You are welcome!  San Francisco Giants and  their fans!

Since the relocation to Yuma AZ from the Bay Area, CA traumatic for anybody, no doubt my

cat aka “scooter”, aka “scout”, aka “boo boo” kitty or whatever damn name I feel like calling

him, has been in his own miserable “seclusion”.

Unlike myself who found live baseball, wild donkeys, big horn sheep and a casinos to pass the time- Scooter has had a hard time finding his “I’m ok your ok attitude.”

Hiding under the nightstand 24/7 has made him unavailable to sit side by side with me, jersey clad in front of MLB.COM/TV rooting on our one and only forever baseball team the SF Giants!
and it was showing!

Monday night Scooter agreed to wear his jersey however as the evening wore on the outside world and the lizard hunt it inevitably offered was too much for him and he scampered off to hunt the “poves”  (cross between doves and pigeons) that frequent our yard. Unfortunately he did so sans jersey as the “tangling” dangers far out weighs his love for the Giants. So what happened? They gave up a lead in a non save from “Bri Bri” ultimately losing the game.

Last night basically same thing could have won but the “rally cat” couldn’t hang
for the entire game!

Tonight we lead the Braves 5-1 in the fourth inning and it has cooled off enough where I
was getting the look from Scooter.
As you can probably guess, the cat has discarded his jersey once again and head out for the evening!


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