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022214robin rehab
Robin with a birthday surprise!

welcome giants fansTHERE ARE A LOT OF PLACES TO STAY IN SCOTTSDALE however for me I prefer to be in walking distance from the places I intend to spend the majority of my time.




The stadium is where I spend time welcoming baseball back while watching my SF Giants skip, hop, toss, hit and just generally enjoying being back with the team  in the Arizona sunshine.

When I am not at the Stadium I am at Rehab Burger-my second favorite thing about Scottsdale!  This is not just any burger joint or sports bar this the only place you can add to the Spring Training experience that does it justice.  Scottsdale is a beautiful place to watch your San Francisco Giants in the springtime and Rehab Burger is the best way to fill in the moments without baseball.

I discovered this funky friendly one of a kind establishment while walking from Scottsdale Stadium to my hotel last February and found it rounded out my birthday trip in the most fulfilling way.  Rehab Burger is where I eat too much and smile a whole lot while watching sports on several big screens.  Decorated with surf boards and music from Slightly Stoopid playing through the speakers this place feels like home to me. I couldn’t wait to get back this year and was delighted to find the staff that I fell in love with were still here this February.  These are really good peeps who will make you feel special because they want to.  The food that Chef Ken creates is served in large portions each dish makes you want to try another.  The full bar has all of the finest and newest components which is why I prefer to stay within walking distance!

Day one the “Pigs Wings” one of my favorite spicy crispy delights was what I buried my face in but I was back daily to chow on others.  There are many “must have” dishes in the menu naturally the burgers are amazing (you have to try the PBJ or Mac & Cheese Burgers)  however pasta, salads and to die for deserts are there for further therapy and Rehab does them best!

Walking distance from the SF Giants, old town Scottsdale and some fine hotels Rehab Burger is the place to be this spring, next spring and the next and…

Another good place to eat and watch sports is DUKES with amazing sandwiches and an entire room of screens to watch any sport you can imagine.  The 022114 dukes sandstaff is friendly and the food good but it is further from the stadium and lacks that something extra that makes REHAB BURGER hard to leave!


SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Robbed by OAKLAND A’s in Today Opener

The Oakland A’s beat The Giants 10-5 today in the Spring Training Opener at Scottsdale Stadium.

Winning pitcher for the A’s was Jesse Chavez our losing pitcher was Yusmeiro Petit.

Other pitchers we saw today were Gutierrez, Runzler, Romo, Loe, Dollis, Hembree & Machi. sergio chase 9113

Brandon Belt singled in the first but that produced nothing, in fact Belt hit the ball well today but was stranded more than once.

A’s batters shelled our pitching staff sadly resulting in 6 earned runs for Romo and 3 for Petit.

The Giants finally scored in the fourth but only after the damage was done.

MICHAEL MORSE Scottsdale 2/20/2014

Despite home-runs by Duvall and Adrianza we came up short against Oakland although I see some promise of great things to come from Michael Morse who was robbed of hits more than once today by Reddick.

Sandoval and Duval both putting wood on the ball with ADRIANZA coming up with the big at bat in the 9th inning.  As exciting as it was, too little too late for today’s game.

Michael Morse is going to get us some hits this season, that is as long as Josh Reddick isn’t in the outfield!

Where Everyone's a Giant

I haven’t had the chance to see all the highlights from today’s game, but let me tell you something: Josh Reddick made some pretty neat catches while climbing the right field fence in Scottsdale to rob Michael Morse of at least six total bases, maybe even eight. First, watch the videos so can get a glimpse:

Now, watch on repeat the crazy grabs that Josh Reddick made. First, the prayer backhand stretch catch:

and the second, the “thank goodness I didn’t have to climb as high this time” grab:

No, those were not the same catches, even though I wasn’t sure when I first watched. Hopefully that kind of stuff only happens to the Giants in Spring Training and not in the regular season. I mean, the bullpen was already tired of this happening after the second catch:

Well done, Josh Reddick. Do that to everybody else but the Giants…

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CARON with BRANDON BELT 2/24/2013

I am SO excited!! Baseball is back in two (count them) TWO days!!

