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Quick Hits for April 27, 2013

Zito will help us beat these Padres tonight who have obviously just been getting along by sheer luck alone. But that’s over!


SF Giants Photos

TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants visit the San Diego Padres in the second game of this three game series…LHP Eric Stults (2-2, 4.70) is scheduled to take the hill against LHP Barry Zito (3-1, 3.42).

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madbum attWe had a pitching duel with the Arizona Diamond Backs today in the last of a three game series thanks to Madbum on the mound for us up against Kennedy.

We drew first blood in the 7th to take a 1-0 lead

In the 8th inning Marco Scutaro who lead off the 6th with a double committed an error and one thing lead to another D-Backs tied it up 1-1.

Mijares comes in and gives up the go ahead run in the bottom of the 8th and we call in Sergio to get us out of the inning. He does and we go into the 9th behind by a run.

Well no surprise we weren’t ready to call it a game and Brandon Crawford ‘hero’s up’ with a home run to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth 2-2.

We go to the 10th inning and Chad Gaudin comes in to pitch Buster goes behind the plate. Gaudin get  fist batter out, walks second, line drive and D-Backs have runners on 2nd & 3rd.

In the middle of our intentional walk to Montero-time out so that Lopez can get ready. Finish the walk with Lopez coming in-bases loaded.

D-backs score go to bottom 10th 3-2 bad guys
Bottom 9th, 2 outs Brandon Belt knows what to do, he hits one way out not all the way out however  now we have a runner in scoring position and we are on our feet. Arias comes up-anything can happen!

And it doesn’t. Arias grounds out and we lose but what a ride!  

 SFGiants.com for complete game notes



Tonight the SF Giants lost to the AZ D-Backs 6-4 in 11 innings but it was a very enjoyable game…Except.

Matt Cain Tonights Starting PitcherOnce again fans were treated to the only kind of baseball our team can provide, the comeback.

Nobody does it better and this game was no exception.

Unfortunately we also committed some errors and there was some less than stellar pitching.

There were some excellent performances by some of our players and some not so excellent.

Details below:

After dramatics, Giants fall in 11th

I do find it amusing that so often when I hear negative comments about a certain player’s performance in a game, the very next game he will shove those words right back in the mouths that uttered them.  I get a certain joy from this.

the two brandon's after sats win against cubbies 41313








So we lost but I started the day out very nicely by choosing to do a little fishing instead of housework. Wise decision, don’t you think?

Metri Lake April 23 2013

Quick Hits for April 23, 2013

Last nights game confirmed that Buster & Brandon Belt are just fine. I believe that it is the games in which a player’s performance may not be up to par that make it all that much sweeter when they sink the hole in one! Thank you San Francisco Giants. You never disappoint.

SF Giants Photos

TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants host the Arizona Diamondbacks in the second game of this three game series…LHP Patrick Corbin (2-0, 1.42) will face RHP Matt Cain (0-2, 7.15).

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Quick Hits for April 20, 2013

Last nights victory over the Padres in the 9th inning was beautiful! I enjoyed every single minute of the game.

It doesn’t bother me a bit that up until the very last-minute it could have gone either way nor that we only won by 1 run (again) I prefer it that way. Win or lose this is the kind of baseball that I live for.

Without a doubt this is exactly what our guys needed to pump them back up.  It was a long and tough road trip that took its toll on their young souls and made them forget for just a moment that they are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!

That’s all behind them now and I feel confident that they will now remember that they hold two trophy’s and neither one of them came easy.  If they had, they wouldn’t mean as much.  And they mean tons!

My entire lifetime the San Francisco Giants have never fail to provide me with the excitement that keeps my heart pumping.  However I waited 54 years for that 2010 trophy and having two in my lifetime is more than I could ever hope for.  Winning is not something lifer’s like me are used to but I do believe it is starting to become a habit!

Like other fans I too call it “torture” and I don’t think I am the only one that means that as the highest of complements. The highlight for me wasn’t so much Angel’s walk off hit (which was amazing) but his teammates reaction and the unbridled enthusiasm of the celebration they inflicted on him.

I am always preaching about how special this group is and the fact that they swarmed the field as excited as if they had just won another championship is part of what makes Giants baseball so amazing and wonderful!

SF Giants Photos

TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants host the San Diego Padres in the second game of this three game series and six game homestand, that also features the Arizona Diamondbacks, Monday-Wednesday…LHP Clayton Richard (0-1, 5.28) is scheduled to start against RHP Tim Lincecum (1-0, 5.63).

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Walk Off Win!

Wish I could have been at AT&T tonight but I am consoling myself with the fact that the Giants got the win and that my son was there to enjoy it!

SF Giants Photos

It was an exciting night at AT&T Park, complete with a walk off win and a fireworks show.

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As one of the most positive SF Giants fans that I know of I wasn’t upset about our 10-7 loss to the Brewers last night because we played well and “climbed a mountain” in our attempt at another comeback win.

When I woke up today and found out that the Rockies had played a double-header against the Mets to put us a game behind them for 1st in the  NL West, I went into a tizzy!

I could go on and on about how I feel about them even having that rare opportunity but I’ve already worn myself out ranting about it!

Tonight we suffered another loss to the Mets 4-3 but they won’t get us tomorrow! I BELIEVE!

