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Ok I don’t have to tell you that today our defending World Champions suffered more than just a loss at home to the St. Louis Cardinals today-we got our butts kicked!

The final score with the Cardinals beating us 14-3 was bad enough but more than the beating, was the “poor” performance of our beloved World Champions.

The loss seemed even more shocking since the first pitch followed right behind the World Champion Ring Ceremony.  The members of this organization were presented with diamond rings custom designed for each and every one by Tiffany’s. Today’s WS RING CEREMONY & PRESENTATION was the third of three days honoring our heroes at their home stadium.

And then they play a game that displays very little of the talent that allows them to wear rings truly fit for Kings. It wasn’t pretty.

In other words,

They gave us exactly what we wanted. Emotion!

Hey, we didn’t play well and I feel very strongly about it, I came a bit unglued for a while as did most other Giants fans.  But I never got bored and I was truly feeling some strong emotions.

Admit it. If you are a SF Giants fan you need that!  YOU THRIVE OFF OF IT! That is why our fan base is greater and more passionate than any other.

Some of you were angry, some stunned, disgusted, embarrassed, or frustrated.

Many fans threw their hands up and left  long before the game was over.  In my opinion those aren’t the real seasoned Giants fans.  Those who know the team have experienced many games such as today’s along with some of the most incredible comebacks in major league baseball.

It’s those  fans that  know that if we have any at bats left, we still have a chance.

I would not have left until the very last out and many didn’t  They continued to clap and cheer even though it seemed impossible to score enough runs to even make it interesting.  Even though it didn’t happen, it could have and it has before.

I love any opportunity to watch my team play and leaving a game early is depriving myself of the experience I live season to season for, to be at the ball park watching live San Francisco Giants baseball.

I can’t even comprehend that folks would be bored because of all the things I felt during that game today boredom was certainly not one of them!

I have been a fan of the Giants since they came to San Francisco and waited my whole life for that trophy we finally won in 2010. An old die-hard fan such as myself is very familiar with loosing. Winning is still fairly new to me and I like it, but I like it because it does NOT COME EASY!

Up until the very moment the 2010 World Champion Giants  held that trophy in their hands, according to others, there was “no way” they could win.  We had” no hitters, no pitchers”, they just wouldn’t admit we could do it. But we did!  And for me all those years of agony finally paid off.  We won that trophy against all odds, it didn’t come easy. I was there for the parade, for opening day when they walked into AT&T as champions, it was amazing!

I thought my life was over when I had to relocate to Arizona in June later that year for family reasons. Second only to the ocean, I missed my baseball team more than anything. And still do.

Magically I did not have to miss opening day with my team.   I was at Chase Stadium for the entire three game series and we got swept by the D-Backs as their fans booed and heckled both the team and me.  2012 was also not an easy win for the Giants.

But here we are back home in 2013 being welcomed as World Champions again! This achievement was also accomplished against overwhelming odds. the skipper with trophy parade 2012

There is and will be a lot said about this game and the Giants performance but it’s all going to be said by somebody who cares enough to feel strongly about it.  Today all SF Giants fans got what many have to live without, a baseball team that win or lose allows them to feel EMOTION! We all felt SOMETHING!

This is a team that builds its strength from its weaknesses and a performance like today’s will be just what the doctor ordered. I can’t wait to hear someone say we “can’t do it again” because I love a challenge. And so does my ball team!

After all how boring would it be to follow a team that makes winning look easy? Yawn.  


and besides you know what “they” say:


matt cains perfect game

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