Spring is about to be “sprung” when the only baseball team that matters reports to Scottsdale AZ for spring training workouts.  A preview of what is going to be an epic season for the San Francisco Giants!

Pitchers and catchers arrive on Valentines Day February 14th with the rest of the squad joining them on the 18th.

There is nothing better than kickin’ it with the team in the beautiful Arizona sunshine at Scottsdale Stadium.  It is a relaxed and happy atmosphere with big smiles and goofing by our beloved team members who get playful just being with the each other again.  Hope to see you there.

I always enjoy being with my boys again as well as welcoming the new comers and hopefuls that are lucky enough to get a chance to play with the big boys! And it looks like we have some exciting fresh blood to look forward to reviewing.

Giants get 14 of the top prospects in top-14 list of Giants prospects


ANGEL PAGAN very happy in Scottsdale
The always pleasant HUNTER PENCE
Some of the guys goofin’ in the Scottsdale sun
ZITO 2/2013 Will be missed



I never considered my  first 54 years of life as a Giants fan as being “sheltered” however I realized in April of 2012 that for all those years I had been cradled in the motherly lap of my San Francisco Giants home stadiums unaware that  there was another side to baseball, an ugly unfriendly side one that I walked into naively enthusiastic emerging three days later frightened shocked and horrified  at behavior so unfamiliar to me that I felt as though I would never recover.

seniorday 08

I spent my entire lifetime in Northern California land of oceans, trees, friendly folks and ball teams that inspired in me an uncanny loyalty that literally shaped my personality.  Naturally I was raised to be a SF Giants fan by my father instilled by him also and deeply embedded in my soul was the rivalry with the LA Dodgers.

I lived through years of loyalty that was unshakable starting slowly when I was just one year old, 1958  the NY Giants  came to California and became MY SF Giants!  Always a “tom boy” type of girl I eventually became the mother of three boys and coached my first little league team in 1980.

I had a fondness for all sports but my love for baseball was what prevailed.  I lived through the exciting untouchable days of Montana and the SF 49ers but it is the SF Giants that I have had my longest relationship with.  Outlasting all three of my marriages.

alecpdpicmike on Angels gatorball

Because I was raised to be a Giants fan I just never thought of it as a choice. Sure I went to some A’s games, spring training’s but it was the Giants who were and always will be my baseball team.

So many different players, so many baseball greats, so many close calls, so many losses but it never crossed my mind to feel anything but “hey this is my team, for better or for worse”. Funny that didn’t apply to many other things in my life but it increased my already stubborn nature eventually turning me into the “never say never” always “believe” because “anything can happen” person I am today. After 54 yrs. it finally paid off, there it was the trophy, we were The World Champions!  I am the fan that waited their entire life to win that 2010 World Series so I naturally take much of the credit for it.

My first Giants Spring Training was in 1986 and if you didn’t live through it you just can’t understand how different things were then. In AZ for a visit with my in-laws I found my very pregnant self being ushered around Giants Spring Training camp by Vida Blue recently back from his “away time” and enthusiastic about throwing for his team.  We had somehow become friends over the years and he was busy positioning me right beside him as he threw pitches so that I could take pictures.

Eventually I got bored as there was another annoying pitcher who kept getting in my shots.  Never a big fan  of Ately Hammaker I’m fairly certain my annoyance with him began that day as he refused to stay out of my camera range. Starting pitcher that year 1986-Mike Krukow as well as 83 & 87. As one of my favorite people now it’s a shame I didn’t see him that day I may have asked for my first autograph!

The stadium was simply wide open with no fences or boundaries to separate the players from their visiting fans.  Though I was fortunate to be escorted by Vida so at least to me nothing was off limits so I began to wander around. Vida played his final game in October of this same 1086. That was Willie Mays day and magically he appeared before me in full uniform although his playing days were already behind him.  He kindly stopped and chatted with me asking me if I would like his signature. I believe he even provided that paper as I was not prepared.  That day was also Gary Radnich’s first spring training and the story of his “first private interview” with Willie is detailed in a previous post.

