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Chances are I won’t be attending Fan Appreciation Day Sunday and I am mournful.  But I am thankful for what the San Francisco Giants have given to me for the past 55 years!  As a Giants fan I have developed a “never say never” attitude that for me is imperative to survival.  After all things aren’t always easy and if you choose to believe that taking the good with the bad will pay off then you have won the battle.

The SF Giants have provided me with a team deserving of loyalty and in hindsight the 54 years of torture waiting for that first WS Trophy was worth it!

Thank you for loving me, or at least letting me believe that you do! 🙂 HEART MY SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS FOREVER AND WHEREVER I MAY BE!



Bee Crazy?

An unhappy Wilson is exactly what I expected, and only an unhappy person would behave this way! At least we don’t have to waste any more time on bad thoughts for Bri Bri, he’s already miserable. Sorry Wilson, Once you go Blue, You aren’t welcome Back.

Mr Dodger Potatoe Head

Mr. Wilson Potato Head

THE San Francisco Giants Blog

Here’s a pic from a fan who snapped this during Brian Wilson’s weird confrontation with Larry Baer after the game last night.


Wilson was apparently airing several pent up grievances including wanting his 2012 World Series ring and demanding that the Giants stop using his images in stadium video. What a whiny little be-atch this guy is……

The Giants have reported tried to contact Wilson several times to give him his ring and were ignored every time. And if this d-bag thinks he owns the rights to the freaking videos of him that get used on the stadium screen then he’s got more hubris than I ever thought he had. I had wished Wilson well but after this girlish tantrum I say “good riddence.”

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June 30th 2013 Sunday 

Having just arrived last night I am back in Northern California where I was born and raised, but just a visit. I can’t stay more than a few weeks so my plan-spend as much time as possible with my son’s the rest at the ocean.  Not rushing off to AT&T to watch my beloved SF Giants even though that was naturally my first impulse.  I catch quite a few games between Phoenix and San Diego now my time is so short and precious I need my ocean fix!  So I was cool putting baseball on the back burner until after the All Star Break.

I planned on being out of range to view many if any Giants games during this trip but when I found my team spiraling down a losing streak of a length that shocked even me-I had to do something and quickly!

face rock

Even in this modern-day there is still no internet where I  was going to be spending my time so I went old school!

First I removed the orange polish from my toes (something I never do during the season) and painted one big toe BLACK.  Put on a Giants shirt I had not worn before, also BLACK.  Then I got in my car drove from ocean cove to ocean cove listening to the game on the radio, quickly realizing how much I missed KNBR Radio “Home of your SF Giants” 

I never listened to another station until I absolutely had to. During my first months away from the bay area I kept trying to get even a static signal refusing to believe it was really gone, even going out in the desert trying to get a broadcast because someone said I could.  I couldn’t and finally gave up listening to the radio in the car all together. Once in range I turned KNBR on ecstatically hanging on every word uttered over the station.

 So I’m driving, chanting, jeering, cheering, and willing my team to victory.  Trying single-handedly to bring back the “Magic” that use to be all “up in here”.  There was no actual “ceremony” no sacrifices were made but it was “Baseball Voodoo” and it worked!  After losing six in a row we beat the Rockies that day and I am taking credit.

Silly me, focusing on just one game,  trying to break the streak, willing the Giants to win just one game-oops.  Just one toe, just one win.  What would have happened if I had painted them all black that day?  Well,  I think we can be pretty certain that with my voodoo powers we would be sitting pretty right about now.  Or not.  

The message here is…I can “will” the Giants to win!… No, that’s not the message here!  The message is… “BELIEVE” that’s the message.  ‘Belief’ is what created the magic and lack there of is what killed it.  

That and, of course, the PRESSURE.

July 26, 2013 Friday

Lynch mobs were contained before they could string up the current scapegoat-our lovable first baseman Brandon Belt.  You would think that he was the first SF Giant to ever screw up and fact is, he is not.  Yes, he is struggling, brain explosion, the WHOLE TEAM is struggling!  Did his error cost us the game?  Maybe, probably but that was last night.  There has been much bigger uglier errors and such that he had no involvement in.  Last night was ugly and my heart goes out to Belt because unlike some, I know he cares, he didn’t want to make that error and he feels really bad about it. It was a loss for Cain and he deserved the win but Matt should be very understanding.  Why?  Oh you haven’t  forgotten already the disasters Cain and other starters have had on the mound this season.  Also ugly but it didn’t change who he is or what he means to this team and last night we saw our reason to support him, always!

Poor Branden
Poor Branden

Bochy finally showing his frustration openly “This was a tough one,” he said. “It’s always hard at home when you lose a game like this.”

I wouldn’t want to be in that locker room! Now that’s pressure, from the start it has been pressure.  Pressure to play like champs, better than any other team.  

Until I have proof that these guys are going out there with the intention of playing poorly I will remain a loyal FAN-that means I will root for my team-for better or for worse.

