I spent this last weekend in San Diego but I didn’t see a San Francisco Giants game.
My getaway was just that-a get the heck away from the desert-I went to be with the ocean and that plan went well.

Unfortunately my plan to go to the game one of the three days since the Giants were there as well did not.

I was enjoying my beach time as well as my hanging around time. Browsing various spots in the village of La Jolla. It was wonderful!

Friendliest people “The Spot” on Prospect and Girade

Jose’s Courtroom great food!

I couldn’t pull myself away.

I decided Sunday would be a great time to see my team hand an ass whooping to the Padres. I never even imagined a sweep and I was right.

Tommy La Stella was the roadkill in the SF Giants 7-1 victory over the Padres. I’m kinda thinking he’s maybe seen some game injuries previously.

More on the game by Alex Pavlovik

So I’m looking for a ticket after confirming with locals that there would be sections in which no proof of the shot was required.

However after searching all ticket purchasing options I found no tickets available that appeared to be offered for regular folks who just want to see a baseball game without politics and bogus rules serving only the purpose of control and fear.

That said these are the section choices I saw…
“Proof of vaccine required” no social distancing

“Proof of vaccine and/or proof of negative Covid test” no social distancing

“Proof of 1 shot” masks and social distancing required

“Proof of appointment for shot” masks social distancing required

“Thinking about getting the shot” masks social distancing and lectures regarding shot required

“Not vaccinated” Masks social distancing lectures required. No access to food or beverage

“2 seats 6 feet apart pods” Huh!?!?

Needless to say no tickets available for the unvaccinated or unmasked folks today.

San Francisco Giants in first place! Who woulda thunk it? Me! And these guys.

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