Timmy Lincecum Menopausal?

Apparently Timmy Lincecum and I suffered from the same unfortunate weight gain over the off-season.

Tim had started gaining before the season was over although I never noticed. I’ve always thought of him as kind of little guy but that is probably because he was. Timmy was just a kid.when he became a Giant,

I remember how cute he was at his first Fan Fest.sitting side by side with Matty Cain as they participated in a Q & A for a mere handful of fans at AT&T Park.

Yes, that was near the end of what I call the “good old days” when you could interact with the players because they didn’t consider themselves “celebrities”, just ball players. (If the shoe fits Bri Bri...I mean Matt Timmy and Sergio all have their signatures on that ball.I’m just sayin’)

Because “the boy” was away from home my best-friend Sandra stood in line to ask him “where he was going to stay” and “who was going to feed him” indicating that she was worried about him and offering to take him under her motherly wing. He politely declined assuring her he would be fine..

That is when we started our “Sandwich List”-Guys that we were hot for but not in a “sexual” way. These are really cute guys that we wanted to take home but just so we could make them a sandwich.


Our little “Freak” got up to almost 200 lbs and had to drop 20 lbs. in order to get down to a “fighting weight” before reporting for duty.  Surprise surprise, it seems our Timmy has a thing for In & Out Burger which I can relate to.

“…but in Lincecum’s case, he liked to eat three double-doubles, two orders of fries, and a strawberry milkshake.”


As an adult who enjoys the benefits of weed this I can also relate to and I am paying the same price.  I didn’t even know that I was capable of being fat and much like the 27 year old pitcher I thought I could continue my nightly“munch-a-thon” without paying the price.

I have been blaming my unnatural weight gain on Peri-menopause but I guess I was wrong.

It sucks to get old and have to moderate your behavior!

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