And I’m sure it won’t  surprise you that the LA Dodgers had something to do with it!

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Yes we played an “exhibition” game against the Dodgers today. For the girls an “exhibition” game is of course where “exhibitionists” play…just kidding.

Basically it’s just another word for “pre-season” game or the games that “don’t count” unless of course you are STARVING for Giants Baseball and I am.

Apparently it wasn’t bad enough that the STINKING Dodgers humiliated us as they are so fond of doing. Oh yeah, they beat us up to the tune of 8-0!
Our players got “beat up” in other painful ways also, and you know how we HATE it when our boys get hurt! Especially if it is at the hand/hands of a hated LA DODGERS!

Right fielder Cody Ross left the game in the first inning with a strained right calf muscle. Looks like we won’t know how he is until he has an MRI. When those results come in we will have a better idea if we will have to miss cute little Cody’s face on opening day.

Again today Brian Wilson was not able to pitch due to that strained oblique muscle. Apparently Bri Bri strained his gorgeous six-pack while being massaged in Thailand.

Although Brian didn’t pitch he did play some catch testing out the muscle.

Hope he didn’t do too much. We sure don’t want our favorite closer to be on the disabled list on opening day!

Matt Cain, that tall hunk of sweetness and #3 in our line of starters, was thrashed by the Angels hitters in the first inning! He gave up five runs!

Matt who is a fairly new hubby also has a new baby girl. She is sure to be the apple of his eye and naturally a “daddy’s girl”.

Matt is such a great person, I have long been impressed by the way he “gives back”. I can forgive him if he doesn’t always pitch perfectly. I still have a lot of confidence in him. And we do have the ball that he signed.

Matt may have lasted only three innings today but at least he is no longer sidelined because of “inflammation” in his elbow. His throwing elbow of course! He gets one more start in a pre season (exhibition) game after that he has to face the STINKING DODGERS on April 2nd.
But Matty says he feels strong and he is encouraged.  He also said he “felt a little bit out of rhythm”, which caused his fastball to kind of float over the middle of the plate making it easy for the Dodgers to hit it.  Abreu one of the ugh Dodgers hit one of the “fastballs over the fence for a 3 run homer! YUCK!

It was on the second out of that torturous inning that Ross went to chase Alberto Callaspo’s fly ball and hurt himself as he took that first step. He was able to make the catch to complete the play but left the game in pain immediately after.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy related that Ross said he had never endured that kind of injury. “You hate to see it at this time of the spring,” Bochy said. The Giants would sorely miss Ross, the Most Valuable Player of last year’s National League Championship Series who’s hitting .295 in the Cactus League with a .591 slugging percentage.

Yes, we would really miss Cody!

It’s bad enough facing the chance of no beard to fear on 3/31

If Cody doesn’t get better in time who will replace him in Right field?

Well Bruce Bochy wasn’t talkin’.

He declined to speculate-but we can.
Maybe Aubrey Huff? He may have to give up 1st base to Brandon Belt anyway.  We LOVE Aubrey!

Possibly Nate Schierholtz, who replaced Ross against the Angels -yes we LOVE kamikaze Nate“. I gave him that nickname because he use to play “kamikaze”style.  No batting gloves. Tough guy. Now I believe he switches back and forth from gloves to no gloves.

Or our little “hot-shot” Andres Torres, we LOVE Andres but the best part about that would be it would leave a spot in center field for Aaron Rowand. WE REALLY LOVE BABY AARON! Even though I do get tired of constantly defending him to the less than “die-hard” fans.

Cody Ross Injured In Loss To LA


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