There were some players over the years that avoided fans however I never went out of my way for an autograph not even when Matt Williams offered me his after he almost ran over my foot leaving Candlestick’s parking lot after a game as  I was walking to my car.  He was one that avoided fans seeking his attention, which was fine with me just don’t break my foot trying to escape, sir.

Timmy and Matty’s first fanfest where five or six people stood in line for their first Q&A.  I remember Matt Cain working a baseball camp with my youngest son who then presented me with a ball Matt had signed for him.  That ball is now signed by Tim and Sergio Romo but not Brian Wilson because we won that trophy and things started to change, now my ball team had become celebrities. Let the madness begin! The fan base doubled over night with younger folk most adoring girls holding up “Buster Prom?” signs with visions of date night dancing in their heads.

But they loved my team and that was a good thing. The enthusiasm I had always felt had now spread and it was exciting and positive so even though it became impossible to go to the ladies room without missing most of the game it was still very enjoyable to be at the park and I never missed an opening day.

Oh the parade and the celebrations were everything I had been working for 🙂 and I was there to welcome them back at the Home Opener.  Watching them walk onto that field as  WS Champions in was something I will never forget.

10th k opening day 2011 ??????????????

Hanging Timmy’s 10th K that day and sitting front row behind the plate  in the Montana’s seats shortly after on mother’s day. Then my life as a Giants fan seemed as though it had come to an end.  I was now going to fulfill my promise to my parents and move to Yuma AZ to assist in caring for my mother who suffers from Parkinson’s.  July 1st I was in the desert of all deserts suffering through the most intense “dry heat” that had me drenched in a not so “dry” sweat that hasn’t subsided in two years.

But wait, what’s this? Chase Field a mere 3 hours away and the Giants were visiting on September 24, 2011 my daddy and I sat front row seats to witness the thrashing of a lifetime!

“A night after winning the West, the D-backs continued their drive for NLDS home field, pounding out six first-inning runs to end the World Series champs’ faint playoff chances — but not before the Chase Field lights went out for a bit.”dbacks crush giants


I didn’t notice much of much that night except the fact that a team that was defiantly not expected to win had their way with my boys as if they were rag dolls.  Never having left a Giants game early I was only too happy to exit when dad said he was ready and as I passed through the gate the lights went out in Chase Field.  My friends back home still wonder how I managed to make that happen.

Back in Yuma I sat helplessly,  partially blinded by my own sweat running into my eyes, as my team fell to the home team of a state that I did not consider home at all.  After it was over for my team I felt that when I left the bay area I took with me the magic my team had held and the feeling of separation became depressing. I escaped to San Diego in October to a blues festival that featured my favorite bay area band of many years the Tommy Castro Band.  That was a good day but it didn’t last and homesickness set back in.

Then a miracle, I got notice from the Tommy Castro Band that they would be playing in Phoenix in February and  on my 55th birthday! More good news was that Randy McDonald dear friend and bass player was returning to the band.  As a guest of the band I danced all night and woke up the next morning feeling a year younger!  Found a hotel and slowly it dawned on me that I wasn’t in Phoenix, I was in Scottsdale! Blocks away from Scottsdale Stadium and my heart of hearts my baseball team.  Naturally I spent the next day chatting it up with Will Clark, Brandon Belt and was once again surrounded by Giants fans!

The Bri Shirtbrandon belt 22312eli signing 2232012

The Lord wasn’t done yet, he arranged for me to attend Opening Day 2012 even though I was far from home! What were that chances?!  The SF Giants would be at Chase Field for Opening Day- a 3 game series vs the D-Backs! My prayers had been answered -I got tickets for all three games, booked a hotel within walking distance of Chase and ventured off by my severely direction-ally  impaired self for what could only be a great adventure.

I followed some other Giants fans from the hotel to the stadium but once inside they went their way and I found myself in enemy territory alone.  I tried to ignore the unfiendly nature of the AZ fans as I made my way to my seat and to my surprise there were no friendly orange & black smiling faces around me.  Ok, well I was close to the Giants dugout and it was opening day it would be great!

