My Heart Is Set On Wotus

San Francisco Giants need a Manager or a Grumpy Uncle recently awake from his nap.

Someone who is already there easing up a rung or two but basically someone who’s always been there.

In my opinion the ideal would be Bochys clone or Tim Flannery or… Ron Wotus!

There’s only one candidate that will work for me!

Someone who is familiar and will make me believe Bochy has just stepped away for a moment.

Please Mr Farhan sir…I admire and respect you however another exec from LA will make my skin crawl.

After all our goal is to win the World Series right? Dodgers can’t seem to do that so…my vote goes to Wotus!!

Huh?? I don’t have a vote you say?

Exploring candidates for next Giants Manager

“Giants third-base coach Ron Wotus:Wotus is the longest-tenured coach in Giants history and has worked under three managers — Dusty Baker, Felipe Alou and Bochy — since joining the organization in 1998. The 58-year-old served as the club’s bench coach from 1999-2017 before shifting back to third-base duties ahead of the ‘18 season.

Wotus is responsible for infield instruction, positioning and strategy, as well as baserunning. He has a long track record of managerial success in the Minor League, earning two Manage overall record of 554-412 (.574) across affiliates ranging from Class A to Triple-A.

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