Poor Timmy

Ball players, I’ve heard them called “sensitive” by those that would laugh at me for having an opinion.

However nobody seems to agree with me when I say

“stop being so quick to call ‘slump’ on a guy! or “stop making a big huge deal out of a pitcher that has a bad game!”

I don’t think anybody will deny that our San Francisco Giants are human with human feelings.These guys also have ears and numerous outlets to all that is said about them, pretty much no matter where it is said or by whom.

If you keep telling a guy over and over that he is in a “slump” he gets it in his head and ‘poof’ he is in a “slump“.
A day or two and a hitter fails to produce at the plate it is too quickly labeled a “slump“.
With every piece of media screaming “slump” it is impossible to ignore and after getting into the player’s head he puts himself into a “slump”. Now he is in an actual “slump” and the talk gets more and more fierce.
Now it takes some real mental mojo to get out of it and before he does he usually makes it worse.

Pitcher’s are an even more sensitive bunch and their personalities are commonly complicated.
With this in mind isn’t it obvious that what is said around and about them is going to drill itself into their delicate psyche? More often than not now they now make mountains out of mole hills.

One of our most beloved and talented pitchers is an extremely caring loving individual so it goes without saying his sensitivity runs deep. Do you think that Timmy Lincecum doesn’t hear the announcers, reporters and others murmuring about him “not being himself“, “not looking good“, blah blah blah?! If that kind of stuff gets into his head how can he produce normally?

Poor Branden

Yes I know they are professionals. Yeah I know this is their job and they can handle pressure.

Our team is made up largely of young men, boys if you will, and the rest of them are men that care very deeply about EVERYTHING!

Especially baseball and I’m fairly certain it’s not too difficult for them to get all wrapped up in their own heads.

Talk is cheap this is true but it can also be harmful in ways you don’t always think about.
Can’t you just say “he didn’t pitch very well today” or “he failed to hit the ball today” instead of being drama addicts and blowing everything out of proportion. If we don’t make a big deal about it maybe the guys will shake it off easier. After all isn’t that what a pro ball player should do? Shake it off? Then don’t we need to practice “shaking it off” also?

Just yomamma’s opinion.

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