My darling winter neighbor from Canada spends his months here in Yuma building beautiful fishing rods.  After my enthusiasm for my World Champion San Francisco team finally got under his skin he shared the excitement of the playoff’s and the series with me.  Of course I had to ask him to go home one evening when he said to me as I was yelling/cheering at the TV-“you know they can’t hear you, right? ” I mean, “come on” of course they heard me, duh!

He more than made up for that slight in his behavior by building me a custom SFG fishing rod!! It is beautiful and I love it almost as much as I love my baseball team, if that is possible. The pictures tell the story. It is my number one Giants memorabilia now and to make things even more spectacular the first fish I caught on it was a CATFISH!  Get it? We caught the TIGERS which of course are CATS so…catfish???

Ok enough of the boring silliness here it is!!


  1. The poetic justice of catching a cat fish. Did he have a smug look on his face and the number 35 tatoed to his fin? If so, deep fry him in a wok and serve him up to a panda bear!! I want to make a nod to our Kung Fuu Panda by buying an orange t-shirt w/ a panda w/ two outstretched hands. In one hand I will somehow put a sweep. In the other hand, I will put a half eaten tiger leg and blood on the panda’s teeth! Am I cruel or WHAT???


    1. no you aren’t cruel you are hysterical! I wiped that smug look right off that catfish’s face and then threw him back in the water where he can think about how much better it is to be a Giant than a Catfish!! LMAO
      Warmest regards to you!


      1. Too bad that the Oakland A’s couldn’t throw the V fish back into the water too. Then we could have had a battle of the bay for redemption from the earth quake world series we lost. Oh Well, we are champions x 2 and I’m good. We have been able to see in our lifetime what many of the faithful died wishing and hoping for. We are blessed! Can’t wait for April 2013 for the belated three-peat we were denied because of that nasty Cousins which makes Verlander seem like an angel by comparison. Blessings, Victoria


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