I sat politely as the Diamond Backs lined up on the field and were announced backed up by their cheering fans.  I didn’t cheer or clap but I was acting politely appropriate with friendliness on my face & in my demeanor.

Then my San Francisco Giants were announced as they filed on to the field and the ugliness was unleashed! One by one their names were announced only to be drowned out by the booing echoing through the cavernous dome.  I was stunned, I had never imagined this! My team being booed as they were announced on the Opening Day of Baseball Season!  I didn’t recognize it as appropriate behavior and I still don’t but after time I came to realize that I was experiencing an “away” game to it’s full extent for the very first time in my life. I didn’t know it would be like that and it really rocked my world!  It was behavior I would have expected no where except Dodger Stadium. These people hated my team!  It wasn’t long before I realized that they hated me also and I took it very personally.  In my stupid little narrow mind I couldn’t believe they were being so mean to a group of guys that were very special people.  How horrible the players must feel having their opening day moment  overshadowed by disdain and hateful chants.  Poor babies.

http://sanfrancisco.giants.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/index.jsp?gid=2012_04_07_sfnmlb_arimlb_1&mode=wrap&c_id=mlbgame 2

I continued to try to be polite and friendly after all it was their home opener not ours and would never dream of booing any of their players, I didn’t clap when they beat us by one run, but I didn’t boo either. Timmy vs Kennedy we had 11 hits but still were beaten 4-5

Timmy in the Off Season

After the game I realized I was totally lost without a clue as to where the entrance was I had entered through. The exit that would take me back to the street just blocks from my hotel.  I asked anybody and everybody for help and was directed to an exit that was no where near the one familiar landmark.  I had a cracked ankle & after many misdirection’s was more confused and lost than ever.  I hadn’t had a thing to drink or eat and finally realizing nobody was going to help me I just sat down to rest & collect myself.  Well, obviously if you have been to a ball game & needed to sit down you were assumed to be intoxicated & was almost arrested.  Forced to get up on my aching ankle & leave the area I didn’t want to be in anyway, I approached a security guard , asking him please if he could just tell me how to get to the street my hotel was on, explaining to him I had no idea where I was in relation to my hotel.  He just walked away into the stadium, then the tears came full force & he finally understood I was not some drunk Giants fan and took me to a quiet spot giving me a map and directions back to my hotel.  This was hours after the game ended it was like you hear about but don’t believe, nobody would help a stranger!

Digital Camera

Back at my hotel I was safe at last devastated, in pain & wondering how I was going to manage to trek that huge stadium through 2 more games.  At least the next games my seats where prime & I could ordered off a menu & be served sparing me from dehydration and rude comments from those I passed by.

Obviously I couldn’t walk on my ankle and found a pedicab the next day to take me to and from the Field but once inside I was forced to walk for what seemed miles to get to my seat.  Again, the booing, and swearing at my boys!  Again we lost by one run. This time it was young Madison that was shelled. Another 4-5

game 2


Game three Affeldt vs Miley

More name calling, booing and general unplesantness.

Sweep!  Giants fall 6-7



Well I couldn’t bear to stay the night and exhausted in pain I packed up & headed home trusting the GPS because it was getting dark. Well three hours later I stopped for gas & that is when I realized I was in Flagstaff! I had driven three hours in the wrong direction!  So about 6 hours later I found my way home in the wee hours of the morning vowing NEVER EVER EVER to go back to Chase Field again!

But I did, and we won, and I didn’t get lost!at least kontos looks good 6913

I had a great seat surrounded by some very special SF Giants fans! June 9, 2013 Giants 6 D-Backs 2


panda fan1
cutest giants fan 6913


Now we are pretty beaten up

But we love”climbing those mountains”

AND NOW FOR THE “LIGHTER SIDE” Finally  to be continued unfortunately?

grabbin some pine 6 11 2013


HEY, we’ve got some HITTERS on our team was there ever any doubt that they would show up?!

Tonight’s SF GIANTS game was the third of a series against the AZ Diamondbacks.

It was everything a Giants fan could hope for.

