However I do have common sense and I just can’t see why you would take a player like Madison Bumgarner or Will Smith and trade them away for players that are basically an unknown!

Why not just keep the players that are doing well and thus build a better ball team?!

I usually don’t question the moving away of the guys I learn have come to love over their time with the San Francisco Giants-I’ve just become numb to it now.

I do feel like a regretful lover who’s guy just started kind of showing up, not doing anything outstanding or endearing and just when she decides to hand him his walking papers, poof he transforms into the prince charming he appeared to be in the first place.

This renewed version-a guy who can almost do no wrong- is the guy that the “new girl” or team-will be getting! Leaving me to watch from the sidelines while they go on to have a wonderful relationship together.

We see this painful scenario with Hunter Pence right now! He’s a wonderful guy and I wish him all the happiness and success with his new Girl/Team. However we sure could use him back on the Giants if only for his inspirational personality.

Madison and Will both had a great night combining their pitching skills to defeat the Rockies. All I hear is how priceless Smith is as a closer and I see for myself that Bum is pitching well more consistently than any of the other pitchers on the roster.

Unless we are assured a pitcher as good or better than Bumgarner or Smith …

Unless we receive a Hank Aaron or Barry Bonds type hitter for them…

this whole trade or not trade mystery is just going to be a continuing bore hopefully not another three years of senseless losses!

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