KNBR Gives Secrets To Hiding Steroid Use

“Bonds friend: I saw Barry and trainer with syringe”

So the big news today is Barry Bond’s trial for perjury.  Yes, can you believe it! He lied to the Grand Jury when he told them that he didn’t use steroids!

Shocking, isn’t it?  In my opinion what is shocking is that ONE man is on trial for lying about steroid use.  Just ONE man! Come on, the only difference between Bonds and all of the other professional athletes that used steroids and lied about it is he got caught!

The only way things will ever even out is if they just allow ALL athletes to use steroids openly. At least that way it will seem a bit more “fair” to me.  After all, we don’t know how many home runs Bonds would have hit if he didn’t use steroids just like we don’t know how many Mark McGuire would have hit “straight”.  How will we ever know who used “performance enhancing drugs” and who didn’t?

The use of steroids goes back along ways for all we know Babe Ruth, Willie McCovey all the players we know and respect could have used them. I believe there was a time that this wasn’t such an issue. I feel strongly that honest men as well as dishonest men have used steroids We just don’t know. And personally, I would rather not.

This morning on KNBR the conversation was about Barry Bonds and his stupidity for not being able to cover up his steroid use.  One person (and I won’t name names) said the secret is “Human Growth Hormone”.

Then they went on to talk about Manny Ramirez (by the way, we H… this guy) and the fact that he never flunked a pee test because he was taking a female hormone that masked the steroids.

I say let them all use “performance enhancing drugs” and put an end to all of this!

I love the game of baseball, dammit, stop trying to ruin it for me!

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