If I were only capable of loving the Giants when they win then I wouldn’t be a FAN for two reasons;  1) You call that being a “FAN”?! What are you crazy?!  2) Out of 55 years in SF the Giants have only two trophy’s both won after less than perfect seasons.

So much for anger over a winning team reverting to a losing team-I’m still celebrating our first trophy that I waited a lifetime for-now they aren’t good enough?  Sorry, I don’t play that way, and the team shouldn’t have to go from having the best fans in MLB to having the…well, not the best.  They deserve better after all these guys won us two World Championships!  I think they are wonderful, now let’s remind them of that.

So to my team, the World Champion San Francisco Giants, a team that has kept my interest and my loyalty for 55 years I would like to say this and I’m saying it as yo mamma so listen up, k? 🙂

“A fundamental rule of life is that whatever you focus on grows.”  That said LET’S FOCUS guys!  Snap out of it! Focus on the positive.  And you positively better start winning some games!  🙂

But if you can’t I know it isn’t because you aren’t trying.  Do the best you can and that is all anybody should ask of you.  If you try and fail, you won’t be the first.  The unhappy “fans” have forgotten the accomplishments of even our “star” players many questioning the abilities of Buster Posey! This is a guy who must wait for a new award to be created because he has won them all as a SF Giant.   There isn’t one player I can name off the top of my head that hasn’t been the target of these doubting, know it all, fair weather fan comments.  My favorite thing is when the player’s strike back turning those words into food to be eaten by doing something amazing, for instance pitching a no-hitter,  laying down a “fat” double, or making an amazing play out of nowhere.  This didn’t pan out for Belt last night but I was praying that redemption would be had in the 9th when he gave that ball a ride.  And just because it didn’t doesn’t mean it couldn’t or won’t so chin up.

timmy pablo 72613buster posey 72613

“Repetition cultivates belief. This is the basis of all conditioning, also known as brainwashing…When we create a disaster scenario in our heads…with every repetition that scenario becomes the irrefutable outcome of our efforts.”

I feel that there are too many disaster scenario’s being played out and its bad mojo! If you believe in Magic you gotta believe in Mojo-positive reinforcement is what you should be practicing and there are professional’s such as myself here to help you with that.  Real true fans that have experience with this type of situation.

We love you our SF Giants! Really, come on over to our place-we have your pictures, bobble-heads, jersey’s, signed balls, banners, blankets, shoes, jackets, ticket stubs and on and on.  We are proud, we bleed orange, together “we are GIANT”


What are you focusing on today? Concentrate on everything good in your life and every possible fantastic scenario for the future. Pay attention to every thought in your head. What you focus on has the power to turn your days sour (like some fans)— or sweet (like sugar or like a SF Giants player) 

Remember why you are World Champions. Check out that ring! Not every one has a ring like that! You may even have two, in fact I’ll bet you do.  And they were EARNED not just gifted to you for being cute.  Perseverance, Heart, love of the game, love of your teammates, support from loved ones, those are the tools that contributed to amazing performance on the field.  Not one of you did it alone, it was a team effort.  Not one of you alone is responsible for the struggle of today, that too was a team effort.

I am not heartbroken over where we are in the standings. How foolish that would be for a fan who waited 54 long years for that one trophy and now we have two?!  I’m not greedy.

What breaks my heart is the idea of any one of you losing what makes you special-your heart, your grit, your ability to believe in yourself and your team.  We have clawed and scratched our way against all odds over and over again because we “believed” that we could!  Don’t stop believing now.  Hey, someone should write a song like that..! 🙂  I don’t want you to be sad or discouraged because I like you and I care for you with unconditional “mamma love”.  

Come closer…here is your big HUG.   Now, get out there scamps, bring mamma another trophy, I know you will if not this year than the next.

Your greatest comfort right now will probably be blind faith. I know mine is.

Even if things seem entirely hopeless, a willingness to BELIEVE can get you the rough spots. Go along with your life, knowing things will work out the way they’re supposed to, but remember, The DODGERS must be stopped! 

Everything is going to be alright. Baseball is your passion as well as your job so do it with a smile and no matter what the outcome, you will be okay.  We need some new magic to turn things around.  I hope it’s not too late to bring back the joy because I feel very strongly that it is the joy that will create the magic.  

Good times are only noticed becausee we have bad times to compare them to. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  Blah blah blah positive comment blah blah uplifting thought blah blah, get it? 

I am one fan that will be here for the pain as well as the pleasure.  Didn’t anybody learn anything from “Chicken Little?” You can’t eat any of the pie if you don’t help with the baking.  

Now, let’s go get ’em!  Let’s play some Giants Baseball!

And damn it, have fun even if it kills ya! 🙂

Step Up To The Camera

Ally did an excellent job making a not so pretty game look very attractive! Now let’s hope We can go “BIG COUNTRY” all over some Cubbies behinds tonight!! LETS GO GIANTS Always BELIEVE!

