I was in my parent’s hotel room when I finally thought to turn the game on and Pat Burrell had just hit a home run putting the Giants up 5-0.
Then moments later as I stood there watching with the man who raised me to be a Giants fan, Nate Schierholtz played copy cat and hit another homer.
The folks had plans for dinner and I didn’t feel up to going along so I jumped in my car and began beating my butt home.  With the radio on KNBR I hear Freddie Sanchez hit yet another home run making the score 8-0.
By the time I got to a Television set the San Francisco Giants had pretty much worn themselves out but that didn’t change the ultimate outcome.
SF Giants pretty much creamed the best team currently in Major League Baseball.
The final score was 8-1 with Timmy Lincecum not giving up a hit until the 7th inning.

He pitched a fantastic game and Brian Wilson came in the 9th to finish off the Colorado Rockies.

Timmy looked cute with his hair trimmed and “cleaned up” a bit. Plus it seems he has put on a couple of pounds in the right places and looked healthy and fit.
Aubry Huff started at first base tonight and as much as I love young Brandon Belt, it was harmony on the field.

Welcome back to the infield Aubry!

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