 Pitching was our beloved TIMMY against AZ’s MCCARTHY Lincecum short hair past

Top of the first ANGEL PAGAN leads off and hits it high, hits it deep, hits it long! It’s…It’s…PAGAN!

I couldn’t have asked for a better start than that.

As always, first blood always tastes so good. Yum

The hitting by the Giants got even better making this game the best so far in this early season.

*Just my opinion.

*Hunter Pence with a double (2nd inning) and a HOMERUN (6th inning)

*Pagan leads off with a double followed by CRAWFORD with a triple (5th inning)

Brandon BELT surprises nobody (8th inning) Noonan on 2nd, Blanco on 1st ,two outs HOMERUN!

Top 1st

Pagan lead off with HR!

Angel is an angel!
Angel is an angel!

Score=1-0 good guys


Pennington HR L

Score=1-3 bad guys


Ho hum


BLANCO double

PAGAN RBI double

2-4 us!



Score=3-4 good guys

bottom 5th


Score=3-5 bad guys



hunter pence 22213

Score=4-5 bad guys



Score=4-5 bad guys



Brandon Belt

Score=7-6 good guy


Pagan on 1st, Crawford walks

PABLO RBI double

baby pablo sept 2012

Score=9-6 good guys

Bottom 9th

SERGIO in to save

Commercial shoots at AT&T Park on Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

1 out


ROMO hurt on play to first?!!! He’s OK!

*Kruk & Kuip “I’ve never seen Bochy move that fast”.

Two guys on base and I’m getting nervous, more from excitement than fear. I can feel the SWEEP.  POLLOCK – Strike out!!


Final Score=9-6 Good guys! Rephrase that “Best guys”






Quick Hits for April 30, 2013

Let’s do it again tonight! Beat D-Backs at home! Still owe them some payback for ruining the opening series for me last year.

SF Giants Photos

TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants visit the Arizona Diamondbacks in the
second game of this three game series and the last leg of this six-game road trip that
began in San Diego…RHP Trevor Cahill (1-3, 3.00) is scheduled to face LHP Madison
Bumgarner (3-0, 1.87).

Click HERE for today’s complete game notes.

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madbum attWe had a pitching duel with the Arizona Diamond Backs today in the last of a three game series thanks to Madbum on the mound for us up against Kennedy.

We drew first blood in the 7th to take a 1-0 lead

In the 8th inning Marco Scutaro who lead off the 6th with a double committed an error and one thing lead to another D-Backs tied it up 1-1.

Mijares comes in and gives up the go ahead run in the bottom of the 8th and we call in Sergio to get us out of the inning. He does and we go into the 9th behind by a run.

Well no surprise we weren’t ready to call it a game and Brandon Crawford ‘hero’s up’ with a home run to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth 2-2.

We go to the 10th inning and Chad Gaudin comes in to pitch Buster goes behind the plate. Gaudin get  fist batter out, walks second, line drive and D-Backs have runners on 2nd & 3rd.

In the middle of our intentional walk to Montero-time out so that Lopez can get ready. Finish the walk with Lopez coming in-bases loaded.

D-backs score go to bottom 10th 3-2 bad guys
Bottom 9th, 2 outs Brandon Belt knows what to do, he hits one way out not all the way out however  now we have a runner in scoring position and we are on our feet. Arias comes up-anything can happen!

And it doesn’t. Arias grounds out and we lose but what a ride!  

 SFGiants.com for complete game notes


Quick Hits for April 23, 2013

Last nights game confirmed that Buster & Brandon Belt are just fine. I believe that it is the games in which a player’s performance may not be up to par that make it all that much sweeter when they sink the hole in one! Thank you San Francisco Giants. You never disappoint.

SF Giants Photos

TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants host the Arizona Diamondbacks in the second game of this three game series…LHP Patrick Corbin (2-0, 1.42) will face RHP Matt Cain (0-2, 7.15).

Click HEREfor today’s complete game notes.

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celebrate good times SFG

Ok I don’t have to tell you that today our defending World Champions suffered more than just a loss at home to the St. Louis Cardinals today-we got our butts kicked!