SF Giants Photos

Greetings Giants fans from your SF Giants Photo Intern, Ally.  Tonight I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, photographing my first game.  I greatly enjoyed capturing every exciting moment, while doing something I love.  Go Giants!

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To sum up what our players, who stood along side Dodger players on the field one day after the horrible incident that resulted in the beating of Brian Stow, “This is a baseball rivalry, on field rivalry, it ends there.  After the game, off the field we are friends.”

We need to remember this.

Yes, BEAT LA! Beat them badly!

But on the field. Those people we call the “STINKING DODGERS” & THE STINKING DODGER FANS” well, darn it, they are people to!

Even when we haven’t been facing the Dodger’s the negativity from Giants “fans” has been overwhelming. It’s so bad on Twitter that I pray for the day these negative fair weather fans will jump or be pushed off the ban wagon and once again the SF Giants can brag about the tremendous fan base they have!  A team that doesn’t have to “freak out” because of fan negativity voice after every less than perfect performance, is going to be a more relaxed, happy, productive team. Lighten up people, this is our team!

In case you think this opinion is all mine, below from a seasoned SF Giants fan & real person, I share her thoughts;

“Hi there! I just had to talk to you via email…I hope that’s ok. Last night twitter was filled with so much negativity! And I’m no prude, but so many vulgar comments were made. I just was disgusted & I felt like it took away the enjoyment of watching the game for me. One of my best friends is a diehard Dodger fan & we’ve had a lot of good chats throughout last year & this… but all done in fun with consideration for each other. Maybe that’s what’s missing on Twitter. Since it’s such a public forum, and very few of us really know each other, that respect and consideration is missing. I don’t know…maybe I’m just too old for this kind of mindless chatter! I do enjoy talking to a lot of people, you of course, but some just seem to cross the line. So I’m thinking tonight I’ll just watch the game & chat with my Dodger friend, who calls her beloved team the “Cellar Dwellers!” Any thoughts? I value your opinion! 🙂

The SF Giants  are about to EXPLODE! Enjoy it every moment of it! After all it’s GIANTS BASEBALL! And there is nothing better! 

matt cains perfect game




Today Daddy and I took on the bass on Metri Lake Yuma Arizona. Eight fish in the boat just about guarantees a win for the Giants tonight!  Fishing  a drop shot rig with pumpkin seed colored Swirly tailed worm I managed to land 3 while Daddy did better bringing 5 into the boat with the same rig different plastic, purple Robo worm.


LAST NIGHTS WIN OVER THE PADRES WAS VERY ENTERTAINING and a great game all around. Madison Bumgarner got the win with the help of Gregor Blanco  despite Guzman’s determination to add validation to the cocky showmanship he so loves to display on the field.  Our victory of 4-2 over the Padres would have been more valuable if the D-Backs had not also managed to ring up a victory, but we are very much “in this thing”.  Good luck bringing me down about our possibilities of another Championship.

big country vs padres 61913

Blanco’s two-run triple in the seventh lifts San Francisco to series win
By Andrew Owens

the great white shark 61913

Madison went “Big Country” all over Guzman in the second inning by throwing the ball behind him just to make him aware his “show boating” after going deep the night before was inappropriate behavior.  Both benches cleared and feathers fluffed but after it all our pitcher showed true Giants values by refusing to comment though the media did all they could to stir things up again.

guzman and madison go at it 61913

Tonight Chad Gaudin will face Tom Koehler who will be looking for his first ML win.

The Giants are still dealing with injuries. Outfielder Angel Pagan, out since May 25 with a strained left
hamstring, is slated to start a rehab assignment on Thursday. Third baseman Pablo Sandoval, with a strained left foot,
is scheduled to start a rehab assignment on Saturday. Shortstop Brandon Crawford is doubtful for Thursday’s contest
due to a sprained right index and middle finger.

The Marlins and Giants have not faced each other yet this season. Last year the Marlins won five of their seven against the Giants but I think the fishing tells the story.

I’m not worried about tonight’s game or the series at all…

Fish in the boat, fish on the field.  I feel a victory for the SF Giants tonight!


I never considered my  first 54 years of life as a Giants fan as being “sheltered” however I realized in April of 2012 that for all those years I had been cradled in the motherly lap of my San Francisco Giants home stadiums unaware that  there was another side to baseball, an ugly unfriendly side one that I walked into naively enthusiastic emerging three days later frightened shocked and horrified  at behavior so unfamiliar to me that I felt as though I would never recover.

seniorday 08

I spent my entire lifetime in Northern California land of oceans, trees, friendly folks and ball teams that inspired in me an uncanny loyalty that literally shaped my personality.  Naturally I was raised to be a SF Giants fan by my father instilled by him also and deeply embedded in my soul was the rivalry with the LA Dodgers.

