*Note: Out of respect for my Mommy I have removed the word “hate” from this post. But I think you get the picture. ūüôā


I guess a subject that is still up for discussion is the fact that the Dodgers would not cooperate in rearranging the schedule to allow for us, the World Champions of Baseball, to have the opening game of the season in SF on their home field.

Instead we will experience the raw emotion of a glorious spring day and opening day of baseball in So.Cal’s idea of hell. Dodger Stadium.

Mr Dodger Potatoe Head

It is there our team and any fans whose bravery is only equaled by their insanity will receive no love. This is an understatement for I have had many first hand encounters with those that wear blue. They are not nice people.

They come to our park wearing full dodger blue gear and chanting various infantile sneers and jeers accompanied by their children who they have taught to chant along. These parents are obviously oblivious to the poor sportsmanship they are teaching to the kids. The whole family rolls into AT&T with various anti Giants jeers pouring from their foaming lips while displaying full Dodger “colors”. This is just plain RUDE!

Hey, Love your team! Even if you are a stinking Dodger fan, support them! Go to their games even their “away” games if you can. But please do so in a respectful manner. ¬†And don’t bring your toddlers in chanting sh.t about our team who Lord willing is going to embarrass your team sometime within the next three hours.

I wouldn’t go into Dodger stadium with my family chanting about how the “stinking Dodgers suck!”- Even though it is a known fact.

Anywhooo…I see that there are those that are still questioning this issue of the¬†opening¬†game and where it will be played¬†but to me it seems like it’s pretty obvious. The stinking Los Angeles Dodgers are not going to do us any favors! Not now, not ever. End of story.

New comers to the Giants team have been known to make comments hinting that they “really don’t have a beef” with the Dodgers but kind of¬† just got “thrown in the middle of a feud that¬†they aren’t a part of.”¬† and¬†¬†Of course they want to beat them “like they want to beat any other team.”

I have this to say about that “go ahead, be the “better person” be the “professional” be “adult” about it. ¬†I choose not to.¬† If you play for the Giants you have to “hate” the Dodgers.¬† If¬† you are a Giants fan¬† you have to¬†“h…”¬†¬†the Dodgers.¬†¬†You can not be non-committal and impartial, you have to “h…” them and if you don’t you better work on it.

I separate “baseball h…” completely from actual “h…“.¬†¬†I hold no hate in my heart for any person-in¬†“real life” that is.¬† “Baseball H…is similar to a “soap opera h… which of course is wishing “ill will” to a character on your daily soap even though you wish the actor playing the role nothing but¬† the best.

The fact is you “h…”¬†¬†Dr. Charming on “Wind Of Our World” not Dirk Strongarm who plays Dr. Charming, him you wish no ill will at all. Also in this category is the¬† “business lie” which isn’t counted as a lie at all.¬† An example of a “business lie” would be “I’m sorry Mr. Blank is on the other line at the moment. Would you like his voice mail?” or “I’m sorry Mr. Blank is in a meeting right now can I take a message?”

I h… the Dodgers, all of their fans, and basically anyone who lives in LA or anyone who might possibly be a Dodger’s fan. But in real life I am sure they are all perfectly nice people and I wish them no harm at all.¬†¬†Get it?

Anywhoo…they wouldn’t do that for us, switch the games around so that we had a home opener on 3/31. No surprise there. What surprises me is that anyone truly thought that they would!! Am I crazy or was this pretty much a given?

And I quote, “The Dodgers did not like the idea of moving the opener to San Francisco, logistically but also on principle.”¬†¬†

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