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Whats Not To Like About Spring? Ask Mamma

champs ring

Two reasons Mamma  is not in love with pre-season games played during Spring Training. 

Don’t get me wrong I love to go watch the boys work out but I usually skip the games and here’s why:

1) They don’t count. They don’t depict the team we will see in April. The outcome of these games in no way predicts how they will appear in the standings for the season.

Here is a perfect example of what happens when people forget these games don’t count:

I get an excited phone call from a friend back home in the bay area last night. Seems that  my friend is all jacked up “Giants have hit 5 home-runs kicking butt blah blah blah!!” Not for one moment did I feel like I was missing something because I wasn’t watching. Even though I did comment that it sure sounded like the boys were having fun. 

Today we let Oakland walk all over us resulting in a 9-1 loss for my beloved SF Giants.

Spring training is important and yes you get a chance to see the talent available to choose from and check out the new guys already roster ready. But what you don’t see is an accurate portrayal of the team or how their season is going to pan out. Even if it’s not a real consideration I would say that common sense would keep a savvy skipper from showing his weapons or lack there of to the teams that will be opposing them when the season begins.

Not real games, don’t count.

bum trophy

2) Injuries! The chance of a key player being injured during one of these games is a lot higher than during regular workouts scatter in some practice games against somebody that doesn’t want to harm you.

Bumgarner ended up missing one spring start with the neuroma in his left foot and his sore ribs.

Today’s game Madison Bumgarner took the mound obviously should have been home resting. But instead he played while still suffering some “mild discomfort”. I don’t believe that a healthy Bum with a tiny little bit of pain would be a Bum that ended up giving up 5 earned runs on 7 hits, with a 2 run homer in the mix. After 2 2/3 innings Bumgarner left the game and I don’t think he should have been playing at all.

In this case a spring training performance does tell me something. It tells me that our Ace pitcher and precious treasure was not healthy enough to be out there on the mound allowing Oakland designated hitter Billy Butler to yank one long. 

Any whoooo- plus side, Bumgarner walked nobody and struck four guys out.

Now Mamma says go home and rest Cowboy we need you healthy and happy. 🙂

Denard Span jammed his shoulder Wednesday keeping him from starting in Friday’s game against Oakland which by the way is not going to happen during the Bay Series. Just sayin’ But he did go deep in today’s game so

Mamma says he’s ready to play outside but not with the rough boys!

denard span
Denard Span

Gregor Blanco said had “tightness” in his back which they say is much better but

Mamma bets ya that he is playing in a game that doesn’t count before that tightness is completely gone.

Susac Going Down

Which leads us to Andrew Susac who has suffered from tendonitis in his wrist and had surgery last season. So what do they do with him oh yeah, put him behind the plate to catch Cueto who would be a rocket normally but that game he was all over the place, literally. So this has irritated the tendonitis and now our backup catcher needs a backup.

And let’s not forget that horrific moment when Johnny was tagged in the HEAD!

cueto hit in head
Cueto Hit In Head

Also during a Spring Training game.

So since there are still more than 10 games left in “spring training” there is a very likely chance that more of our guys will decide to play through the pain and since mothering the SF Giants players is my gig-

Mamma doesn’t think it’s such a good idea for the boys to be out playing with those other boys that play too rough.

Johnny you are lucky to be alive. Now behave!




the many faces of HP 2May 16th 2015

Sf Giants vs Cinn Reds



the many faces of HP 5

Hunter Pence all healed up and for me the anticipation of finding out if one man can make a difference when there is obviously “no ‘I’ in team”.

So wow, yeah! I mean to say yes, yes one man can make a difference.

That is if that one man is Hunter Pence.

The first thing I noticed, this was before the first pitch was even thrown, was the ear to ear grin that Buster Posey  was sportin’.  Very appealing this glimpse of the beautiful talented boy catcher loose and happy playing around with his friends out on the baseball field.

The display was even more “Nubian goats in spring”ish then the displays I have seen on the green grass of Scottsdale Stadium past springs.  The boys came out of the dugout looking and acting like the undefeated HS team showing off for the cheerleaders.
Smiles and gestures of a happy group of ball players without a care in the world.

Next it got even more intense. The boys were without a doubt getting more and more “Pumped Up”!! Taking up the chants handshakes butt slaps of a team that had ‘no worries’!  No stress here just good natured “We Got This” behavior.

I was still nervous just praying that Hunter would do well this big return game. I didn’t want to see him unhappy.
the many faces of Hunter Pence 1

Well if you saw the game-and I hope you did-this  fine example of “Wonder-ball”-then you are smiling already, for you too know that

one man, one preacher man, one wiry intense exceptional man can most certainly make a difference.

Go here for recaps.

In Pence’s return, Crawford leads Giants to romp


Giants slam Reds, win 11-2, have a healthy Hunter Pence

Welcome home Hunter! Stay healthy and happy!

Lets Go Champs! Let’s Go Giants!


bums game best ever1







I know I’m impressed and apparently so are others. Lumping his name in with KOUFAX, GIBSON and…nope that’s it those are the only two MLB pitchers who come close to achieving what Bumgarner has and even those great performances fall short of Bum’s stats.

At the young age of 25 he has pitched in three World Series and coming out of this last jaw dropping victory he held the best record in three categories. This would be an accomplishment on any stage but we are talking the “big stage” the biggest for a baseball player.

I have the strongest unconditional love for my SF Giants and an equally unreasonable strong faith in the “magic” they have found since 2010. However I’m not blind and it’s clear that without Madison Bumgarner we would not have that third trophy. He was the the difference and he should know it.