I lived through years of loyalty that was unshakable starting slowly when I was just one year old, 1958  the NY Giants  came to California and became MY SF Giants!  Always a “tom boy” type of girl I eventually became the mother of three boys and coached my first little league team in 1980.

I had a fondness for all sports but my love for baseball was what prevailed.  I lived through the exciting untouchable days of Montana and the SF 49ers but it is the SF Giants that I have had my longest relationship with.  Outlasting all three of my marriages.

alecpdpicmike on Angels gatorball

Because I was raised to be a Giants fan I just never thought of it as a choice. Sure I went to some A’s games, spring training’s but it was the Giants who were and always will be my baseball team.

So many different players, so many baseball greats, so many close calls, so many losses but it never crossed my mind to feel anything but “hey this is my team, for better or for worse”. Funny that didn’t apply to many other things in my life but it increased my already stubborn nature eventually turning me into the “never say never” always “believe” because “anything can happen” person I am today. After 54 yrs. it finally paid off, there it was the trophy, we were The World Champions!  I am the fan that waited their entire life to win that 2010 World Series so I naturally take much of the credit for it.

My first Giants Spring Training was in 1986 and if you didn’t live through it you just can’t understand how different things were then. In AZ for a visit with my in-laws I found my very pregnant self being ushered around Giants Spring Training camp by Vida Blue recently back from his “away time” and enthusiastic about throwing for his team.  We had somehow become friends over the years and he was busy positioning me right beside him as he threw pitches so that I could take pictures.

Eventually I got bored as there was another annoying pitcher who kept getting in my shots.  Never a big fan  of Ately Hammaker I’m fairly certain my annoyance with him began that day as he refused to stay out of my camera range. Starting pitcher that year 1986-Mike Krukow as well as 83 & 87. As one of my favorite people now it’s a shame I didn’t see him that day I may have asked for my first autograph!

The stadium was simply wide open with no fences or boundaries to separate the players from their visiting fans.  Though I was fortunate to be escorted by Vida so at least to me nothing was off limits so I began to wander around. Vida played his final game in October of this same 1086. That was Willie Mays day and magically he appeared before me in full uniform although his playing days were already behind him.  He kindly stopped and chatted with me asking me if I would like his signature. I believe he even provided that paper as I was not prepared.  That day was also Gary Radnich’s first spring training and the story of his “first private interview” with Willie is detailed in a previous post.

There were some players over the years that avoided fans however I never went out of my way for an autograph not even when Matt Williams offered me his after he almost ran over my foot leaving Candlestick’s parking lot after a game as  I was walking to my car.  He was one that avoided fans seeking his attention, which was fine with me just don’t break my foot trying to escape, sir.

Timmy and Matty’s first fanfest where five or six people stood in line for their first Q&A.  I remember Matt Cain working a baseball camp with my youngest son who then presented me with a ball Matt had signed for him.  That ball is now signed by Tim and Sergio Romo but not Brian Wilson because we won that trophy and things started to change, now my ball team had become celebrities. Let the madness begin! The fan base doubled over night with younger folk most adoring girls holding up “Buster Prom?” signs with visions of date night dancing in their heads.

But they loved my team and that was a good thing. The enthusiasm I had always felt had now spread and it was exciting and positive so even though it became impossible to go to the ladies room without missing most of the game it was still very enjoyable to be at the park and I never missed an opening day.

Oh the parade and the celebrations were everything I had been working for 🙂 and I was there to welcome them back at the Home Opener.  Watching them walk onto that field as  WS Champions in was something I will never forget.

10th k opening day 2011 ??????????????

Hanging Timmy’s 10th K that day and sitting front row behind the plate  in the Montana’s seats shortly after on mother’s day. Then my life as a Giants fan seemed as though it had come to an end.  I was now going to fulfill my promise to my parents and move to Yuma AZ to assist in caring for my mother who suffers from Parkinson’s.  July 1st I was in the desert of all deserts suffering through the most intense “dry heat” that had me drenched in a not so “dry” sweat that hasn’t subsided in two years.

But wait, what’s this? Chase Field a mere 3 hours away and the Giants were visiting on September 24, 2011 my daddy and I sat front row seats to witness the thrashing of a lifetime!

“A night after winning the West, the D-backs continued their drive for NLDS home field, pounding out six first-inning runs to end the World Series champs’ faint playoff chances — but not before the Chase Field lights went out for a bit.”dbacks crush giants

I didn’t notice much of much that night except the fact that a team that was defiantly not expected to win had their way with my boys as if they were rag dolls.  Never having left a Giants game early I was only too happy to exit when dad said he was ready and as I passed through the gate the lights went out in Chase Field.  My friends back home still wonder how I managed to make that happen.

Back in Yuma I sat helplessly,  partially blinded by my own sweat running into my eyes, as my team fell to the home team of a state that I did not consider home at all.  After it was over for my team I felt that when I left the bay area I took with me the magic my team had held and the feeling of separation became depressing. I escaped to San Diego in October to a blues festival that featured my favorite bay area band of many years the Tommy Castro Band.  That was a good day but it didn’t last and homesickness set back in.

