Trio Of Excellence

This odd year that finds us all trying to make sense of things seem to have been a no-brainer for the three veterans on the San Francisco Giants.

Despite the biting comments about age and “has beens” Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt not only held their own in the game-they are largely responsible for the San Francisco Giants being in first place in the NLW.

What a treat for those of us that have been there with them for 10 years.

Its always a fear each season that they may not be a SFGiant any longer. As fans we learn to love them and cry when they’re gone.

Thankfully this trio has staying power.

“They’re not rah-rah guys, but they do motivate, and they’re fierce competitors,’’ said Giants vice president John Barr, who drafted all three players. “They’ve all had the ability to stay calm in the big moments and perform. Whether it was injuries or frustration when they weren’t swinging the bat well, they’ve faced the ups and downs and come through it. And they’ve helped each other come through it. That’s great to see.’’


“The last time the San Francisco Giants had this much fun, Hunter Pence was holding court in front of fans in orange panda hats at the 2014 World Series parade. Lightly regarded in spring training, the Giants were the first MLB team to reach 50 victories. They approach the All-Star break in a tight race with the Dodgers and Padres in the National League West.”

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