Standing a Little Taller, Literally and Otherwise – Brandon Crawford

Brandon Crawford Feb Scottsdale Stadium

Brandon Crawford has been like a pot of gold for my San Francisco Giants! He is performing exceptionally and seems to appreciate where he is in his career and in his life. What makes it even more special I’m sure is that he grew up wanting to play for this team. He is living that dream-big time!

Brandon and Brandon

I loved giving Pablo a hard time when I had more home runs than he did.

“Yeah,’’ he’d say, “talk to me in September.’’

I had to get my shots in while I could.

It’s great hitting home runs, believe me. I had four all last season and have three already this year. But to tell you the truth I take just as much pride in laying down a crucial sacrifice bunt, like the one last night in the ninth inning.

Sacrifice bunts might not get the scoreboard flashing and the water spouting, but they are noticed by your teammates. They know you did your job and that it was a key to winning the game. My job last night was to move Torres into scoring position, just as in the fourth game of the World Series it was to move Theriot into scoring position. In each situation, the next…

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