Then a miracle, I got notice from the Tommy Castro Band that they would be playing in Phoenix in February and  on my 55th birthday! More good news was that Randy McDonald dear friend and bass player was returning to the band.  As a guest of the band I danced all night and woke up the next morning feeling a year younger!  Found a hotel and slowly it dawned on me that I wasn’t in Phoenix, I was in Scottsdale! Blocks away from Scottsdale Stadium and my heart of hearts my baseball team.  Naturally I spent the next day chatting it up with Will Clark, Brandon Belt and was once again surrounded by Giants fans!

The Bri Shirtbrandon belt 22312eli signing 2232012

The Lord wasn’t done yet, he arranged for me to attend Opening Day 2012 even though I was far from home! What were that chances?!  The SF Giants would be at Chase Field for Opening Day- a 3 game series vs the D-Backs! My prayers had been answered -I got tickets for all three games, booked a hotel within walking distance of Chase and ventured off by my severely direction-ally  impaired self for what could only be a great adventure.

I followed some other Giants fans from the hotel to the stadium but once inside they went their way and I found myself in enemy territory alone.  I tried to ignore the unfiendly nature of the AZ fans as I made my way to my seat and to my surprise there were no friendly orange & black smiling faces around me.  Ok, well I was close to the Giants dugout and it was opening day it would be great!

I sat politely as the Diamond Backs lined up on the field and were announced backed up by their cheering fans.  I didn’t cheer or clap but I was acting politely appropriate with friendliness on my face & in my demeanor.

Then my San Francisco Giants were announced as they filed on to the field and the ugliness was unleashed! One by one their names were announced only to be drowned out by the booing echoing through the cavernous dome.  I was stunned, I had never imagined this! My team being booed as they were announced on the Opening Day of Baseball Season!  I didn’t recognize it as appropriate behavior and I still don’t but after time I came to realize that I was experiencing an “away” game to it’s full extent for the very first time in my life. I didn’t know it would be like that and it really rocked my world!  It was behavior I would have expected no where except Dodger Stadium. These people hated my team!  It wasn’t long before I realized that they hated me also and I took it very personally.  In my stupid little narrow mind I couldn’t believe they were being so mean to a group of guys that were very special people.  How horrible the players must feel having their opening day moment  overshadowed by disdain and hateful chants.  Poor babies. 2

I continued to try to be polite and friendly after all it was their home opener not ours and would never dream of booing any of their players, I didn’t clap when they beat us by one run, but I didn’t boo either. Timmy vs Kennedy we had 11 hits but still were beaten 4-5

Timmy in the Off Season

After the game I realized I was totally lost without a clue as to where the entrance was I had entered through. The exit that would take me back to the street just blocks from my hotel.  I asked anybody and everybody for help and was directed to an exit that was no where near the one familiar landmark.  I had a cracked ankle & after many misdirection’s was more confused and lost than ever.  I hadn’t had a thing to drink or eat and finally realizing nobody was going to help me I just sat down to rest & collect myself.  Well, obviously if you have been to a ball game & needed to sit down you were assumed to be intoxicated & was almost arrested.  Forced to get up on my aching ankle & leave the area I didn’t want to be in anyway, I approached a security guard , asking him please if he could just tell me how to get to the street my hotel was on, explaining to him I had no idea where I was in relation to my hotel.  He just walked away into the stadium, then the tears came full force & he finally understood I was not some drunk Giants fan and took me to a quiet spot giving me a map and directions back to my hotel.  This was hours after the game ended it was like you hear about but don’t believe, nobody would help a stranger!

Digital Camera

Back at my hotel I was safe at last devastated, in pain & wondering how I was going to manage to trek that huge stadium through 2 more games.  At least the next games my seats where prime & I could ordered off a menu & be served sparing me from dehydration and rude comments from those I passed by.

Obviously I couldn’t walk on my ankle and found a pedicab the next day to take me to and from the Field but once inside I was forced to walk for what seemed miles to get to my seat.  Again, the booing, and swearing at my boys!  Again we lost by one run. This time it was young Madison that was shelled. Another 4-5

game 2

Game three Affeldt vs Miley

More name calling, booing and general unplesantness.

Sweep!  Giants fall 6-7


Well I couldn’t bear to stay the night and exhausted in pain I packed up & headed home trusting the GPS because it was getting dark. Well three hours later I stopped for gas & that is when I realized I was in Flagstaff! I had driven three hours in the wrong direction!  So about 6 hours later I found my way home in the wee hours of the morning vowing NEVER EVER EVER to go back to Chase Field again!

