022214robin rehab
Robin with a birthday surprise!

welcome giants fansTHERE ARE A LOT OF PLACES TO STAY IN SCOTTSDALE however for me I prefer to be in walking distance from the places I intend to spend the majority of my time.




The stadium is where I spend time welcoming baseball back while watching my SF Giants skip, hop, toss, hit and just generally enjoying being back with the team  in the Arizona sunshine.

When I am not at the Stadium I am at Rehab Burger-my second favorite thing about Scottsdale!  This is not just any burger joint or sports bar this the only place you can add to the Spring Training experience that does it justice.  Scottsdale is a beautiful place to watch your San Francisco Giants in the springtime and Rehab Burger is the best way to fill in the moments without baseball.

I discovered this funky friendly one of a kind establishment while walking from Scottsdale Stadium to my hotel last February and found it rounded out my birthday trip in the most fulfilling way.  Rehab Burger is where I eat too much and smile a whole lot while watching sports on several big screens.  Decorated with surf boards and music from Slightly Stoopid playing through the speakers this place feels like home to me. I couldn’t wait to get back this year and was delighted to find the staff that I fell in love with were still here this February.  These are really good peeps who will make you feel special because they want to.  The food that Chef Ken creates is served in large portions each dish makes you want to try another.  The full bar has all of the finest and newest components which is why I prefer to stay within walking distance!

Day one the “Pigs Wings” one of my favorite spicy crispy delights was what I buried my face in but I was back daily to chow on others.  There are many “must have” dishes in the menu naturally the burgers are amazing (you have to try the PBJ or Mac & Cheese Burgers)  however pasta, salads and to die for deserts are there for further therapy and Rehab does them best!

Walking distance from the SF Giants, old town Scottsdale and some fine hotels Rehab Burger is the place to be this spring, next spring and the next and…

Another good place to eat and watch sports is DUKES with amazing sandwiches and an entire room of screens to watch any sport you can imagine.  The 022114 dukes sandstaff is friendly and the food good but it is further from the stadium and lacks that something extra that makes REHAB BURGER hard to leave!

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