The final score with the Cardinals beating us 14-3 was bad enough but more than the beating, was the “poor” performance of our beloved World Champions.

The loss seemed even more shocking since the first pitch followed right behind the World Champion Ring Ceremony.  The members of this organization were presented with diamond rings custom designed for each and every one by Tiffany’s. Today’s WS RING CEREMONY & PRESENTATION was the third of three days honoring our heroes at their home stadium.

And then they play a game that displays very little of the talent that allows them to wear rings truly fit for Kings. It wasn’t pretty.

In other words,

They gave us exactly what we wanted. Emotion!

Hey, we didn’t play well and I feel very strongly about it, I came a bit unglued for a while as did most other Giants fans.  But I never got bored and I was truly feeling some strong emotions.

Admit it. If you are a SF Giants fan you need that!  YOU THRIVE OFF OF IT! That is why our fan base is greater and more passionate than any other.

Some of you were angry, some stunned, disgusted, embarrassed, or frustrated.

Many fans threw their hands up and left  long before the game was over.  In my opinion those aren’t the real seasoned Giants fans.  Those who know the team have experienced many games such as today’s along with some of the most incredible comebacks in major league baseball.

It’s those  fans that  know that if we have any at bats left, we still have a chance.

I would not have left until the very last out and many didn’t  They continued to clap and cheer even though it seemed impossible to score enough runs to even make it interesting.  Even though it didn’t happen, it could have and it has before.

I love any opportunity to watch my team play and leaving a game early is depriving myself of the experience I live season to season for, to be at the ball park watching live San Francisco Giants baseball.

I can’t even comprehend that folks would be bored because of all the things I felt during that game today boredom was certainly not one of them!

I have been a fan of the Giants since they came to San Francisco and waited my whole life for that trophy we finally won in 2010. An old die-hard fan such as myself is very familiar with loosing. Winning is still fairly new to me and I like it, but I like it because it does NOT COME EASY!

Up until the very moment the 2010 World Champion Giants  held that trophy in their hands, according to others, there was “no way” they could win.  We had” no hitters, no pitchers”, they just wouldn’t admit we could do it. But we did!  And for me all those years of agony finally paid off.  We won that trophy against all odds, it didn’t come easy. I was there for the parade, for opening day when they walked into AT&T as champions, it was amazing!

I thought my life was over when I had to relocate to Arizona in June later that year for family reasons. Second only to the ocean, I missed my baseball team more than anything. And still do.

Magically I did not have to miss opening day with my team.   I was at Chase Stadium for the entire three game series and we got swept by the D-Backs as their fans booed and heckled both the team and me.  2012 was also not an easy win for the Giants.

But here we are back home in 2013 being welcomed as World Champions again! This achievement was also accomplished against overwhelming odds. the skipper with trophy parade 2012

There is and will be a lot said about this game and the Giants performance but it’s all going to be said by somebody who cares enough to feel strongly about it.  Today all SF Giants fans got what many have to live without, a baseball team that win or lose allows them to feel EMOTION! We all felt SOMETHING!

This is a team that builds its strength from its weaknesses and a performance like today’s will be just what the doctor ordered. I can’t wait to hear someone say we “can’t do it again” because I love a challenge. And so does my ball team!

After all how boring would it be to follow a team that makes winning look easy? Yawn.  


and besides you know what “they” say:


matt cains perfect game


February 19 2013


Do they look ready? You better “believe” they are!

my toes go to spring training 21913


Leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale with plans to spend some quality time kicking back at Scottsdale Stadium while enjoying my favorite view, MEN.

Not just any men, my favorite men, the World Champion San Francisco Giants!