But I did, and we won, and I didn’t get lost!at least kontos looks good 6913

I had a great seat surrounded by some very special SF Giants fans! June 9, 2013 Giants 6 D-Backs 2

panda fan1
cutest giants fan 6913


Now we are pretty beaten up

But we love”climbing those mountains”

AND NOW FOR THE “LIGHTER SIDE” Finally  to be continued unfortunately?

grabbin some pine 6 11 2013


Today’s home game #26 (17-8) vs the Colorado Rockies

That’s right it’s “Timmy Day”

Tim Lincecum (3-3, 4.70) will go up against Tyler Chatwood (2-0, 2.55) also a right handed pitcher.

THE GIANTS...Have lost six of their last nine games…however,they still enter tonight’s game in a three-way tie for first place in the NL West with Arizona and Colorado.

Giants have gone 10-2 at home this season vs NL West teams and have swept 3 or their 4 series.

Even though Scutaro’s 19 game hit streak came to an end Wed. his streak was the longest hitting streak in the Majors so far this
season. Good job Marco!


One streak that hasn’t ended for Scutaro is against Colorado, he has hit in every one of his last 15 games against the Rockies since
he left that team to become a Giant.
Nice for him to do so well against his former team who I am assuming would love to have him back. Keep it up tonight Marco your bat
may be the one that is the factor in us taking game one of this three game series.








Timmy Leroy Lincecum
Born on June 15 1984 he made his Major League debut may 6, 2007

In that same year a the age of 24 years old he became the youngest Cy Young winner in either league, since Roger Clemens was 24 in 1986.

Lincecum also became 13th pitcher to win honor with team having sub .500 record.

Only three pitchers had as many strikeout in their sophomore season as Timmy

Lincecum is Giants franchise record holder for number of games pitched with 10-or-more strikeouts (32)
Unfortunatly in 2012 he had just one double-digit strikeout game.

And the most important “SUPPORT TIMMY” stat tonight

Tim earned his 1st Major League victory May 11 in Colorado, defeating Rockies 8-3.

SFG have gone 11-4 in Timmy’s last 15 outings. The Giants 6-3 record behind Lincecum’s start this season BEST among any of our other

Tim is 65-7 with run support of 3 or more so our bats know what they have to do tonight!

Speaking our our BATS

SF GIANTS offense goes into the game tonight LEADING the NL with a .272 average.

SF Giants have errors galore! 14 in their past nine games and now with 18 in the past 15 which lead to the unhappy and surprising
stat: 35 errors have tied us for the 3rd most in the league! Screwing up just slightly less than the Cubbies & the Nats.



Grabbin’ Some Pine 5/20




vogelsong 4172013The rest of the team had an amazing night at the plate Belt with a 4 hit night pounding his 6th home run of the season! Torres long overdue had a 3 hit night driving in the Giants first run of the game.  Scutaro despite an error lengthened  his hitting streak to 18 games.  Total hits for the San Francisco Giants tonight-17! The offense also turned 2 double plays and after Vogelsong left the game with his injured hand our bull pen kept the Nationals scoreless.

Communist Comics


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So many of our guys came through for us at the plate and on the mound. 

It was a wonderful thing to see!

Madison Bumgarner
on the mound-always a good thing.     

The “Panda” started us off with a bang in the 1st inning


In the 4th after a couple of walks


Exploding in the 5th 


POSEY DOUBLE-scores Scutaro

BLANCO DOUBLE scoring Pablo, Posey & Pence 

Exciting again in the 8th


BLACO TRIPLES scoring Pence

QUIROZ DOUBLE Blanco scoress 

Coming in as a pinch hitter

BELT SINGLES scores Quiroz & Arias

Honorable mentions from our bullpen include CHAD GAUDIN and JEREMY AFFELDT

Honorable mentions from our line up include EVERYBODY!

I like to think that every San Francisco Giant that caught a ball, got a hit or made a great play today did it for his MOM! Today is Mother’s Day and we will be treated to another day game in the most beautiful place on earth but yesterday I felt the magic.

Remember our old chant “It’s Magic in Here”? Well some of that magic returned during yesterday’s game and it set the tone for a wonderful weekend for fans.

I spent one of my “best Mother’s Days ever” at AT&T Park with a fellow mother and friend in 2011. We were playing the Rockies, Vogelsong was on the mound and my GF and I were basking in the luxurious accommodations of Joe and Jen Montana’s seats. Luckily for us the Montana’s had other plans for that particular Sunday, so we enjoyed, what I consider to be, two of the best seats in the park. During that May 8th game as the player’s crossed home plate they almost landed in our laps.

Although on the visitors side of the park it only made it more interesting.  I chatted it up with Jason Giambi who was formally an Oakland A (replacing McGuire) at first base.  He did so well he led the team to the post season more than once only to be defeated by the Yankees. I was shocked that he was still playing pro ball as to me it seemed as if he had been around forever.  He turned out to be a pretty decent guy. 