SANDY KOUFAX was before my time and believe me I can’t say that about many things these days. I have always been a  SF Giants fan and Koufax compiled his 4-3 career World Series record playing for the Dodgers so I can’t get too excited for him. He thrilled others in 1965 with an ERA of .38 Bumgarner had the lowest single series ERA since that day in 2014 .43

BOB GIBSON famous for a game in which he had 17 strike outs adding up to a 7-2 record with 1.89 ERA and 89 WHIP
BUMGARNER pitched three WS and holds the record for career Fall Classic ERA WHIP (.53) and H/9 pitched (3.5) among pitchers with at 20 or more innings pitched.

Madison gets his fourth win at this early time in his life, 5 plus years ahead of Koufax and Gibson.

BUMGARNER hasn’t lost!
He is a winner and the statistics prove it.

To quote Gregor Blanco “He’s not human” and obviously this is true as it is often said “to err is human” and this guy just doesn’t know how to “err”

This man of the simple country life isn’t going to let all this hype change him. At least I hope not because this is a baseball player that is and will be from this day forward a true
and thanks to that farm boy confident swagger the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS are some place no other team has been.

DYNASTY? I guess that’s what we can officially call the San Francisco Giants  but in my opinion that word doesn’t even touch this amazing team. Start looking for a new word to describe the performance and accomplishment of my team.

buster hug for madison

What will always make these three trophy’s special is that we won them against all odds and while the experts said we couldn’t.

So who’s the expert now? 🙂


Giants Are About To Make It Two In A Row!


Tonight with the return of Ryan Vogelsong and that fun victory last night I am looking forward to a great game!


vogelsong 4172013

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

These men will lead us to victory. I guarantee it!

1. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B

2. Brandon Crawford (L) SS

3. Brandon Belt (L) 1B

4. Buster Posey (R) C

5. Hunter Pence (R) RF

6. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B

7. Roger Kieschnick (L) LF

8. Gregor Blanco (L) CF

9. Ryan Vogelsong (R) P


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So many of our guys came through for us at the plate and on the mound. 

It was a wonderful thing to see!

Madison Bumgarner
on the mound-always a good thing.     

The “Panda” started us off with a bang in the 1st inning


In the 4th after a couple of walks


Exploding in the 5th 


POSEY DOUBLE-scores Scutaro

BLANCO DOUBLE scoring Pablo, Posey & Pence 

Exciting again in the 8th


BLACO TRIPLES scoring Pence

QUIROZ DOUBLE Blanco scoress 

Coming in as a pinch hitter

BELT SINGLES scores Quiroz & Arias

Honorable mentions from our bullpen include CHAD GAUDIN and JEREMY AFFELDT

Honorable mentions from our line up include EVERYBODY!

I like to think that every San Francisco Giant that caught a ball, got a hit or made a great play today did it for his MOM! Today is Mother’s Day and we will be treated to another day game in the most beautiful place on earth but yesterday I felt the magic.

Remember our old chant “It’s Magic in Here”? Well some of that magic returned during yesterday’s game and it set the tone for a wonderful weekend for fans.

I spent one of my “best Mother’s Days ever” at AT&T Park with a fellow mother and friend in 2011. We were playing the Rockies, Vogelsong was on the mound and my GF and I were basking in the luxurious accommodations of Joe and Jen Montana’s seats. Luckily for us the Montana’s had other plans for that particular Sunday, so we enjoyed, what I consider to be, two of the best seats in the park. During that May 8th game as the player’s crossed home plate they almost landed in our laps.

Although on the visitors side of the park it only made it more interesting.  I chatted it up with Jason Giambi who was formally an Oakland A (replacing McGuire) at first base.  He did so well he led the team to the post season more than once only to be defeated by the Yankees. I was shocked that he was still playing pro ball as to me it seemed as if he had been around forever.  He turned out to be a pretty decent guy. 

In 2001 he then betrayed his fans by signing with the Yankees something that sent the A’s fans into a frenzy.  I remember people throwing things at Giambi when he was unfortunate enough to be in Oakland.  I remember one fateful game he was hit with a beer as he returned to the dugout.  He continued to have a slug fest for the Yankees but they did not sign him in 2008 so 2009 saw him as a free agent.

In 2009 for some strange reason the Athletics decided to take him back but not for long, he signed in April  and was released in August.  His average was the lowest in the Major Leagues and his glory days thought to be behind him.  But no, he was signed by the Rockies that same year and that is why I had the opportunity to see a different side to him that day in 2011.  Surprisingly he is still playing now for the Indians.

In the new days of AT&T Park I remember enjoying an occasional game from the outfield or bleachers but in my old age I have a preference for sitting where your food and drinks are ordered from a menu and then are served to you.  Especially in these present days at AT&T, where the fan base is huge and most games are sell outs. If you attempt to get up to get yourself food or beverages during a game now, you may as well plan on watching the entire thing  from the closest screen to your vendor’s stand. I did have a rather special opening day in 2011 I was in charge of hanging the 10th K from the front row of the Arcade section, but I like to be close to the boys as opposed to viewing them from afar.

Back in the “old days” my season tickets at Candlestick Park were so incredible that they are hard to match. My seats at the stick were just a few rows behind home plate. Seated right behind Hank Sauer who started his MLB career in 1941 for the Reds but will always be a  SF GIANT to me.

Playing outfield for the NY Giants (1957) coming to SF Giants (1958-1959) his best season was 1952 when he led the National League in home runs (37) and RBIs (121), and was named the Most Valuable Player. But Hank  played his last game ever while wearing a Giants uniform in 1959.  Hank passed away in 2011 at the age of 84 yrs. but I will never forget him. When I met Hank he was still very respected in MLB as a past player and as a scout.  I remember a game where he tried to get Bonds to sign a ball for me and Barry refused, “he won’t sign for anybody” were Hanks words. This  is why Barry is the only Giant, past or present, that I have absolutely no love for.

(March 17, 1917 – August 24, 2001