The very talented nail artist Jay from “Best Nails & Spa of Yuma, LLC” was kind enough to make certain that my toes will put their best “foot” (teehee) forward.  I asked for this toes art for the opening games against the D-Backs last season but got a flower instead. 😦

      jay nail artist 21920013 jay toes artist

Today I found Jay who didn’t even hesitate when I showed the SFGiants logo on my flip-flops happy to reproduce it on my less than lovely feet.  This gentleman is truly talented and I am sure that he is the first to do this for a fan, at least this year.  If you would like to have your toes “Giantized” all you have to do is leave California and the glorious bay area and pine away for your home in the desert of Yuma Arizona where Nobody is a Giants fan except me!

on the mound scottsdale 2 2012

One of the things that has kept my orange blood flowing since I left my home and heart in San Francisco almost two years ago is the fact that since I have been here I found that I can enjoy my team in Scottsdale which is a very relaxed setting. Even Bochy seems different during these less stressful days of spring training, he smiles more. And to make it even better the timing is perfect for my birthday get aways.

My first season here to keep me from loosing it the Lord saw that I didn’t have to miss opening day and ecstatically spent it with my Giants at Chase Field home of the D-Backs and some of the most unfriendly fans I have ever been in the company of. Arizona killed us all three games but you can’t have everything.

When I long for both my team and the ocean, San Diego is three hours in the other direction.  When we are visiting the Padres this venue offers friendlier fans a large percentage of them Giants fans. The ocean is nothing here compared to my home on the northern coast but it is the ocean and as a Pisces I must have it!


Not to mention the trips back to the bay and AT&T Park which so far have somehow always fallen during baseball season. 


I don’t have any intention of curing my fever for the most wonderful baseball team in history no matter where life takes me. As I turn yet another year older this weekend I can proudly say that the San Francisco Giants and I were born and raised together! Actually one of us is one year older than the other but I’m not talking.




LOOKING GOOD ON SECOND BASE expecting father, adoring husband and best looking new comer ever!

At Scottsdale Stadium Charlie signed the “Bri Bri” shirt, my ball and posed for this picture. Gotta love him!

See what happens when you take the time to show love to your fans? Now I can say,” I knew you when.”


As you may already know Jose Canseco and his brother Ozzie will be playing for the Yuma Scorpions this upcoming season.  Jose, who signed as Manager, will also be playing 1B and DH making him the first full-time player manager in professional baseball since Pete Rose.


Jose Canseco and twin brother Ozzie

No matter how you may feel about Jose and the controversy surrounding him, it doesn’t change the fact that he is a very physically attractive man-and so is his twin brother Ozzie.

If the presence of the Canseco brothers alone doesn’t raise the temperature in Arizona then the arrival of this young pitcher sure will.

Greg Pellici LH Pitcher

A week ago I found myself waiting for an extended period of time in the Yuma Arizona Airport.
I was departing for my return trip home after visiting my parents at their home there.

My arrival at the airport was not done in a very timely manner so I hunkered down in the small lounge area for what I knew would be a long wait.
There were just two other people there which was not surprising as the Yuma Airport is very small and the city itself isn’t exactly a place where you would expect to find a lot of tourists or people traveling on business.

It didn’t take long before the three of us were “family” each with his own interesting story. I was there for a long time and when my flight finally prepared for take off I felt as though I was leaving my friends.

One of those new friends is Greg Pellici an adorable 23-year-old Pisces who will be joining the Scorpions on May 24th.

A left-handed pitcher throwing between 87-92 MPH Greg has a mean slider and I can’t wait to sit under the mist with Daddy and Mommy as we watch him do his stuff.

This young man made a lasting impression on me and I hope he goes as far in life as his heart can take him because with his heart, that would be a very long way.
Ladies, Greg is single and I can tell you with confidence that the girl who win’s this one scores a prize for life!  Honesty and integrity abound with this guy and so does his love for his family.

Greg-Yomamma loves you!

Jose had this to say to the Yuma Sun

“I think the younger players that come in aren’t going to get incredible instruction on just how to play the game right, how to play the game at a major league level, but also off the field. If they have a family issue, girlfriend issues, how to handle the media, we can actually help them there because I’ve done it all. I can show them where all the land mines are.”

“Let’s focus on the game,” Ozzie Canseco said. “We’re putting together a great club. We’re trying to resurrect the Yuma Scorpions and that’s positive energy.”

Both brothers said they are dedicated to showing they are committed to the league, the Scorpions and Yuma as a whole.