Is Tim Lincecum As Bad As We All Think?

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate what Timmy did for us in 2012, and every other year since he joined the team, doesn’t deserve to call themselves a SF Giants fan!
A true fan will ride out the bad times with loyalty and respect for the person as well as the player.

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Thursday April.18, 2013

By Jon Schifferle ( Giants Correspondent – visit his own personal website here.) 

Is Tim Lincecum as Bad as we all Think?

This most simple answer is no he isn’t.  While his 5.63 ERA through his first few starts this season aren’t exactly inspiring, there are some definite things that we can take away from his starts.

In his start against Colorado, his line of 6 IP, 4H, 6ER, 4BB, 7 SO, 1 HR is nothing to get excited about, but he did do a really good job of recovering form the bad inning to make it 6 Innings.

Another thing to look at was his line without that bad second inning, which to remind everyone, had a pretty costly error in it.  5IP, 2H, ER, BB, 6K’s.  Now that looks a lot more like the old Tim Lincecum, doesn’t…

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