In 2001 he then betrayed his fans by signing with the Yankees something that sent the A’s fans into a frenzy.  I remember people throwing things at Giambi when he was unfortunate enough to be in Oakland.  I remember one fateful game he was hit with a beer as he returned to the dugout.  He continued to have a slug fest for the Yankees but they did not sign him in 2008 so 2009 saw him as a free agent.

In 2009 for some strange reason the Athletics decided to take him back but not for long, he signed in April  and was released in August.  His average was the lowest in the Major Leagues and his glory days thought to be behind him.  But no, he was signed by the Rockies that same year and that is why I had the opportunity to see a different side to him that day in 2011.  Surprisingly he is still playing now for the Indians.

In the new days of AT&T Park I remember enjoying an occasional game from the outfield or bleachers but in my old age I have a preference for sitting where your food and drinks are ordered from a menu and then are served to you.  Especially in these present days at AT&T, where the fan base is huge and most games are sell outs. If you attempt to get up to get yourself food or beverages during a game now, you may as well plan on watching the entire thing  from the closest screen to your vendor’s stand. I did have a rather special opening day in 2011 I was in charge of hanging the 10th K from the front row of the Arcade section, but I like to be close to the boys as opposed to viewing them from afar.

Back in the “old days” my season tickets at Candlestick Park were so incredible that they are hard to match. My seats at the stick were just a few rows behind home plate. Seated right behind Hank Sauer who started his MLB career in 1941 for the Reds but will always be a  SF GIANT to me.

Playing outfield for the NY Giants (1957) coming to SF Giants (1958-1959) his best season was 1952 when he led the National League in home runs (37) and RBIs (121), and was named the Most Valuable Player. But Hank  played his last game ever while wearing a Giants uniform in 1959.  Hank passed away in 2011 at the age of 84 yrs. but I will never forget him. When I met Hank he was still very respected in MLB as a past player and as a scout.  I remember a game where he tried to get Bonds to sign a ball for me and Barry refused, “he won’t sign for anybody” were Hanks words. This  is why Barry is the only Giant, past or present, that I have absolutely no love for.

(March 17, 1917 – August 24, 2001


THE SF GIANTS BEAT THE BRAVES tonight by a score of 8-2 behind the pitching of our “Horse” the amazing MATT CAIN!

Matty did a bang up job earning him the first effortless win of this season. He looked mahhhhvelous!

Matt did more than pitch well; he helped himself out with RBI’s giving us all back the faith in our “veteran” that may have wavered a bit recently. With only one previous win this season it’s been an unusual start for “THE PITCHER” of our team.

Matt did pitch games that he either “deserved” to win or won out-right had won until a “reliever” screwed it up for him. But that’s then and tonight’s tonight!!

This tweeter follower and fellow SF Giants fan puts it well:


Damn proud of Cain. Limiting an offensively potent team like the Braves to two runs is great! Way to go! #RallyHorse

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And now for the fishing report:


A missing fisherman’s body was found yesterday off the east end of Metri Lake, Yuma AZ yesterday by divers who had been searching for days.

The California man’s submerged boat and abandon pick-up truck had been found earlier this week after friends reported him missing almost a week ago. The police and divers have been searching the lake for days for the missing man.

This was tragic and the first death of a fisherman on this quite lake that anyone can remember. Metri Lake is where I was first introduced to Largemouth Bass fishing and since it’s a short drive from my house I fish there often.

Even though dad and I had talked about going out today, I was not anxious to go out until the body was found so I was relieved last night, as I’m sure the man’s family was, when he was found.

Last spring a month or so before I attended the fateful opening series in Phoenix where I watched my beloved SF Giants get swept by the AZ D-Backs, I cracked my ankle after rescuing a man from drowning in this same lake. As we were headed back to the dock that day I noticed a man floating in the lake while holding his arm, up much as if he was skiing and was waiting for the boat to circle. He was not skiing, in fact nobody skis on Metri Lake, I don’t even think it is allowed.

This guy had a rope in his hand which was attached to his totally submerged flat bottom aluminum boat and he was struggling to stay above water. I put daddy behind the wheel of the boat and went to the back to try to help the guy in the boat. Well, this guy was big! And exhausted, and couldn’t pull himself into the boat. Well with the adrenaline I am assuming that those mom’s get when they lift the car off of their babies, I reached over the edge of our boat, grabbed this very large man by his belt and heaved him into the boat.

Long story short we towed him and his boat to shore and even though I think he was still in shock dad and I went home with quite the experience under our belts.

Any whooo…I was a bit worried that given our history we would be the unfortunate fisher persons to find the body of the poor soul. Thankfully not, but Daddy did catch a fish that could have swallowed us both whole!! Whopper!

Over 6 lbs and 23 inches long with the biggest mouth I have ever seen on a fish, this beauty was caught this morning before 9 am on a “drop shot”- tequila-sunrise worm with a chartreuse tipped tail.

Quick Hits for May 8, 2013

No “White Flag” waving here! Let’s shine! Go Giants beat the Phillies!

