media, we can actually help them there because I’ve done it all. I can show them where all the land mines are.”

“Let’s focus on the game,” Ozzie Canseco said. “We’re putting together a great club. We’re trying to resurrect the Yuma Scorpions and that’s positive energy.”

Both brothers said they are dedicated to showing they are committed to the league, the Scorpions and Yuma as a whole.