SFGiants.com  supply the details:
Hunter Pence tied the game with a two-run single in the sixth, but Brandon Crawford’s throwing error set up the winning run in the ninth.

vogelsong 4172013

To help San Francisco Giants fans remember the best of every game I count on the Blog below.  They supply the pictures I am unable to take of every game and never say or do anything negative which I feel is mandatory! Thanks again 

Scenes From The Ballpark


Sometimes the best photos are the moments between the moments. SF 3 – MIL 4


Complete game notes





celebrate good times SFG

Ok I don’t have to tell you that today our defending World Champions suffered more than just a loss at home to the St. Louis Cardinals today-we got our butts kicked!

The final score with the Cardinals beating us 14-3 was bad enough but more than the beating, was the “poor” performance of our beloved World Champions.

The loss seemed even more shocking since the first pitch followed right behind the World Champion Ring Ceremony.  The members of this organization were presented with diamond rings custom designed for each and every one by Tiffany’s. Today’s WS RING CEREMONY & PRESENTATION was the third of three days honoring our heroes at their home stadium.

And then they play a game that displays very little of the talent that allows them to wear rings truly fit for Kings. It wasn’t pretty.

In other words,

They gave us exactly what we wanted. Emotion!

Hey, we didn’t play well and I feel very strongly about it, I came a bit unglued for a while as did most other Giants fans.  But I never got bored and I was truly feeling some strong emotions.

Admit it. If you are a SF Giants fan you need that!  YOU THRIVE OFF OF IT! That is why our fan base is greater and more passionate than any other.

Some of you were angry, some stunned, disgusted, embarrassed, or frustrated.

Many fans threw their hands up and left  long before the game was over.  In my opinion those aren’t the real seasoned Giants fans.  Those who know the team have experienced many games such as today’s along with some of the most incredible comebacks in major league baseball.

It’s those  fans that  know that if we have any at bats left, we still have a chance.

I would not have left until the very last out and many didn’t  They continued to clap and cheer even though it seemed impossible to score enough runs to even make it interesting.  Even though it didn’t happen, it could have and it has before.

I love any opportunity to watch my team play and leaving a game early is depriving myself of the experience I live season to season for, to be at the ball park watching live San Francisco Giants baseball.

I can’t even comprehend that folks would be bored because of all the things I felt during that game today boredom was certainly not one of them!

I have been a fan of the Giants since they came to San Francisco and waited my whole life for that trophy we finally won in 2010. An old die-hard fan such as myself is very familiar with loosing. Winning is still fairly new to me and I like it, but I like it because it does NOT COME EASY!

Up until the very moment the 2010 World Champion Giants  held that trophy in their hands, according to others, there was “no way” they could win.  We had” no hitters, no pitchers”, they just wouldn’t admit we could do it. But we did!  And for me all those years of agony finally paid off.  We won that trophy against all odds, it didn’t come easy. I was there for the parade, for opening day when they walked into AT&T as champions, it was amazing!

I thought my life was over when I had to relocate to Arizona in June later that year for family reasons. Second only to the ocean, I missed my baseball team more than anything. And still do.

Magically I did not have to miss opening day with my team.   I was at Chase Stadium for the entire three game series and we got swept by the D-Backs as their fans booed and heckled both the team and me.  2012 was also not an easy win for the Giants.

But here we are back home in 2013 being welcomed as World Champions again! This achievement was also accomplished against overwhelming odds. the skipper with trophy parade 2012

There is and will be a lot said about this game and the Giants performance but it’s all going to be said by somebody who cares enough to feel strongly about it.  Today all SF Giants fans got what many have to live without, a baseball team that win or lose allows them to feel EMOTION! We all felt SOMETHING!

This is a team that builds its strength from its weaknesses and a performance like today’s will be just what the doctor ordered. I can’t wait to hear someone say we “can’t do it again” because I love a challenge. And so does my ball team!

After all how boring would it be to follow a team that makes winning look easy? Yawn.  


and besides you know what “they” say:


matt cains perfect game

Timmy Lincecum Menopausal?

Apparently Timmy Lincecum and I suffered from the same unfortunate weight gain over the off-season.

Tim had started gaining before the season was over although I never noticed. I’ve always thought of him as kind of little guy but that is probably because he was. Timmy was just a kid.when he became a Giant,

I remember how cute he was at his first Fan Fest.sitting side by side with Matty Cain as they participated in a Q & A for a mere handful of fans at AT&T Park.

Yes, that was near the end of what I call the “good old days” when you could interact with the players because they didn’t consider themselves “celebrities”, just ball players. (If the shoe fits Bri Bri...I mean Matt Timmy and Sergio all have their signatures on that ball.I’m just sayin’)

Because “the boy” was away from home my best-friend Sandra stood in line to ask him “where he was going to stay” and “who was going to feed him” indicating that she was worried about him and offering to take him under her motherly wing. He politely declined assuring her he would be fine..

That is when we started our “Sandwich List”-Guys that we were hot for but not in a “sexual” way. These are really cute guys that we wanted to take home but just so we could make them a sandwich.


Our little “Freak” got up to almost 200 lbs and had to drop 20 lbs. in order to get down to a “fighting weight” before reporting for duty.  Surprise surprise, it seems our Timmy has a thing for In & Out Burger which I can relate to.

“…but in Lincecum’s case, he liked to eat three double-doubles, two orders of fries, and a strawberry milkshake.”


As an adult who enjoys the benefits of weed this I can also relate to and I am paying the same price.  I didn’t even know that I was capable of being fat and much like the 27 year old pitcher I thought I could continue my nightly“munch-a-thon” without paying the price.

I have been blaming my unnatural weight gain on Peri-menopause but I guess I was wrong.

It sucks to get old and have to moderate your behavior!