At Least My Birthday Was a Piece of Cake – Brandon Belt

I for one am not worried about Brandon Belt. I know what he has done for this team and what he will do again. Anybody who is paying attention knows there is a different hero every day with this team. Nobody can be perfect all the time and giving up or getting nervous about this SF Giant is just plain silly! Good luck Brandon!

brandon belt 22312

Brandon and Brandon

Haylee made me a great cake for my 25th birthday on Saturday. Chocolate and vanilla. I was so hungry when I got home from the game that night I ate a huge piece while we waited for our pizza to arrive. I love chocolate. I’d have an all-chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. But Haylee’s cake was really, really good. There’s nothing like a homemade cake. I think she spent about two hours making it, so I restrained myself from asking why there wasn’t ice cream.

We had an official birthday dinner Sunday night after the day game. We went to Bobo’s on Lombard and Van Ness. Stopped for a milk shake at a burger joint then went to see the new Tom Cruise movie. Just the two of us. Nice night.

Maybe the cake and milk shake will help put some weight back on me. I only gained back 3 or 4 pounds of the 11…

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