buster hugs


So the anxiously awaited announcement came tonight but at least for me nothing was actually let out of the “baggs” 🙂 because I could have told you that Timmy Lincecum has always been an Angel.
That Angel wore a San Francisco Giants uniform and I fully expected him to be buried in a SF Giants uniform. Not for a hundred or so years of course but I hope you get my point.

Rarely does a player come along who I can’t live without because as a lifelong sports fan I know the drill. Guys have to go sometimes no matter how much I love them.

Sometimes you just have to say goodbye and not look back. Kind of like marriage.
I have had some intense separation issues before but proving the old adage “best ay to get over a man is with another man” I have moved on easily. That isn’t exactly the case with Timmy so I will spend a brief period of time being disappointed in the franchise for not seeing the big picture. The huge picture. The picture of a permanent SF Giant player which hasn’t happened since the Willies.



Blissfully a one year contract will be a breeze. The Angels need some spark or heart so they can beat those stinking clueless idiot Dodgers and the Giants need to see what they were missing so they can woo him away from the evils of the Southern California lifestyle. Not that it will take much as any northerner knows he will want to get the hell out of there asap!



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