I had the best time watching tonight’s WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC! The game-USA vs Puerto Rico was emotional and confusing for me but wonderful all the same.

PUERTO RICO PLAYED TOUGH but they made a major mistake!  One many have made before and that is to place stock in that old rumor –“Blondes Have More Fun”.  

They could have asked me if being a blonde would bring them luck and I would have told them but instead they gave up some dignity and obviously the huge big gold medal!

puerto rican toe heads

Those “poodle do’s” were to me very comical and the rubbing of the poodle do in what was obviously meant to be a threatening? celebratory? “in your face”? Come on, really?! I heard it started as a joke but do they realize it still is? I noticed there were a couple of “hold outs” but I was not in the position to tell who they were.  In my opinion only one person on the team pulled off blonde and I know it’s not his natural hair color.

See here I am attempting to “slam” the PR team when playing for them tonight was one of my all time favorite SF Giants and people in general -ANGEL PAGAN.  PAGAN who was born in Puerto Rico he looks good as a blonde!  Heck, he would look good bald!  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Tonight he spoiled STROMAN’S no hitter if the broadcaster’s jinx wasn’t already in effect and I believe it was.


Really miss PAGAN AND GREGOR BLANCO also although I didn’t have to see Blanco tonight and seeing Angel just made it so much harder! (drama courtesy of years of practice 🙂

2016 pagan and blanco

I was not at home but in a very public place and every time there was one of my boys on the screen I lit up like…well I lit up okay!  I also stood up and clapped and chanted! Yep. Just me and a casino full of “Snow Birds” and Hispanic folk. Good times.

I was doing just that when Brandon Crawford did what he does and so well driving in a couple of runs which made my standing/chanting thing seem a little bit more normal. Thank you B Craw!  Oh wait…he does have some other inspiration in his devoted loyal “other half” Jalynne. Such a family man that good boy!  I was in Scottsdale in 2014 as usual at the stadium celebrating my birthday and watched Brandon jump at every sound.  He must have been thinking it was the “in labor” call when Jalynne was due to have Jaydyn.  Jaydyn April wasn’t actually born until a couple weeks later. Still-It was adorable!  I can just imagine how proud those babies of must be and will be of their daddy!


And Buster!  It was so great to see him behind the plate!  And catching our new “loose cannon” “Marky” Melancon. Actually that is a compliment and he also is a family man.

melancon and fam

Yes I believe it’s true that there is a great woman behind every man.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.  ??

It’s late.  Can hardly wait until April 2nd when I see my SF Giants play again! For realsies! Remember-Spring Training games don’t count.


I’m excited, how about you? 🙂 


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