Missing Baseball Not Timmy’s Hair

Wow how bad do I miss baseball? A lot that’s how much and I intend to be viewing my boys in orange & black as they work out in less than one months’ time.   http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/stadium/springtraining

More of him to love
More of him to love

But how bored must we be to make major news out of the length of one of our player’s hair?  In my very orange opinion, Timmy Lincecum is the heart of the San Francisco Giants and I don’t care how his hair looks as long as he feels comfy with himself.  That’s when Timmy is Timmy “the Freak” with the moves he learned from his dad that still leave seasoned batters turning from home plate shaking their heads wondering how he managed to sit them down.   Of course it’s not like his first couple  of seasons with the Giants when he sat down batter after batter each one bigger and better than the next and each with the “I know I can hit this kid” attitude quickly turning to the “What the heck was that?” shocked demeanor as they headed back to the dugout.  Most major leaguers have seen him by now and his awesomeness may not be as noticeable nor as newsworthy.  But obviously his hairstyle is!

Lincecum short hair pastTim Lincecum, like every other pro (at least the honest non “doping” pro’s) has had his good performances and his not so good performances.  There were times when he just didn’t have his stuff and even some “die hard” fans were not shy about slamming him.  The pressure this young man has on him is more intense than anything we can imagine and one bad pitch, game etc. causes words to be spoken or written and it gets in a player’s head and before you know it what may have been a small scratch that would heal quickly but can easily become a deeper wound with every negative thought. Something like that would be hard for a veteran to the game so for boys like Timmy it’s got to be almost unbearable.

A midst the harsh criticism Tim was receiving from fans and media he also had to deal with the fact that he was not going to be starting in the post season.  How did Timmy deal with this?  He handled it with grace, bravery and incredible sportsmanlike conduct, proving that he truly knows what” being there for your team” is all about.  He said he would be willing to work in any capacity to help his team.  And he certainly did that! http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/ps/y2012/index.jsp

No “Prima Donna” here just a really good guy who I met at his very first “Fan Fest” at AT&T Park.  Upstairs as he sat next to the other new kid, Matt Cain during their one on one I saw two shy boys interacting with a small group of fans-something that will never happen again as these days the crowds around these two are huge.   Matt who was already a person who was generous with his time had worked a baseball camp with my youngest son and signed a ball for him which he handed over to me.  This ball now also bears the signatures of Sergio Romo & Tim Lincecum.  Timmy signing as fast and furiously as he could at a later “fan fest” acknowledging that he was there to honor the fans.  Sergio was sweet enough to be the designated autograph player at a game one day and not only did he happily place his sig next to Matt’s he took the time to talk and laugh with me.  I realize that these are real people and they expect to be treated with our unconditional respect and kindness.  A real Giants fan takes the bad with the good and never ever gives up on the team or the players that put their hearts into making our team the most exciting, unexpected guys providing the ultimate in entertainment, the best baseball on earth!

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