SF Giants Photos

TODAY’S GAME…The Giants’ 10-game homestand continues today as they host the Philadelphia Phillies for the final of three games…RHP Jonathan Pettibone (2-0, 3.24) is scheduled to face LHP Barry Zito (3-1, 3.06).

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Quick Hits for April 20, 2013

Last nights victory over the Padres in the 9th inning was beautiful! I enjoyed every single minute of the game.

It doesn’t bother me a bit that up until the very last-minute it could have gone either way nor that we only won by 1 run (again) I prefer it that way. Win or lose this is the kind of baseball that I live for.

Without a doubt this is exactly what our guys needed to pump them back up.  It was a long and tough road trip that took its toll on their young souls and made them forget for just a moment that they are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!

That’s all behind them now and I feel confident that they will now remember that they hold two trophy’s and neither one of them came easy.  If they had, they wouldn’t mean as much.  And they mean tons!

My entire lifetime the San Francisco Giants have never fail to provide me with the excitement that keeps my heart pumping.  However I waited 54 years for that 2010 trophy and having two in my lifetime is more than I could ever hope for.  Winning is not something lifer’s like me are used to but I do believe it is starting to become a habit!

Like other fans I too call it “torture” and I don’t think I am the only one that means that as the highest of complements. The highlight for me wasn’t so much Angel’s walk off hit (which was amazing) but his teammates reaction and the unbridled enthusiasm of the celebration they inflicted on him.

I am always preaching about how special this group is and the fact that they swarmed the field as excited as if they had just won another championship is part of what makes Giants baseball so amazing and wonderful!

SF Giants Photos

TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants host the San Diego Padres in the second game of this three game series and six game homestand, that also features the Arizona Diamondbacks, Monday-Wednesday…LHP Clayton Richard (0-1, 5.28) is scheduled to start against RHP Tim Lincecum (1-0, 5.63).

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Authentic Opening Day

Missing my first opening day was rough! Missing the home opener is going to be even harder still. Perhaps I will hop a plane and sneak away so that I can be back home in the Bay Area for the Ring Ceremony. But mean while thanks to at least I can see what I’m missing.

SF Giants Photos

While the team was in LA to open the 2013 season many fans headed to AT&T Park to watch the game from the best seats in San Francisco.

SF 0 – LA 4

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February 19 2013


Do they look ready? You better “believe” they are!

my toes go to spring training 21913


Leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale with plans to spend some quality time kicking back at Scottsdale Stadium while enjoying my favorite view, MEN.

Not just any men, my favorite men, the World Champion San Francisco Giants!

The very talented nail artist Jay from “Best Nails & Spa of Yuma, LLC” was kind enough to make certain that my toes will put their best “foot” (teehee) forward.  I asked for this toes art for the opening games against the D-Backs last season but got a flower instead. 😦

      jay nail artist 21920013 jay toes artist

Today I found Jay who didn’t even hesitate when I showed the SFGiants logo on my flip-flops happy to reproduce it on my less than lovely feet.  This gentleman is truly talented and I am sure that he is the first to do this for a fan, at least this year.  If you would like to have your toes “Giantized” all you have to do is leave California and the glorious bay area and pine away for your home in the desert of Yuma Arizona where Nobody is a Giants fan except me!

on the mound scottsdale 2 2012

One of the things that has kept my orange blood flowing since I left my home and heart in San Francisco almost two years ago is the fact that since I have been here I found that I can enjoy my team in Scottsdale which is a very relaxed setting. Even Bochy seems different during these less stressful days of spring training, he smiles more. And to make it even better the timing is perfect for my birthday get aways.

My first season here to keep me from loosing it the Lord saw that I didn’t have to miss opening day and ecstatically spent it with my Giants at Chase Field home of the D-Backs and some of the most unfriendly fans I have ever been in the company of. Arizona killed us all three games but you can’t have everything.

When I long for both my team and the ocean, San Diego is three hours in the other direction.  When we are visiting the Padres this venue offers friendlier fans a large percentage of them Giants fans. The ocean is nothing here compared to my home on the northern coast but it is the ocean and as a Pisces I must have it!


Not to mention the trips back to the bay and AT&T Park which so far have somehow always fallen during baseball season. 


I don’t have any intention of curing my fever for the most wonderful baseball team in history no matter where life takes me. As I turn yet another year older this weekend I can proudly say that the San Francisco Giants and I were born and raised together! Actually one of us is one year older than the other but I’m not talking.


World Baseball Classic at AT&T!


SAN FRANCISCO — This year’s World Baseball Classic ends with an accent on the Giants, since the tournament’s championship rounds will be held at their home field, AT&T Park.

Many countries apparently believe that success in the Classic begins with the Giants, too.

Teams from six different nations unveiled provisional rosters Thursday that include at least one player from the Giants organization. The opportunists weren’t shy about which players they sought from last year’s World Series winners, either.



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